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guest : 2014-03-13 17:01:14
From Post: Fake weed causing hallucinations
I like the real stuff, but I get drug tested so I can't smoke. So I use spice as a substitute on occasion, and you know what it's fucken awesome. I do hallucinate, but I get cool trips, like one time I saw myself on top of the Himalayas, and another time I tripped out and saw a bright white ghost with wings on Halloween what was really trippy is that the homie saw the same thing.
jon. : 2014-03-01 15:48:10
From Post: Review: Hofmann's Elixir: LSD and the New Eleusis
"It radiated the splendour of a peculiar, heartfelt beauty, as if it wished to encompass me in all its glory. An indescribable feeling of happiness, of belonging and of blissful security perfused me."

Is what it feels like to have that experience. or as Hendricks would say "RU Experienced" And Wilber would say "the knower and the know caught in the act of knowing. And the Hindus just used to call it Satchitannada.



guest : 2014-02-27 02:42:27
From Post: Cocaine energy drink gets the boot
naturalhigh. : 2014-02-26 20:01:20
From Post: Fake weed causing hallucinations
I used to work for a guy that sold these products crazy monkey sexy monkey mad monkey scooby snax what's up evil eye and the iphone looking one. This shit is nasty. We used to have to package it , count and seal all the little baggies full of this stuff.. It ain't weed and nowhere near close to being legal. I never smoked any of it. I would get a headache from all the fumes these stems and sticks and bits of leaves would release. Trust me anyone out there smoking this shit guys are tripping the fuck out because it is mixed in acetone.!! Yes a dangerous chemical that will mess your mind up or worse kill you. It is NOT "legal weed" this shit is just an easy way to make money out of stupid lil kids and even some adults ignorant enough to smoke anything for a quick cheap high.. Its not worth it. I've heard of people going crazy running naked up and down the street or worse yet ending up at a crazy house because they thought it was harmless. I didn't like what I was doing so I left that "job". People need to open their eyes realize that these men will put whateverdafuk they want into this "botanical satchet" shit. They only care about the profit not the customer so if you die or go crazy just know they already made their easy money and don't give a fuck about you!!!! Excuse my french and I hope my experience and knowledge about this shit stops any of you from inhaling lethal contents inside these harmless looking baggies with cool names and cute pictures. Take care of your health because you are only given ONE life to live.
Mohammad . : 2014-02-24 22:40:18
From Post: A guide to drugs on Koh Phangan
Went to kho pan yang back in 2011, drank one shake to myself on a empty stomach around noon. I was basically in another world for about 7 hours. Was definitely a fun time, somthing about that place makes it the best place to experience mushrooms.
Rebecca. : 2014-02-24 09:06:19
From Post: Father of teen found dead at Peruvian ayahuasca retreat seeking US autopsy and potential legal action against shaman
Sorry, I disagree....if he had been open from the beginning, I could say that although his practices and beliefs differ from what we consider the norm in the US, that it was purely accidental...but instead he buried the body like a criminal who knew he did wrong and needed to cover the evidence...
I can spell. : 2014-02-23 23:53:20
From Post: How does an alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet work, anyway?
cheryl. : 2014-02-20 15:46:29
From Post: How does an alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet work, anyway?
if i were to spray my perfume on my clothes before putting them on would that help prevent my braCELET FROM GOING OFF?
robert. : 2014-02-19 18:26:28
From Post: New meth recipe makes cooking easy
I have took a large variety of drugs over the years ,started off with a benzodiazapine called triazolam (up john 17s or 10s)at first it was to help me sleep due to ptsd as a result of being a rescuer in a fatal car crash,that was 27years ago+ive been on one thing or another ever since apart from a short 5years clean whilst in prison, the point I'm getting at although firstly the docs orders but I've aLways wondered if I hadn't took the meds prescribed would I have took the path that lost me lots of proper friends+family,not many drugs I haven't tried but don't think for one minute I'm being hypecrytical of meth users but I can only thank god its not in use in the uk cause I'd have gave it a try as well.I am an addict myself but my heart goes out to people who get messed up on it,I messed my own life but have a nice strong woman who accepts me for who I am and not what I've done.looking to the usa as us britts do I feel it won't be Long before its on our streets too,Like all other drugs sold I could see millions of people trying it here +whoever puts it out there will be a multi millionair in a very short time,
davey. : 2014-02-19 17:25:27
From Post: St. Jerome: The Life of Paul the First Hermit
"Cannot the carcasses of rich men decay except in silk": good one liner! Still I need some help here. I read this article. Its definitely bazaar. What do you intend by posting it. I don't know the context with which to receive or interpret it. The moral message is pretty clear, but the fantastical presented as historical... I need a hermeneutics of this piece layer out for me let it become naught but a fantasm and a fever dream of succubie and creatures dwelling in the desserts of the heart. (Parodying the authors style). Thanks for the wierdness.
Paolo. : 2014-02-18 08:31:18
From Post: DoseNation 43: Perils of Modern Spirituality
I don't have a bone to pick with christianity, but when you forget to mention all the damage that historically that religion did to culture and philosophy worldwide I feel the need to point it out. I do enjoy your podcast or I would not comment, I just feel that it's not really about psychedelics but organized religion maybe? A priest is a priest of a major religion.... I don't see much of a difference in general dogma. The "novelty" of psychedelic is that they open our curiosity and mind (hopefully) to a personal research, a need for spirituality in a society dominated by commercial icons. I think its a good thing. That said, keep it up! Have a great day.
Jake : 2014-02-17 17:05:04
From Post: DoseNation 43: Perils of Modern Spirituality
Paolo, Fr. Nicholas is an Anglican priest, not a Catholic priest, and were discussing a broad variety of subjects. To be honest with you it sounds like you just have a bone to pick with Christianity and frankly I don't feel like arguing about it. I appreciate your comments, and do apologize if you don't approve of the content of our podcasts, we've moving on from this subject to others so I'll wrap it up here. Thanks for commenting.

Chris, Eugene, Davey, thanks for commenting as always. I like the Joseph Campbell approach as well, I find it quite interesting. Chris, I think that there may be, but it lies within the more mystic end of the spiritual practice perhaps. You've spurred me to do some reading so if I can find anything or if you find anything we can exchange information. Davey you humble us, but thank you for your love and support we very much appreciate it! Thanks again for commenting and for the love and support.

caarol. : 2014-02-17 14:36:43
From Post: HuffPo: the ups and downs of Provigil
I have swelling in my upper palate skin.
If a nasal cannula is put on me for CPAP the skin in upper palate blows up like a frog. Dentitsts think I have a cracked tooth oozing or else holes in the hydroxyappetite I had put in 25 yrs ago. If I cry my upper palate swells. If I push down the swelling it goes in my nose. On provigil 10 yrs for fatigue due to sjoghrens and sleep apnea. No dentist can SEE the swelling and holes in upper palate I FEEL. They treat me like a crock. I heard that alldoryl and ritalin were far worse for you
paolo : 2014-02-17 11:42:35
From Post: DoseNation 43: Perils of Modern Spirituality
As I wrote on FB you sound more and more as a Catholic Dose Nation. and the pill you display should look more like a cross. That said, I consider Christianity the less interesting religious philosophy, based on guilt, on a false duality between creator and man, and most of all dominated by a very "human like" god, that can forgive or condemn... depending on your acceptance of HIS rules. Religion to me is the personal experience with the spiritual side of perception that is in every action of our life... or not. Spirituality is a way to interpret life where you are part of it in an active and responsible way. Example is the best way of teaching, and obviously christianity never understood that. I Hate what the missionaries did around the world... more worried about exalting the church political and military power than concerned about spirituality.
Paolo. : 2014-02-17 11:19:43
From Post: DoseNation 43: Perils of Modern Spirituality
It is "indicative of the culture" that christianity left to us. made of control, coercion, destruction of other cults and philosophies. Not surprised that symbols and "teachings" connected with that religion are NOT seen as spiritual, but politic. They are too much of an icon of the powers that control "us" more than the mystery that surround us.
guest : 2014-02-15 08:10:23
From Post: How does an alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet work, anyway?
I can't believe people complaining about having to wear this, get a clue, don't drink and drive, not rocket science!!!
average joe. : 2014-02-14 19:14:37
From Post: How does an alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet work, anyway?
is it normal if your leg smells like poo when you wipe sweat from the scram strap?
davey. : 2014-02-13 17:31:39
From Post: DoseNation 43: Perils of Modern Spirituality
Hi guys. Congrats on your new "broadcasting" arrangements. Hope it brings you lots of new listeners. IMHO you deserve it. I don't know of any other source that looks at issues in quite the way you guys do. I mostly find I'm in agreement with you. Im sure theres lots of others who would agree. So, Hope the ranks of the choir you preach to grows! Here's an idea (although it would take a bit more planning...) what if you announced upcoming guests so interested listeners could suggest some questions or topics of discussion. Anyway, thanks again.
Eugene. : 2014-02-13 08:59:54
From Post: DoseNation 43: Perils of Modern Spirituality
Hey All, I listen to lots of podcasts, but for some reason this is the only one I am always compelled to comment here goes: A framework that I've always found helpful is Joseph Campbell's three stage Hero's Journey. It starts as (1) the average human ego living out their life on the Newtonian assembly line, full of struggles and suffering, ignorant of deeper identity. Through some life experience(s) they go on a quest, search, journey, pilgrimage, seeking, and after confronting inner demons achieve (2) inner illumination, the "fireworks" of becoming One with God, Source, Allah, Great Spirit, Buddha Mind, Brahma, White Light of Void, Godhead, Enlightenment, whatever, as separate ego dissolves and illusion of separateness is revealed. It is these "fireworks" that provide the true inner transformation. But the journey does not end there; out of the transcendent realization that all is One, one is compelled to return (3) to the marketplace with "helping hands" out of compassion. The mystic returns to the world (being "in the world but not of the world") to help others, form community, be kind, form fellowship, love, and help the planetary healing process. This is the bodhisattva ideal, the non-dual stance that holds both realities, spiritual and material, as one integrated movement. After the ecstasy, the laundry.....In stage one, "mountains are just mountains;" stage two, "mountains cease to be mountains," disappearing as one transcends the world; and stage three, "mountains are once again, just mountains." However, only in stage three can you truly be the "Chaos Magician," working with the Flow of energy and matter in miraculous ways.
Chris. : 2014-02-12 14:38:57
From Post: DoseNation 43: Perils of Modern Spirituality
Hello again Dosenation. Great podcast. I'm still pretty young and have been interested in religiom long before I took my first drag of weed or my first hit of acid. Obviously after my early experiences, I became even more interested, specifically in mysticism and mystical/peak experiences.

I was raised Catholic, went to a Catholic high school and was turned off by the conservatism and the self righteousness I encountered in the mainstream Catholic teachings. I began experimenting with psychedelics and thought Christianity had nothing to offer me in aid to understanding these experiences, so like many I turned East to Hinduism and specifically Buddhism.

I read a bunch of Alan Watts, Joseph Campbell and Huston Smith. Lots of comparative religion and philosophy. Pretty much anything that had to do with the perennial philosophy and myth.

I tried to bridge all of the religions together. Pulling out all of the similarities and acknowledging the differences. I still generally hold this view. I'm an atheist that values religion and spirituality.

I feel that I was blind to what Christianity and Catholicism had to offer because I was raised in it, I was too close to see it with fresh eyes. I don't believe in metaphysy beings in the sky but I can see the wisdom hidden in the Christian mythology now after looking out at "the other" faiths and traditions.

I wonder if there is a way to combine the nondual aspects of the east with the monotheistic myths of the west.

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