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To catch a DMT elf

James L. Kent
Parapsychologist David Luke forwarded me an interesting article entitled, "A Methodology for Studying Various Interpretations of the N,N-dimethyltryptamine-Induced Alternate Reality". This article is by one Marko A. Rodriguez, and in this paper Mr. Rodriguez proposes an information theory experiment to test the autonomous nature of the DMT universe: having trippers ask DMT elves to calculate a prime factor of a 5-digit non-prime number (such as 12233), and then have the DMT elves relay the answer to the next tripper that happens along for verification. Can anyone see any problems with this experiment?

Rodriguez points out the obvious problems of trying to get people high on DMT to faithfully execute experimental protocol -- especially people who, in his own words, "have never heard of DMT and its extraordinary effects on the human psyche." Newbies on IV DMT? Good luck with that one. He also points out that DMT elf intelligence may be vastly different from our own, and too much information may be lost in the communication breakdown to provide a reliable result. For instance, when I recently asked a DMT elf for a prime factor of 23788, the DMT elf returned the visual rebus "Undulating Twinkie on rotating lotus, squirting." I'm not sure if that meant 23, but that's what I wrote down. Is that right?

The good thing about this paper is that it spells out all the possible interpretations of the DMT reality, from a strictly subjective and personal state (inconsistent subjective) to a wholly autonomous universe (coexisting reality). Having tried variations on the information experiment presented in this article for myself, I can say with a great deal of confidence that -- as defined by the scope of this paper -- the DMT universe falls somewhere between the inconsistent subject (personal drug tip) and the consistent subjective (drug trip with non-subjective universal themes), and only rarely breaks into the "subjective reality" end of the spectrum where two different subjects report similar autonomous realities. Even so, it is highly doubtful that non-random information could ever be passed between two such subjective experiences.

Ardent believers in the existence of a DMT universe may demand that such experiments be made, and I for one would be interested to see the results for myself. But after studying the nature of DMT elves for many years I do not believe a single positive result will come out of this; in fact I think the elves will laugh at anyone who asks them such a ridiculous question. And even if a positive result does come out, it would not be undeniable proof that such a universe exists, as Rodriguez claims. A single subject can guess a prime factor of a five digit number at random, the odds are not astronomical here, say one in five-hundred to be generous (probably far less if you already know a lot of low-digit prime numbers). Also, this test could very easily be hoaxed by test subjects with an evil sense of humor. Despite all the legendary claims to the contrary, DMT is not all that overwhelming once you get used to it, and hearty trippers can easily memorize prime numbers and spit them back at request. Rodriguez quotes McKenna in the text of this paper, claiming that, "We must send fearless experts, whatever that may come to be, to explore and report back on what they find." And I am claiming to be one of those fearless experts, and I report swirling lights, morphing 3-D visual hallucinations, and stylized cartoon versions of elf-like entities acting out visual synesthesia of preconscious thought. Is it strange, absurd, surreal, and clever? Yes. Is it an alien hyperdimension? No.

The fact remains that DMT entities do exist, but it is my belief that they represent subjective personifications of alien archetypes within our own minds. We all have the elf/alien archetype embedded within our structure; and we utilize subconscious processes which are so autonomous and foreign to our "executive" consciousness that we cannot even identify them as "self" when we see them. Imagine, for instance, if the neural network responsible for making "snap decisions" -- a little pocket in the medial pre-frontal cortex -- suddenly took visual form due to hyperactive excitation of your visual cortex. Instead of receiving feedback counseling via internal voice or "gut feeling", that voice would suddenly have a body and a face and a costume, and perhaps a fully choreographed dance routine to go along with whatever it was telling you. If you want to ask such an entity to give you a prime factor of a five-digit number, it may give you the finger instead, or produce a grotesquely elongated phallus, or simply dive into a shimmering pool of hyper-plasma never to be seen again. Running an experiment like this is akin to asking a drunkard to spontaneously calculate the 40th digit of Pi when he passes out. You may get some interesting stuff, but only occasionally will you get the right answer, which is 7. This does not mean alcohol gives you advanced math skills, it just means even drunk people can make a lucky guess every now and then.

Reference: Rodriguez, Marko A., "A Methodology for Studying Various Interpretations of the N,N-dimethyltryptamine-Induced Alternate Reality", Journal of Scientific Exploration, 2006.

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Kariri. : 2011-07-18 21:56:28
this is the most stupid question i read about dmt
crotch!cottage. : 2010-12-17 07:09:47
Descartes was a cunt, so I ask this question: How do you demonstrate, falsifiably, that any of your experience is real? If you can't answer that question, how can you answer the DMT question?
count-fresco. : 2010-12-17 07:02:56
I see four arguments. If the alternate reality exists, the experiment would fail because 1) it's hard to get noobs to follow the protocol properly, and 2) there could be a difference in elf-human intelligence. Moreover, the alternate reality doesn't exist because 3) the experiment failed for him more than once, and he is an expert. Lastly, even if the correct answer is given after the experiment, it could be due to guessing or hoax. First, if noobs are supposed to be doing this, then the author violated that aspect of the protocol. Second, I'm not sure how we're defining a DMT expert, and I'm not convinced that merely doing it a bunch of times, as the author admits, makes one. Moreover, the author admits the flaw in the experiment, that even if the wrong answer is given, it doesn't undermine the potential reality of the DMT space (~p q=True). Nevertheless, The author concludes that the DMT reality does not exist, and his reason boils down to an ad verecundiam and a faith in small numbers. FAIL
ryan. : 2010-09-01 12:57:07
first off the study seems silly, they are unlikely to find that number on a dmt trip. However, Dmt is a powerful and quite amazing psych. I swear you will think different about aliens or a higher being! This article was pointless btw!
fraankhanaten. : 2010-08-09 11:38:23
wow what ever this is you all are talking about doesnt ever seem to draw any mild ideas or at least comments. Seems like alot of emotional reaction driven stuff. can someone please school this dumb ape about the basics, elves ect. thx
Juliano. : 2010-05-27 07:01:26
I am just wondering through, do you think there exist autonomous entites that you CAN meet sauy in a NDE, or OBE?
poop. : 2010-04-22 12:25:18
we are all universes in the making, the dmt reality is the next stage on our journey up the infinite universal high achy. Because we r all a different conscious frequency our experiences in this realm will differ, the reason there are similarities between ever ones dmt experiences is because the higher conscious energy's are showing us these things, they are trying to teach us so we can take over there roles when they move up the infinite universal ladder. it works the same as in all corporations, if ur willing enough, you work ur way up the corporate ladder until you reach CEO, but first u got to learn the ropes. you need the experience in all levels off operations so you can smoothly run a business. we are here to learn nothing else. dmt is the most interesting shit on this planet. the fact that its elfs teaching us things just shows that the universe has got personality. when i get to the higher levels im going to make some changes. people well no longer be taut by elfs but by four eyed Kim Jong Ill picachu's with fangs and a big black dick.
Torrriate. : 2010-01-07 03:26:14
If we define reality as something apparently consistent, autonomous and experiencable through a being, then many things can be real, whatever you percieve in that manner, even a dream, can be real. Nevertheless it's not really existent in the way we call the world out there existent. The difference is the world out there is intelligible and continous - you always wake up into the place you left before falling asleep. And this place we call world is independently causal and uncompromising. That's why i would call the DMT Reality real, but not existent.
Nikola Freud. : 2009-12-11 05:05:41
"Ignorance is bliss."
Anonymous. : 2009-12-10 08:17:46
You sarcastically attack someone ad hominem because you disagree with their interpretation of certain subjective phenomena?

Taking a page from your play-book: nice.

My guess is that you're not as open-minded as you like to think of yourself.

Nikola Freud. : 2009-12-08 09:04:30
I love it when ignorant individuals like James L. Kent pretend to understand the complexities of the Universe, it's highly amusing. In reality, the Universe is light years away from being purely materialistic, but "ignorance is bliss" as they say.
aliasofmike : 2009-10-17 20:02:11
There is no 'proving' or 'disproving' things in these areas. Every time someone is claiming you can tell they are fooling themselves. Hell, so can the they.

I agree with the author of this article in that the interesting part is in the more philosophical description of the possible modes of reality of the DMT experience. However, after putting these possibilities out in front of you, and taking a substance such as DMT, the truth becomes evident though indescribable.

There are no modes of reality. There is no classifying a spectrum of 'reality' to your subjective experiences. The idea of a reality beyond our experience is utilitarian, practical. Fundamentally, the immediacy of experience carries the full bandwidth of truth; it is the substance of our being and translative to all existence.

jack111. : 2009-05-29 22:38:38
wow what a bunch of sh*t that article just contradicts itself over and over. I find it hilarious when people try to explain DMT as though there word is fact. Well sorry guys but in the whole world of DMT your words are just opinions.
Wrong Writer. : 2009-04-08 16:53:45
@david no carl I think.:

Hopefully you're joking about "turning your head really quickly", because that makes no sense. To see another universe, you'd have to turn your head, slowly or quickly, in a direction you and I can not comprehend. Check out "Flatland" to get a good idea of why we (probably) can't understand, outside of our math and science, another dimension.

david no carl I think. : 2009-04-03 16:21:11
There are alternative universes... they are just out of vision... if you look quickly to one side you'll see a trace of it, and if you get goosebumps it's because you just had a peek, it takes training (exposure) to the vision for the CNS to tolerate the change. : 2009-01-18 10:36:44
Okay, if this other place is real, then why not have 10 or 20 people take some DMT and see if any of them can meet eachother. I have heard o this happening when multiple people experienced NDE's. There were firemen fighting a forest fire that experienced it and some teenagers that were all struck by lighing while pushing eachother up and over a fence, so they were all touching, and they all saw eachother in the NDE. Actually, if there is an alternate reality, don't you think that with all the people on the planet taking DMT, that someone would have crossed paths by now?
It's an illusion, albeit a convincing and exotic one, but an illusion all the same. Hey, what would happen if you kept someone tripping intravenously for 10 hours. I mean, you would work your way up to the ten hours over the course of a year maybe, but then the person could spend an extended amount of time in this other place.
mk rutherford. : 2008-12-23 10:55:44
In my opinion these experiences remind me of radio signals of information comprised of a number of different channels with there own individual websites. So, if i go to a certain website designed specific for clothing i doubt they would want to give me the answer for anything else but clothing. I see the pineal gland as a radio type receiver perhaps, or some other type of radiation receiver we're not familiar with yet.
jamesk : 2008-07-05 01:39:40
Prime numbers are sort of an illusion. No matter what base number system you use past binary (base three, base ten, etc.) you run into whole numbers that have no factors. If we used binary math we would not have to use bulky concepts like fractions and percentages to move a little decimal point left-to-right on a scalar range of 10-digit numerators. If every arbitrary amount could be halved into another arbitrary amount that could be notated without fractions then such things as prime numbers would not exist. But we walking monkeys like to group things in clumps of ten, like our fingers. Funny how patterns emerge within that system. Ooh! Fibonacci numbers! It must be cosmic!
flyboy. : 2008-07-04 09:56:51
Its ridiculous to think relating a prime number is evidence of intelligence, utterly silly. Because I'm pretty darned intelligent and i couldn't prime a number past maybe 150 myself but can program computer graphic applications that break new ground. Why are scientists are so fixated on prime numbers? My suspicion is that either they or the aliens themselves stick to prime numbers as proof of higher intelligence so as to obscure or distract the truth from themselves. Furthermore, there is no proof alien societies would be smarter than us within our dimension, and there is no reason they should be. If mathematics is in our universe only, what business do we have demanding of them? Imagine if they came down and demanded we show them the "Xirk of Kormk RRCoffik to the F-Joky"... and if we couldn't answer them we would be considered unintelligent!
pmp333 : 2007-03-19 16:55:19
Well said. I thought the Rodriguez document was foolish but couldn't quite articulate why.

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