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Beer in the sippy cup

Bad idea.

OJO CALIENTE, N.M. State police have arrested a woman who filled her 18-month-old daughter's sippy cup with beer and gave it to her in front of undercover narcotics agents, according to court records.

State police Lt. Juan Martinez said Monday that undercover agents with the Region III Narcotics Task Force were at 21-year-old Virginia Neel-Blaker's home in Ojo Caliente to buy drugs from her and her husband, James Blaker.

The agents saw her give her daughter a sip of beer from a can. Then she allegedly filled up the girl's sippy cup with beer and gave it to the toddler to get her to sleep, Martinez said.

Okay, first of all, WTF? And second of all, doesn't this woman know what children's Benadryl is for? Someone give this woman parenting classes, please.

Posted By jamesk at 2008-09-30 21:57:28 permalink | comments
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James blaker. : 2011-01-07 10:10:43

im here to set the record straight amy virginia did not give baby beer ive got the tox report from the the hospitle that is the lie the pigs used to get a warrent cuz I pulled a gun on them and told them to leave my house oh and anotner thing why dont you tell every one about the stunt you pulled on her 19th birthday telling lies that I wanted to have sex with you and some slutty neghibor girl when I told you I absoulty
Would not take you with us when we went bk to new mexico im sorry for what u girls went tyrough as chrildren I did nothing wrong I love ginnie this was all a set up cuz I testifyed aginst the pigs at trial they lost8cases due to my photos I took of them doing illegal searchs if I knew that chris was rapeing you I would have let u come with us im sorry dont blame ginnie please she got raped by gards in jail as well as many more horrible things all I did was love her oh also ive got all the paper work on both of you about how you were both sexually abused its locked up safe ginnie has dissapered I fear for her life as she is incaplble of taking care of herself god only knows were she is instead of getting her help the judge kicked her ut of nm I love her she is my soul mate and bestfriend in the whole world if u ever see her agin u tell her that I never stoped loveing her not for one second I want here back if u got any questions or want to know the truth get bk to me peace

Not proud to call her MY SISTER. : 2008-11-08 23:24:14
She is mentally ill and we were in the foster system a few times. She was affected more because she was abused until she was 7 and me, until i was five. She remembers more, and let it affect her life. She had a choice to chose a better path, and chose the wrong one. I hate her with a passion!
When i was little she would stick barbie legs inside of me when we took a bath. She dropped me on my head, and she would take my head and slam it over and over and over against the wall, and think this was funny.
Because of her, I was made fun of in school, because of her... I am judged to be just like her. WHY out of all the people in the world does she have to be MY sister?!!! Why do I have to read these articals about how she treats my neice, and not be able to do anything about it???
Not proud to call her MY SISTER. : 2008-11-08 23:17:41
This "woman" is my sister Virginia Ann Neel, before she married James Blaker. I met the man once and for a 36 year old he should not have had 3 kids, not to mention this little girl with my sister who was only 16 the time they met. My sister has always been mentally ill, and was abused as a ltitle girl by our mother. I will never forgive her! I want to hurt her! I want to hurt him! My adoptive mother, the sweetest most kindest woman I know will be adopting her little girl so she is safe now, and Virginia and James will be in Jail for up to 21 years. THANK GOD! She will Never change! Only god can help her now!
Nowhere Girl. : 2008-10-05 13:54:29
Uncle Buck, please tell me you're joking and not unable to recognize sarcasm...
guest : 2008-10-05 02:10:17
undercover agents with the Region III Narcotics Task Force were at 21-year-old Virginia Neel-Blaker's home in Ojo Caliente to buy drugs
total lack of able-minded communication is the problem. : 2008-10-03 13:31:15
This is like the coal plant issue. Each case on an individual basis. It's not wrong outright for a kid to have alcohol, but in certain circumstances yes it fucking is wrong - eg, if you can't cope with caring for them properly and use it to shut them up all the time, rather than address what is bothering them.
Of course anyone that can't reason that kind of obvious out is unfit to raise another human being. Wtf are they going to be able to teach them, when they aren't aware and intelligent themselves. Knowledge isn't bestowed upon you merely because you exist. There's been plenty of generations thus far to have just about covered all possible ranges of experience to be correctly able to pass on good advice about them, that doesn't shy away from the truth.
So why hasn't there been much teaching and passing on of what's known, for oh so long, and in so many families.

they don't know how to teach it, because they weren't shown themselves.

Johnelle. : 2008-10-03 10:51:06
This is the one of the most horrible excuse for a mother that I have ever seen and I have seen many being a fosterparent. Foster children have seen and gone through so much. Thank goodness they found this baby when she is still young. Hopefully her mom and dad learn from their actions. I doubt they will get her back.
Gwylljm. : 2008-10-01 12:51:22
One has but to look at the Victorians for a model: Laudanum to quiet that child in its time of distress.... This of course crossed all class lines, when one could afford it, otherwise Gin.
Silas. : 2008-10-01 11:06:58
There's a difference between having some experience with alcohol as a kid (ie. religious observance, a beer at the backyard bbq) and giving beer to an infant who still requires a sippy cup to drink.

There's also a difference between requiring people to take parenting classes or be evaluated and requiring people to be "white collar".

auggie. : 2008-10-01 10:54:17
my father(navy capt w/phd) gave me sips of beer regularly and a shot of whiskey when I had a fever. When all my friends started binge drinking later I always knew when to say when because I had some experience IMO. This holds true with europeans who drink at a much earlier age. Sending our kids to college or high school w/no drinking experience is like putting somone in a nascar race who dosen't have a learners permit yet. All the protect the children bs has done just the opposite with alcohol and other drugs.
HellKatonWheelz. : 2008-10-01 06:27:48
Because god knows the only productive members of society work white collar jobs. Douche. Some people have a college education and still like working with their hands.
Uncle Buck. : 2008-10-01 02:46:40
You don't need a degree from an accredited university (unfortunately) to be a parent. Classes and a psych evaluation should be required by law on all parents for the safety of the youngest members of the populace. Good thing we have freedom to be irresponsible, ignorant parents. It keeps the blue-collar workforce swelling.

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