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Acid casualties: the 'Sheet Eaters'

I received a note from an old friend this morning about an interesting LSD casualty. This is a third-hand account, so take it as you will:

recently went to a reunion for this lovely/seminal psychedelically-inclined frat i finally had the good sense to live at my last semester at [redacted], lots of strangers there.

so I see this guy, and i judged him to be an unremarkable ditzy generic deadhead, sometimes i am sooooo wrong like that...

turns out ten or so years ago, he was trying to get a drop of acid from a *bottle*, and somebody bumped his elbow, and 100+ hits went straight down his throat

his first memory is three days later,
he was walking with orange juice
and a new sweatshirt

next memory was two days later
he was nuts for a year or three
and still sees trails

Over the years I have heard many stories like this one, about the person who intentionally or unintentionally eats 100+ hits of acid. I have heard these people referred to as 'Sheet Eaters' (100 hits a sheet) and 'Ten Sheeters' (which would be 1000+ hits at a time), and am always skeptical that such people exist outside the confines of Hunter S. Thompson's gonzoverse. However, the sheet eaters are usually described as slightly eccentric and may suffer from PHPD (post-hallucinogen perceptual disorder) or chronic paranoid psychosis with persistent recurring delusions (or being completely bat-shit crazy). I have met a couple of people who fit this description. I would like to hear more stories of people who have "eaten the sheet' and lived to tell the tale. There must be a compilation of these horrific dose stories for historical purposes.

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justb. : 2014-04-08 21:13:50
100+ hits of gd white blotter. In the winter of 1992. In 2014 I still feel a little strung out and the high amount of crank in the sheet was painful. Plus many other hits of unicorn, blotter, widow pain, and others. A total of well over 250 hits.
breezy. : 2013-09-17 23:41:44
been dosin a long time, seems like anyway, im really glad to know that other people are asking the same questions and,getting the same aswers. fer while looked as if twer only me/
ALAS it is not lsd,dmt;2ci,2ce;2cb,4ace,psylocybin,ketamine; a host of other opiates,amphetamines,benzo style substances,mdma, nitrous and pure america have made me into a more observant indevidual, trip safe,avoid peer pressure,these are your brains were talking about.
.C. : 2013-07-20 14:51:01
Im 22 n my cousins 47 hangin out with him alot pretty much school'd me into all sorts of shit from meth to heroin from trips to dmt.. He doesnt do anything these days but smoke pot, and doesnt really tell me much about his teen years, but meetin a old friend of his who used to bend it for weeks on end with eachother told me he was the definiton of the word cracked. For fun they would toke and shoot ice, eat atleast 3 grams of M between them and drop like 20 or so tabs on any given day until this time he snatched about 40 hits from this acid dealer and ate them all infront of him.

I asked my cousin about that time and instantly i could see him already start to get nervous anxious started trying to switch topics, then he told me what happend, he wasnt having a bad trip he knew he was gone he said hes had mulitple bad trips but nothing like this, n he wasnt just on tabs too, vomiting blood, pupils actualy changed size one was smaller than the other(he had a picture his mate took that he kept hidden, he wanted to burn the photo but literally seeing one pupil the size of that little dot in the center of your eye compare to one thats looks like your buzzing is actually a fucking photo people think im talking it up but until you see this you just know what could have been going thru his mind.)literaly knowing this is the end, watching yourself die in a thousand different ways he told me that day he wasnt in hell or anything but a strange place.. A very odd place with the walls warping and shit, he had like a 6 hour talk with this great being he showed him his life and where he was going, the being asked him to either stay as his bitch or change his ways caus the next time they meet hes not goin to have another chance..seeing tears on a grown man as he tells you this sent shivs down my spine.. It actualy sounds more like he died than simply bad trip hey, hes half fine now/still very cracked, forgets his age thinks hes my age again, cant drink or it sends him abit loopy, and brings up the most fucking weirdest shit to talk about..
Most 'heroic' dose ive done was 7 tabs, a gram of mushis and couple hits of dmt later and id say im not the same and never will be again lol no bad trip or nothing i actualy enjoyed it but theres a big big difference in using acid to trip balls and actualy have a real mind blowing phsycadelic experiance.

joshua layne . : 2013-01-30 14:26:08
thats me, taken 30 hits at atime 100 over a nite, thousands of hits over the years and fine,but do believe there are entities trying to rob me of my energy at any time possible
MichaelM. : 2011-08-27 19:43:47
I did LSD about 2 or 300 times between 15 and 21. I had done 3 or 4 hits at a time and stuff like that, but never done a "heroic" dose. But it never bothered me or scared me - I would sit trying to make my visions even more twisted. day I got this strange acid from this guy - strange because it was contained in this hits that were like tiny capsules. I took one and an hour and a half later, felt extremely weak effects, so I thought I'd take the other. I put it in my mouth and bit down, and felt a TRICKLE down my throat. It's possible that whoever dosed it put too much of a blob in that one.

An hour later I was more stoned than I'd ever been on anything ever (which is pretty impressive considering the amount of trips I'd taken and pot smoked). I was fine with it all until I smoked a bunch of hash. Now this always DID have the effect of doubling, tripling, quadrupling my acid buzzes. But it turned out not to be a great thing to do that night. I was immediately so out there it's very hard to describe. I enjoyed it for a bit, until somehow or other, I had "figured out" everything - I was at the gates of knowledge and KNEW what was relatively forbidden to know. Right at that instant, the trip turned to nightmare and finally finally finally, I'd met my match - I was terrified that I would go insane. The visuals were beyond understanding and I held onto myself for the rest of the night.

I tripped low dose two more times and then decided not to take acid anymore. For years before that, I'd had residual tracers and visuals nearly all the time, but it never bothered me. A few times after that bad trip, I had that major nightmare state come back a couple of times for no reason, weaker of course. I smoked pot for another year or so and stopped that just because it was time. THEN - when I tried pot about a year later again, I could only smoke certain amounts of it without lapsing back into that nightmare state. I stopped again, and tried it again about a year later, and even the smallest amount would send me back there. THEN I started meditation - and if I went too deep in my meditation, that state would come back.

So I began to understand that I had accessed something that wasn't going to go away. And it never has. It's been part gift and part nightmare. I've learned how to control it and let it enrich my life, but it's taken 20 years.

I opened up something too soon - and it was frigging SCARY for quite awhile. I've been reading about "heroic" doses where people purposely take 50 hits or whatever. I would never suggest this to anyone. Stupid.

upward spiral. : 2011-08-11 20:32:59
I had my tenth sheet by the time I was 19 years old. That was mixing it with methamphetamines and cocaine on occasions and never with pot. Never had a bad trip. 20 years later I don't do anything anymore and don't feel the affects. I dosed about 15 at a time and sometimes several drops in the morning before walking into a Dead show. I believe its the mental disposition of the individual and whether or not one smoked pot after dropping acid. Everyone I knew who mixed pot and acid I either took out of a Dead show before it even started or witnessed a profound change as if a switch was hit. Acid was a fun part of my life and I feel that it was taken at the right place and time.

Maybe my life would be different if I decided not to use LSD. All I know it made it a hell of alot more exciting.

These observations are coming from the mind of one who was least likely to succeed or even make it to age 25.

Thanks for letting me share

guest : 2011-04-10 09:08:10
this is realy rong but how to menage
yeah right. : 2011-01-26 00:28:31
Since LSD has no know LD-50 (median lethal dose,) I really doubt that anyone has used it successfully in a suicide pact.
I personally know (first-hand) two different people that have taken "heroic" (a sheet or more) doses of LSD and they are perfectly fine with no long-term side-effects.
I wouldn't, however, recommend it to anyone.
ThumbPrinter. : 2010-02-02 17:15:10
haha, i think everyone has heard that a "friend" of a "friend" has turned into a glass of orange juice after ingesting large quantities of acid. as a matter of fact i think the D.A.R.E officer in middle school said the same thing... so you know its gotta be true. ;)
Nick. : 2010-02-01 12:16:06
I actually know have a friend who knows the person who did do that. He did it as a suicide pact with his girlfriend and he survived she didn't. The guy lived in Eau Claire for a while. This is true and he did think he was a glass of orange juice. Its not a myth this shit did happen
byshop : 2007-07-10 15:42:18
One of my good friends in highschool had taken a window pane, he was going along just fine until he saw a police car drive by. He had the rest of the sheet in his pocket and decided it wasn't safe so he ate the whole thing. Never the same since. Worst part? Cops never even looked our way.

Another guy (much older) used to take a sheet and put it in the blender with OJ and drink the whole thing down. This guy had been doing sheet + trips for years. Very eccentric. Cowboy/sculptor/cross-dressing rancher. He used to go through about a sheet a week when it was available.

sanpedro : 2007-07-09 19:00:16
Look up the "Thumb Print". Even 1000 hits is nothing compaired to doing one thumb print. And yes, we are out there.
tonx : 2007-07-09 12:19:26
There are a lot of people out there who were casualties long before they stumbled across the acid. Certainly there are enough sane people who have survived idiot-heroic doses with their minds intact to suggest that "acid casualty" requires more of a predisposition toward mental illness than merely a propensity for reckless dosing.

That said, I wouldn't place good odds on my own long term sanity if I were to drain a dropper.

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