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Fringe Science: What is up with Dan Winter?

As a former student of Sacred Geometry and someone who uses metaphors of fractal self-symmetry in my own writings on psychedelics, I admit that I should like Dan Winter. Here is a man who has applied golden-mean physics and mathematics to everything from quantum mechanics to genetic expression to "bliss tuning" to you name it. If you can think of a natural system Dan Winter will develop an animated GIF to demonstrate how self-similar fractal compression is the key to making it work. Don't believe me? Check out his website.

Now don't get me wrong. Judging from the quality of HTML layout on his homepage I am guessing that Dan Winter is a severely disturbed person. Well, maybe passionate is better term. But to be clear, it is literally impossible to expect someone to read and understand all the stuff Winter throws at you: Links that go nowhere, or worse, to even denser pages; bold caps text that screams out esoteric geometry puns; loopy charts and graphs that morph and recourse along phi-spirals; people wired up to "bliss tuning" machines... It is all too much!

I was hipped to Dan Winter a while back when someone mentioned him to me at a show. My immediate impulse was to proclaim him the leader of a Sacred Geometry cult, and label him a quack and a wacko. However, feeling completely dumfounded by the crush of self-similar recurring gibberish I was forced to press through on Dan Winter's site, I decided to see if I could actually "decode" what he was saying to see if it has any real application.

My final estimate is that Dan Winter's sacred geometry has very little application beyond the fancy charts and animated gifs Mr. Winter produces. Not that these aren't amazing. The mesmerizing effect these little spinning do-dads have on his adherents is amazing, no doubt. I just find that his theories fall a little short of being fully realized, at least in a way that can be understood by sane people.

So, I have my Winter correct, with about $2500 worth of machine-tooled plates, magnets, foil, and copper wiring, I can build my own personal anti-grav device using the power of "fractal charge implosion". This same energy causes micro "black holes" in the structure of DNA where information becomes infinitely dense, causing "consciousness" and "bliss", or something like this. He sells a machine that reproduces this effect in your brain! And since we are talking self-similar recursive phi spirals here, everything Dan Winter dissects eventually looks like a Holy Grail, a mushroom cloud, a tornado, or a turnip (yes, a turnip). It sorta feels like Winter may be onto something, but where is the end product we crave? What are we supposed to do with all his densely scrawled theory?

Mr. Winter, fewer pretty pictures and more of those implosion energy generators you've been promising us. My hyperdrive taxi to Mars simply cannot wait any longer...

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Paul. : 2014-05-16 15:23:58
Thanks for clarifying. That's how I felt. I just could not get anywhere with all his bad grammar and incomplete instructions and hopeful promising. It was all exciting for a moment, but then I felt like a fish flopping frantically on a dry deck. He ultimately produces a damn waste of time, and mental death if you follow too much.

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