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'Spice' incense contains designer cannabinoids

Reader Josh tipped us to this breaking story about a legal "incense" called Spice that is sold in head shops as a cannabis substitute. According to a recent report from Frankfurt, Germany, Spice actually contains real designer cannibinoids. Here is a Babelfish translation from the German news article:

The mode drug “Spice” sold as herb mixture contains an artificially manufactured chemical substance from the drug research of the company THC Farm according to a new study. In the examined samples of “Spice gold”, “Arctic synergy” and “Yukatan Fire” found to varying concentration the scientists the substance JWH-018 in more different and strongly. JWH-018 is a Cannabinoid manufactured on chemical way, which is taken up similarly to the Cannabispflanze contained active substance Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) by the Cannabinoid receptors in the brain. JWH-018 possesses a similar effect as THC, is however clearly stronger.

There is also discussion on this topic at the Shroomery, as well as a recent update on the Erowid Spice vault. And, just for fun, here is the WikiPedia entry for JWH-018.

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Midnight Trip during Irene. : 2011-08-28 19:20:17
Yesterday hurricane Irene made landfall and brought with it much rain, wind, and annoyance.....Deciding to forgo my inner voice telling me to slow down, I decided to smoke roughly 4 grams of Black Mamba as quickly as possible on my rooftop, trying to beat the brunt of the storm and ride it out with a good buzz. Near the end of my session the wind became serious, and brought a painful stinging rain. I went downstairs bong in hand to take out my dogs, as an excuse to sit on the back porch and smoke. My rescue dog nugget, abused her entire life and traumatized into running in circles instead of straight lines was ecstatic to see me; showing her affection by doing 16 right and circles in a row. 11:24 we went outside, where Nugget had started to act a way I had never seen her act before. Instead of running playfully around our yard; she stood at the base of the porch stairs facing the wind and hurricane, silent and still; two traits she certainly does not show often. She looked at me, eyes glowing in the dark wind and rain. Inside we went; nugget first, me stumbling high behind. I clumsily made my way up to my room, to embrace Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie mode on my 60 inch LCD TV.

12:00am, My window still open from my previous session, now was furiously blowing my curtains inside my room; bringing with it much rain and wind..i shut the window, shutting off circulation in my oscillating fan and my ceiling fan were now on full speed, chopping away at the air as I melted into my armchair in front of my tv. Soon, the chopping became louder and louder, the buzzing vibration of the fan reverberated and echoed in the back of my skull and crawled behind my eyes; buzzing and chopping and a low humming that seemed to drive me mad. I stumbled up, nearly falling into my floor fan attempting to turn it off before collapsing on my bed for a moment.

Time had warped around me, I had forgotten entirely about smoking and my head wrapped around dreaming....I had always been a lucid dreamer, and even without aid of herbal incense I occassionaly had trouble discerning waking life from dreamlife.......This was different however, it made me question whether or not my sober self was the dream and this the reality. My heart raced, my mouth dry, I quenched my parch lips with rasberry tea, which found its way through every crack and crevice in my teeth to deliver a cold stinging sensation to my entire head. Thoughts of my parents walking in and questioning my odd behavior raced through my mind...Whenever there is doubt as to whether or not they would disturb me, I default back to turning the power off on my tv and laying in bed; riding out the storm and the trip.

The storm picked up. The walls of my old old house creaked and cracked; the walls of my room seemed to be breathing. My window, shaking and vibrating in its track; pressed against the wind and rain. Phone check had alerted me that time was now 12:24, one hour into my trip....i texted my ex girlfriend a good safe night. Message sent at 12:14, and time had warped around me again. Feelings of deja vu swept over me, as I felt like I had experienced this exact event many times before. The blinding light of my 60 inch television illuminated my entire room with cartoons from my childhood. When in doubt, turn the power out. Clumsily, I crawled out of bed and turned the power on my tv off...again. My head was spinning, and voices in my head reassured me I need to snap back to reality. The voices became louder and louder the farther up my bed I crawled, until they seemed to come from my head in the direction that my wisdom owl and protective dragon statues began to talk to me. I needed to snap back to reality.

I woke up, high and dry; quenching both of my needs with rasberry with ice melted and watered down; time check 12:24 and the TV was still on, playing an episode of Tom and Jerry...blindly I felt up the side of my television, feeling for the power button which ever seemed to escape me. To my left stands a wavy mirror, which I glanced at myself in....An old friend once told me, never stare at yourself in a mirror....but my reflection seemed to stare back at me with eyes too dark to see. My jaw muscles tightened and my reflection let out a slight smirk.
I collapsed back onto my queen sized inflatable mattress, slightly deflated from poor room temperature circulation. My bed, covered by many many pillows of different sizes, textures, fluffyness and comfortableness proved troublesome.....Tossing and turning I tried to find the perfect pillow to make me fall asleep. The white one was too hot and fluffy. The brown one too uncomfortably hard. The red maryland pillow, inched its way up my body to provide warmth and fluffyness to me. The other pillows seemed jealous, and in my tossing and turning numerous pillows found their way on top of me. The big red maryland pillow still on top of me seemed to provide a reprise from the uncomfortable feelings the other pillows brought me; and in my tossing and turning the red pillow seemed to fight the other stuffed demons off of me.

6:00am and I crawl dizzily out of bed. Television and ceiling fan not working assured me the hurricane had claimed our power as one of its victims. Tea lights emanated from deep within my collection of salt rock lamps, presenting with an eerie glow that escaped my memory completely. I could not recollectt he last 5 hours of my trip; thoughts question as to how much had been played out in reality, and what had my mind conjured up. Lips cracked I sought to aide them with warm and watery rasberry cat sits silently on my floor, staring at me with glowing eyes in my dark sheltered room.....

guest : 2011-08-27 00:41:22
Ok i have never smoked anything besisdes cigarettes my entire life. I took 3 hits off this doogwood stuff and for about 20 minutes i just felt like i was buzzed. Everything was fuzzy and shiny and i remember taking a breath in slomotion. It was really fun but now im shitting bricks because appertnley MEPS can test for spice.
Amber. : 2011-08-25 22:08:09
I smoke spice like everyday. I mean I guess some people can handle it and some can't. I've tried all kinds, Buddha, 7H, Marley, Cloud 9, Blueberry, Bubblegum and like a million more. Some have different effects. I've smoked spice with a bunch of different people and have seen over half of the people I smoke with freak out. I freaked out once, the room was spinning, the ceiling fan was making me nauseous, and I just shut my eyes and thought about how sad my family was gunna be cause I was about to die. A girl I smoke with on a daily basis, once we were driving in a busy town she had to pull over she got out of her car and was screaming telling me she wasn't okay I couldn't do much I was too stoned. If you do smoke this shit the key is moderation, a blunt split by two people will blow you away. I'd stick with like 2-3 hits of a pipe or a baby joint and leave it.
Joe. : 2011-08-24 07:43:21
Here's my advice: Don't treat spice like weed. It is much stronger and will f*ck you up if you hit it too hard. Take a small/moderate hit and then wait for a good 5 or 10 minutes. Especially if it's your first time. Be cautious because if you get too much you will experience horrors you didn't think were possible. People that are telling you not to do it aren't just making sh*t up. It can mess you up bad.

I have had terrible experiences and ridiculously good ones. It is possible to learn how to do this drug so it is very enjoyable every time. I recommend finding a good brand and sticking with it. Some aren't as good as others. I smoked a brand called Turbo potpourri and if you can find it I would recommend. There are definitely some good ones out there but this sh*t makes me feel like I'm on ecstasy and high at the same time. Best high ever IMO.

drea. : 2011-08-21 16:37:22
has anyone smoked "head trip" spice?
Mark. : 2011-08-18 11:31:51
Ok me and my friends have been smoking spice for about 2 months now and we do it everyday. Only once have i ever had a bad trip because i over used it never smoke 2 blunts of this shit it will make you feel dead. The only thing I like about this stuff is that I can pass my drug test at work and that it makes me high but if they would just legalize weed I would go right back to it.
lokedogg. : 2011-08-18 10:34:11
i smoked a bunch of spice and it didnt do shit i was pissed i want to smoke what you guys tripped on..guess I'm better off sticking to the real shit not the over the counter bullshit
Jess. : 2011-08-15 11:51:55
okay you guys, my boyfriend only smoked this ''sticky green stuff'' that we bought legally in the gas station, one or two times, and very little of it...well he failed a UA for opiates! Wtf?? I know for a fact that he does nothing illegal, so has anyone else had this happen? I love to smoke it and have never freaked out at all because I don't over-do it. I would just like to know how it's possible for this to come up as an opiate? What are they puttin frikin heroin in this crap?
TallDude. : 2011-08-15 09:59:51
Listen. I am no media ass tryin to scare people off this crap...and I am no moralist. Im just a 40 something dude that loved weed and cant smoke cuase of work drug testing. I tried it last night and can honestly say, I will NEVER EVER do this chit again. I went out with a young lady friend last night, and she had me try Spice cause she said it wouldnt show on the test. we did two small bowls together. I didnt have hallucinations, but my heart raced, I felt "other-wordly" and TOTALLY lost control of myself and the situation...I actually started screaming at her to write down my next of kins contact information ..I felt like I was DONE man...fortunately I didnt have to call 911 and after two hours of walking outside in the rain, managed to come down enough to breathe. I am told we had sex but I honestly dont remember anything except what seemed like a cartoon porn flick. Seriously folks..this was a very very bad trip. STAY AWAY

Jillybean. : 2011-08-14 21:00:08
Ok, so WOW!! I've been away from a good connection and started smoking purple sticky, which was awesome. A great substitute for the heavy smoker and the buzz lasted a while too. When it went off the market I thought I would give this 7h hydro a try. Never in my life have I experienced the horrors of this "spice"! I took a small hit and at first got a good buzz, then it all changed. I started seeing circles around everything and got these weird, horrible thoughts in my head. Then I started to freak the f*** out, my heart began to race like it was going to jump out of my chest and run a damn marathon! But the voices, I know this sounds crazy, but the voices were just evil! Even the next day I felt like there was someone else with me in my soul. Never again will I subject my brain to such torcherous thoughts! This may not happen to everyone but from reading others comments, it happens enough. Why are such things legal when the real thing is sooo much better and alot less dangerous?
Adam. : 2011-08-09 16:25:15
I've been smoking weed for years now and let me tell you, smoking weed is hell of more safer and better then smoking this synthetic shit. Keep it natural...
Kyguy. : 2011-08-02 16:04:58
Has anyone ever smoked fusion IG? I wanna smoke it but I'm worried I'm in over my head.
Take it easy!. : 2011-07-31 06:58:05
I think a lot of people are hitting this shit way to hard. You can get too high. Smoking joints and blunts of this will kick your ass. I am using it to get off real pot. Its been working great. The key word here is MODERATION. I recommend smoking out of one hitters. Be safe everyone.
donitbenthere45. : 2011-07-28 19:19:53
Alright kids! Grab yer socks and pull up yer brichs, Bich's! I have tried a variety of incenses out there, and yes, I have found some to be stronger than others. But this crap about out of body and yada yada yada,,,,well, I think you were all idiots before smoking it. So don't blame it on the incense, maybe take a look at your parents. What I mean is in moderation, it's an alright alternative to marijuana, which in my mind, you cannot duplicate, nor replicate. But in this vicious world of jobs and hair tests, let me tell you, it sure pulls a person through a hard day. that's all I got to say. Ok then, peace!
jas. : 2011-07-27 12:08:07
I've smoked pot for over 40 years, and recently switched to incense/potpourri. Have tried several brands. Some got me high thje first time but much less subsequently. Recently picked up some 'Down to Earth' Purple Chronic. A few tokes had me so high (and dizzy) that for about an hour I couldn't stand up for more than about a minute at a time. This was no THC high, and not at all pleasant. About 50 grams later, getting up to a gram+ per day, I hope I can stop. Stopping weed took me through two weeks of hell. Nausea, depression, irritability, insomnia... I fear this is going to be worse. When I've stopped for a day I feel really lousy.

The other negative is this stuff is completely unregulated. It can be as strong as good bud, it can be 10X that. Even in a 3 gram jar the last half can be a lot stronger than the top, as the little bits of chemical sift to the bottom. I've had some that had stuff that looked like bug cocoons in it.

If you've gotta get high, smoke the genuine stuff. If you have to pass drug tests, then give it up. Is it worth your health, your sanity, and your job.

And this stuff ain't cheap. Much of it is $10-15 a gram.

freaked out. : 2011-07-24 21:47:46
I smoked a few different kinds mainly this Shit called happy hour its about a 50 50 chance I freak out no hallucinations but my heart eats so Fuckin fast n hard n my vision gets blurry n my ears ring its quite scary Idk what's in this Shit it says no jwh but I'm on probation n can't smoke my dro so I take my chances when I don't freak out I like it great substitute
guest. : 2011-07-23 16:26:20
i have smoked spice three times nothing has happen but me going to sleep and im not even a weed or "spice" smoker. However i know alot of military people who smoke it cause it wont show up in their test and they been smoking it for years and nothing has happened to them. Thos one guy was even in the hospital for high blood preesure (which they think is gentic) and didnt even say anything about his lungs. I have been trying to research it to give my boyfriend a resean to stop and havent found shit. soooo if it is bad we have yet to find out. There are tooo many kinds out here maybe it stronger in other states than mine idk...but untill they have have a decent case there is rally nothing to say i never heard of anyone dying.........
andrew. : 2011-07-16 01:08:30
Did this shit called down 2 earth....NEVER AGAIN! Thought i was going to die literally!...also I took 2 hits. How it's legal?... Idk
shiny666. : 2011-07-09 16:10:36
i don't know much about this, but i know people have some damned caps lock keys that need removed.
kwald. : 2011-07-08 22:40:55
lol i still smoke it though just gotta pace it out. ether this or back to back each his own
Trippy. : 2011-07-08 12:47:21
Dont hate on our high D:<
BS. : 2011-07-08 12:41:16
dude i feelz great, try 303, $10 a jar and its damn good, dont show up on piss tests
kwald. : 2011-07-06 20:26:05
Ive been smoking spice for about 5 months off and on, but i never would hit it hard like i do weed. The 1st time i did, i put half out like i normally do, got out the car and felt like i was in a matrix slideshow! Then today i hit it like a regular weed blunt and when i got in the house my heart was racing [happened b4] and everything was in super slow mo. It was an out of body experience. I taught i was gonna die. But im still here and glad i got a chance to experience it. If you have taughts of ending your life or you just dont care try some and i guarantee its the closest thing to it and when your done you will be glad you had that talk with your maker.
England july11. : 2011-07-01 10:58:22
I have never been physicaly sick off cannabis over a 13 year period of constant use however, I used to experiance a 'whitey' when I first started. It seems to me that SOME spice's is at
least 5 times stronger than ANY type or form of natural THC. Spice is quite new to me and I thoroughly enjoy it. When I used spice for the first time-BlackMamba-I was warned of it's strength and told to only use a very small ammount, being a hardend smoker I disreguarded this advice and hit it hard.
It is true, you do experiance a full-on trip, first day there was an illuminous crocodile skelton in my bed room. Second day I watched sparks falling out of the sky and bouncing up the rooftops. This was the only two memorable trips Ive had off Spice and since then the affect has grown a little weaker as, my tolorance built up. Once I emptied the dust at the bottom of a bag of BlackMamba onto a peice of paper, it contained 3 diffrent colours of crystal dust, I then placed about one third of this pile of crystal into a bong and hit it. I woke up some time later with extreme mental disabilitys, loss of memory, motor skills etc., I thaught I was in real trouble and try'd to phone 999. I could not even remember how to use a phone and had no controll over my arms and body, couldnt even stand up. Eventually-after several scary moments-I regained controll of my body and my memory started to return. After having a little food and drink and feeling fully recoverd, I thaught it would be a good idea to try and do it again-surely testament to the addictiveness of Spice-however, this time I actually believed God had come to visit me?! after which I spew'd up filling a bucket half full with sick. I did not attempt to finish the crystal but threw the last bit away. Ive never tripped of skunk in 13years of use or had any affect that comes anywhere close to strong Spice. All said and done I have just made my order to stock up on the Mamba again as for me the good times far outweigh the bad. It's all about tolerance and abuse. Yes Spice contains synthetic THC-chemicals-and for this reason, one should take great care, as there is a serious and real risk of overdose and mental impairment due to the chemical content, which is totally lacking in natural THC.
Dont abuse spice. Ever, and you will enjoy.
Artis G. : 2011-06-28 10:23:19
mr d . : 2011-06-28 10:15:47
i dont know i smoke good times and that shit have you hiiiiiiiigh as fuck,i hope it doesnt show on a drug test
joe blow. : 2011-06-25 10:42:34
this shit is the bomb!!!!!!!
KARMA J. : 2011-06-23 05:55:04
guest : 2011-06-23 00:46:12
7h (7th heaven) is the best of them all, no doubt what so ever.
i've tried about 20 other kinds and nothin compares. i have to smoke a blunt to my self of any other kind, includin spice, but i only have to hit the 7h 2-3 times before i'm higher than i can even get off of any other kind. also as far as bad trips and shit, i've noticed in my experiences its all a bunch of paranoid people who trip in the first place. the only bad experience i ever had was when i ate to much and puked once lol. you really can't tell when ur not hungry anymore on some of this shit and it will make it where u won't want to stop eating, so be careful about that.
Incense Smoker. : 2011-06-22 13:58:02
Seems to me there are quite a few little kiddos on here fibbing so people on the internet think they're cool... That being said, Ive smoked two different kinds here in Dallas, Defiant and 42 degreez. Been smoking them both on an almost constant basis for a few months now, and only had a minor issue the first time smoking it. Minor compared to the scare that the media has been hyping up about it at least... Smoked a large bowl of 42 degrees Black Label in an equally large bong (tastes like strange coconut) with my wife. Halfway thru, she starts acting off and out of nowhere projectile vomits all the way to our bathroom. Been smoking other 42 degrees for a couple months now and I havent noticed any detrimental health effects. We still exercise and breathe just as well as we ever have (wife is asthmatic btw)
Ace. : 2011-06-22 12:08:27
Dude, Hands down. "Down To Earth" IS the best Incense to buy. Superkush <- gets you really happy though. I only buy legal for trips anyways. The first time I smoked, I smoked down to earth. I thought I was going to die because i've never smoked and my heart was beating quick. But about 20 minutes later I chilled the fuck out and enjoyed my trip. Now I smoke it with friends in the woods or something, and we get lost. It's actually kind of fun haha.

And here's a good question.


I got high one time and saw a kid(about 8) walking in the street with storm trooper armor on.

dude noo. : 2011-06-21 18:55:44
dont smoke this shit u fail for pcp and bensoes i get drug tested all the time ive failed several tests from it. PS just so u know bensoes is the main ingredent in xzanex and pcp is angel dust ive had a brain anurizim from it ive smoked it four years its fucking retarded i almost die six time and didnt quit untill a month ago ITS VERY ADDICTIVE take my word people DONT DO IT drugs peice and afro greeece
med chronic purist. : 2011-06-21 15:09:49
you guys gotta understand that if it doesnt have the ingredients listed you are taking a chance at ingesting salvia divinorum.marijuana doesnt prodice the same kind of effect i.e. no chance of bad trip.the spice blends with salvia will provide a trip effect more like bad lsd or rat poisin.
Big Jay. : 2011-06-19 15:46:09
I smoke alot of incense and none of them compares to one called down2earth its a trip like no other sometime it is good and sometime you wish the trip will just end i watch people bellyflop on this stuff if you ever run accross it beware thats stuff is no joke i dont smoke it nomore cause i like this world that shit sends you to another world
Chelsey . : 2011-06-18 20:08:33
Straight up LOVE spice, it is wat it is. N its tight shyt I was just smokin that shyt I feel amazing ive been smokin this shyt since its been out. Never had a bad trip, n have a high tolerance. I'm in drugcourt so its kind sketchy, but I've failed one time for it, haven't since. Yu gotta try it, not a lot at first but its fkkin awesome. Me n my gurl smoke errday its the shyt. Weeds better, .it shyt spice is the next best thing if yur in truble.
travis. : 2011-06-15 10:01:39
my question is can a probation officer test for k2 if they want to and if so what does it show up you failed for
christina. : 2011-06-14 21:38:29
This stuff is really bad for you! Do some research and you will see!



guest : 2011-06-10 08:57:56
Has anyone experience there hands looking all purine and wrinkly and skinny like a 80 yr old person?
Vinnie . : 2011-06-10 08:55:07
i HAVE SMOKED INCENSE FOR ABOUT FIVE months straight smoking at least 3 grams a day. Out of bongs and hookas. Since all my friends are on probation and were I live at least you cant drop dirty Because the drug test is so expensive it isn't really worth it. The best way to handle bad trips or any kind of trip you have put on music it will keep your mind off from it and its sweet how the atmosphere changes. Smoking a cigarette course. But I also notice if someone turns off the radio the trip can get bad like that whole dieing shit. it doesn't quit help Ur cottonmouth talk about really stupid shit and sum times its so stupid it can make sense
I beat the shit out of few people when they made stupid jokes at me. I never got the munches. I can never remember shit the next day the days ALL SEEM TO BLEND TOGETHER. but it went to normal for the most part after i quite for a week. Your eyes can turn red or not depending on how high you are so thats a positive if your like me and have strict parents. I got fucked by the cops once because they thought it was weed I was smoking out of my vacuum cleaner steam roller. But I didn't get charged with shit since it legal. Its a fun thing to do I prefer weed much more because I AM more relax and calm instead of being violence or agitated all the time. I am certainly not addicted to it I could go without and be okay but it was the only thing people had to smoke so that why I did it every day. I just decided to quite and I feel much better and life more fun. Because everything shitty would happen. It fucked up my motor skills at work I was very slow and sluggish. and I notice my eyes r dropper lately like i haven't slept for days. You can smoke it or not its up to you what you wanna do its your life fuck it up how you want right.
killacam. : 2011-06-09 15:03:58
Does anyone know connection to get spice on or rite outside of ft bragg please help seriously need to get high before I go insane???
guest : 2011-06-05 23:42:30
For everyone who says "you're a pussy who doesn't know how to handle your high" of you have a bad trip is straight trippin themselves! I have smoked weed everyday for about a year and tried many different types of incense. I've experienced slightly bad trips on a product called Head Trip but nothing like I experienced with Spike Silver. Me and my boyfriend smoked about three hits out of the bong and it was the single most terrifying and horrible experience of my life. I literally felt like I was in Hell. Everything was on repeat and and I didn't even feel human. I also felt like I was NEVER going to come down. I could barely walk and I ended up screaming at my bf at the top of my lungs and ripping things off the walls in his bathroom. After he calmed down and I thought it was over, he left the room and it allllllll started again. This time I felt like I was in a completely different dimension. There were four of everything and I could hear my bf talking, but his mouth wasn't moving. Nothing felt real and I honesty thought I was insane and I would never be normal again. I've smoked alot of things and I hve never experienced anything like this before. I would even say it was worse than shrooms. I commented on this for the sole purpose to warn people. I will never touch that stuff again and I would STRONGLY advise not doing it. I wouldn't wish why happened to me on my worst enemies. Worst experience I've ever had in my life, hands down.
man. : 2011-05-28 16:25:29
lol, ive been doing this stuff with friends for a while and this is my opinion.

some stuff is just to fucking strong and some stuff is just way to weak, so try to stay with a consistent brand and type and switch it out if you build do much of a tolerance, because seriously it can be way to strong, like i was at a friends house and it felt like i was sleeping while standing up and i wasn't in my body and i saw a motherfucking gremlin in the hallway then it disappeared, but then it can be way to weak, like i took 10 hits without getting a decent buzz going.

but overall, you can get almost the same effects of weed with this stuff but it just tastes shitty, but out of everything don't worry, if you worry it will make you have the worst time ever so just be calm about it and everything will be fine.

sally. : 2011-05-22 16:30:19
I just want to know after 3 months use of a designer drug called "Bliss" that you snort, how long will it take for this horrible poison to get out of my body. My boyfriend and I hallucinated MAJOR and it seemed so reall....this has been a living nightmare. someone please HELP us and tell me how long it takes to get the poison out of my system..I'm so frightened for my life and sanity. Thank you all...please write back, someone? thanks again.
guest : 2011-05-21 09:56:08
Need a connect in Kansas, spice is ok, but nothing like weed.
===D~~~ 'o'. : 2011-05-19 10:56:49
ive learned that the majority of ppl that have never smoked weed, or at least not that much.. freak out when they try it. 99% of these "crazy and horrible" side effects are what you get from smoking weed. but the people who have smoked, get used to it, and dont think about it. the sober ppl whosmoke weed or spice andfreak out about that shit is cus they know its a drug, and it'll fuck you up. and they automatically dwell on the fact that they have tunnel vision, or rapid heartbeat (in most occasions, it gets faster cus they are making themselves bug out), or anxiety is a huge one. if you just chill out, and let yourself go, everything will be alright. you cant overdose on marijuana. and as for spice, yes there are chemicals in it (more than pot), but im sure that ifyour smart about smokinit, and just relax, even if its your first time, you'll be ableto enjoy yourself
Anonymous. : 2011-05-11 08:30:06
"u guys r all stupid u dont noe your facts so dont act like u do"

Is it just me, or does the irony seem a bit thick in here today?

jeff . : 2011-05-10 18:49:25
ive been smokin pot for 4 years erryday an got into trouble and have been smokin spice for a year! i smoke at leat 8 bowls a day it fucks u up ! u guys complain u have tunnel vision and shit its because thats wat it does DO YOUR RESEARCH! you all say its so bad so many chemicals! STFU AND LOOK UP THE CHEMICALS ITS CALLED ONE CHECMICAL USuALLy like a am and jwh is illegal now u guys r all stupid u dont noe your facts so dont act like u do
John. : 2011-05-10 11:17:46
I have been doing spice for about a year now. This is to inform anyone who is curious about smoking spice or just wants to know what you feel on it. At first I tried spice at a hookah bar, it was Black Mamba. Great night! I was laughing with my friends uncontrollably over nothing and got the munchies. That was the first time I ever got high. I have never smoked weed so i'm sorry that I cant compare the two. I will tell you what my stoner friends thought later.

At the beginning of my Sophmore year the gas station across the street started selling all sorts of spice. I got curious and I decided to try some Red Magic and Mojo. We just bought a cigarillo and emptied it and packed the thing. We went over to Plant Park and smoked the thing. Now before this I just had Black Mamba at the hookah bar. I had no clue how much I should smoke I just wanted to smoke until I got high. Well, I took about 4 good hits and then I freaked. My heart was beating uncontrollably and I thought I was having a heart attack. Everything was in slow motion and things began to lose their meaning. I was panicking and I thought I would end mentally challenged for the rest of my life. I was asking my friend to call 911 but he knew I was just panicking and tried to calm me down. Poor guy couldn't enjoy his high that night. The next day I felt I was still in slow motion but I was ok.

This is what happens when you smoke too much at first. You freak out on your first time because you have no tolerance to this stuff and you smoke too much. Going from a bit high to super crazy high will scare you because you don't know what being really high is. If you smoke weed you will know what its like to be high and it wont be that bad. Smoking a small amount until you know your limits is what you should do. Either go to a hookah bar or get someone who smokes spice to help you out if you wanna try it for the first time.

After that little disaster I knew I smoked too much and I didn't want that experience to scare me away from all spice/incense. I tried it again a week later and took a few hits. This time I felt much better. I knew what I could experience and I was prepared. I knew I was going to be ok and I relaxed and just tried to enjoy it as much as possible. I had a good time and I have ever since. Everything is much more interesting high.

There are a few fun effects and side effects I have noticed. (If you smoke weed you will know many of these) I get drowsy when I smoke and if its night I wanna sleep. Dreams are interesting as hell, but you dont wanna get up next morning. There is no way you can do college work when you get really high on this stuff, because you get super lazy. Somehow my stoner friends can function like normal human beings on weed, but I wouldn't expect that smoking spice. If I eat a big meal and I am full and go smoke, I want to eat more. You do get the munchies on this and mad cotton mouth so be prepared. Everything tastes ridiculously better! Video games are fucking awesome high and it seems to focus me and my thoughts. Expect many random thoughts at once. It seems like your mind is a bit scattered and you can zone for a long time, but its fun. Everything seems like a contradiction. Everything seems new to you, but you know everything is the same. Words can sometimes seem odd but normal. It's hard to explain. Things seem to take longer than usual and you get really red eyes. You looks stoned and its hard to hide it so make sure you dont have to be around to many sober people you do get paranoid. Everyone knows! Oddly I must say I get horny when I smoke. That usually kicks in after about an hour and your thoughts just go from scattered to sex. I am a 20 year old college student so that could be why. Overall, you do seem much more relaxed and feel good. You have no worries when you smoke and you dont care about problems you have.

I have smoked many different brands of spice. I noticed that you get much higher whenever you change the brand you smoke. If you wanna start smoking start with a little bit of Red Magic or Black Mamba. I think these aren't as intense as the lesser known brands. I can smoke an entire cigarillo of Red Magic now and feel nothing. Waste of $11 and proof that you do build tolerances to this stuff. Mojo was potent, Dragon Eye is intense, White Rhino was good, K2 was great, Cool Beans was ok, Monster was ok, Cuban Dream was ok too. If your a veteran and want to get super high there are a few spices that will destroy you. Golden Buddha kicked my ass, Comatose Candy was scary powerful, and fusion was the best I had. With Fusion and Comatose Candy all you need is to pack a pinch of it and you will be gone for hours. Yes, I said hours. Great stuff! I smoked Fusion with my friends that smoke weed 2-4 times a day and they said they got too high. I did pack 2 full cigarillos with the stuff and we shared them between the 4 of us. DO NOT smoke this stuff unless you have smoked for a while.

My friends who smoke weed say that the highs are different between spice and weed. Spice is more of a head high and it can fell a lot more intense than weed depending on what you smoke. Some people dont like spice much and just stick to weed. You might not get as high, but they can function and do work and stuff.

I have mixed spice and alcohol a few times and it feels crazy. You are super relaxed, but you can also act like a damn fool and look totally obvious that your fucked up. It is really funny to watch this though. Don't drink too much, just get tipsy if you wanna mix the two. if you drink or smoke too much you wont feel good, you will feel like its too hard to focus on anything and you will want to go right to bed.

The best way to smoke it in my opinion is through a cigarillo. Its easy and you can pack the hell out of the stuff so you will get ripped. Packing a bowl doesn't seem to work as well for me, but rolling a j could if you know how to do it well. Hookah is fun but once you stop smoking the hookah the high wears off very fast. All spice/incense tastes bad to me so be prepared for that.

This is everything I think I can tell you. There isn't much info on this and that does sketch me out a bit. This was just my personal experiences and the purpose was to inform you on what you might experience if you wanna try this. Stay safe and dont go over your limit and you will be just fine. Smoking this stuff can be a great time if you do it right.

pappa k. : 2011-05-09 15:20:30
ive read that so many so many people have complaints about spice . my opinion is if you personally have a problem with any type of mood altering substance than dont use it .
Jackie. : 2011-05-08 22:04:00
Seriously do not mess with any of this has so many chemicals in it that will urt your body its not worth the high. I smoked this stuff called something fire or fire something and it was horrible...after one hit i felt it but then i tokk another hit and it hit so fast...first my fingers went numb and then my feet and then my whole body then i went to stand up and i felt paniced and sick i started yelling for my friends to call 911 because something was wrong i had what they call tunnel vision and i didnt feel like i was in my heart was beating so fast that when my friends mom checked my pulse it was 117 a min after i calmed down a lot...i couldnt even recognize myself and couldnt think of what i looked like...this stuff really ruis you and scares you...i thought i was going to die and sometime when your friends get scared they wait to long or freak you out more and can cause you to panic more and make you go into cardiac arrest....JUST SIMPLIY DO NTO DO IT!
anonamous. : 2011-05-05 18:15:56
FUCK ALL THE INSENSE>! had a seizure when i was drivin in 09 almost dies from red magic. friends said today they took out the JWH18...said it on the package too...i tries it. FUCK THAT. took two hits of this down to earth bullshit and boom heart rate beated so hard i could hear it breathing became labored everything slowed hearing muffled and worst of all my brain felt like it was bleeding. friends were tryin to take me to hospital but i kept denying i didnt wanna do that just cuz i figured i could ride it out idk. but anyway yeah they said i looked like green in the face and i wasnt makin sense like wtf get some green crack and call it a day
guest : 2011-05-05 11:15:02
ive been smoking spice for almost a year. and after last night i think ive had enough and im gonna stick to herb.
pappa k. : 2011-05-02 11:33:17
hey i smoked weed for over 20 years i have tried to quit many time without any luck weed really messes ur life up . so one day i decided to try red magic not sure what would happen . but to my surprise it gave me a buzz not quite like weed but decent . and the best part i dont feel the addiction like with the real stuff and i dont feel the need to puff all day . Ive never had any bad side effect from it. im glad i tried it. sincerly the big PAPPA K
guest : 2011-05-01 20:42:47
Some people do anything to get high even if they can die doing it. Thats stupid as fuck not brave. When i first seen it i thought something else to try to decrease the population of certain people. To each is own. For me its weed or nothing. Its to much shit messing people up. Why try it? Cause your dumb ass friend. Be an adult and make choices for yourself.
Anonymous. : 2011-04-27 05:23:32
"...if science has taught us anything its nature is good for us."

Actually, science teaches us that nature is ambivalent. Gravity, for instance, may make life possible (by allowing at atmosphere to accrete to the earth), but it also kills a lot of people.

There are different (and IMO better) ways of looking at the world, but they're not based in "science."

AnonymousX. : 2011-04-26 12:04:18
These alternatives are not made at the result of an addiction. The fact is marijuana is beneficial to humans and a government is telling us its wrong. Its far more beneficial than these drugs our government supports that have serious addictions that marijuana or like substances help such as pain instead of popping a pill smoke an herb if science has taught us anything its nature is good for us. Its all just a profit gain for the government to support our pharmecudical industry honestly think about doctors make some bank and you have to support all those under the doctor and support roles like nurses and pharm techs all would be hurt by a natural reocorrinng plant. Stand up for your right if you know what is best for you better than the government knows what is best for you for instance i work a full time job and have very little extra funds after doctor bills and such and have a documented anger problem and the cheapest cure for me was marijuana my mood was elevated and stress gets eliminated yet i am still healthy and energetic which means its a psycho rehabilitating herb for me helping me be a more normal individual around society like coworkers and bosses. Please people think with your head if this government tells us what to do our whole lives we may be missing out on keys and cures scientifically be an intelligent person and stand up for not only your behalf but others who think freely rather than what some institution tells us to think....
Paul. : 2011-04-25 02:23:35

Weed is SUPER strong's been AWESOME FOR YEARS NOW!!!!! However, it is not the bud I grew up with...and I'm barely only 30. Nowadays, like soooo many people I've gotta stop puffin to better my life. But now these new buds are soooo strong they come with a price when you quit......TRUE ADDICTION!

It is unfortunate that Marijuana has become too powerful and is becoming what many would consider a 'real drug'. It is also unfortunate that when people stop using Marijuana they are now so addicted that a new market has opened up.....hence all of these 'legal pot' replacements. And now a new 'drug war' has begun against them...

ALL the potheads I know have the same problem...some admit it...some deny it so keep tokin anyway. We get insomnia, cannot get hungry without weed, some of us get depressed, can't focus, have no motivation, and in general CANNOT QUIT for more than a few days to few weeks. So many of us are looking for some relief in pot withdrawal...but weed is so unique in what it does to the human mind it is almost impossible to find.

Which leads me to these "legal weeds' that are sooooo popular.
They are ALL currently some kind of "Damiana Based Product". It doesn't matter what they are called...K2, Spice, Red Magic, ect. They will have a large base of Damiana or other similar herbs. This is because old 'legal' cannabinoids are illegal and you can't just spray them on any harmless herb anymore. You need the kind of herbs that will make you 'trip' when done in excess and/or put other chemicals on them to help out.

Google Damiana and other herbs like Canavalia maritima, Nymphaea caerulea, Scutellaria nana, Pedicularis densiflora, Leonotis leonurus, Zornia latifolia, Nelumbo nucifera and Leonurus sibiricus, which are said to be found in Spice and K2 among others. BE SMART AND RESEARCH WHAT YOU PUT IN YOUR BODY! Look at side effects, benefits, how they are supposed to be used, and what happens when you overdose...if it has even been researched!

An "overdose" by SMOKING Damiana will cause panic attacks, dizziness, insomnia, hallucinations, and "near death experiences" or in other words "awesome trips" to those who don't know the difference.

There are MANY BENEFITS to Damiana when used properly. Using it properly DOES NOT INVOLVE SMOKING IT. It can aid in sexual desire of both sexes, digestion, used as an antiseptic, and act as an anti-depressant or mood stabilizer. It also can lower the blood sugar level in some people so caution needs to be taken.

I will say that Damiana is fun!...when smoked right. I do not like the headaches and the odd feelings that can come with it the next day...especially when you do too much. As far as the recently outlawed synthetic cannabinoids, I have not had the pleasure of trying them. It seems that big brother will not let us have that much fun...big surprise!

Understand that NONE of these "blended" products have had proper research done on them. There is no proven facts that can predict how one person will react to a specific versus another to a different blend. If there are no ingredients on the packaging then the company is not reputable at all...guaranteed! You will truly be your own guinea pig.

So...if you are a stupid a stupid kid. That's what you are supposed to do when you are young.

If you need to stop getting high for some reason...grow up and stop getting high or just get high and accept the consequences that will come from being a pothead.

God Bless :-)

toad. : 2011-04-23 23:17:46
Spent the night at my brothers apt just straight chillen were both bud smokers but he quit so he told me to try red magic spice from a gas station so he pulled out the bong. Took 1 hit fine hit me real fast though. Second big hit real lightheaded, big mistake...third hit toasted all of a sudden it hit me real hard and said oh shit I'm way too high laid down got tunnel vision n just kept sayin call 911 I find it odd and relieving that I've heard similar stories of certain death when on this stuff but eventually I was fine. Permanately scared me of that stuff
anonymous. : 2011-04-21 10:02:53
Yeah, spice fucks you up...... the first time i tried funky monkey it took two hits and i ended seeing shit. my heart rate increased incredibly high and I thought i was going to die. I smoked the stuff a few other times after that experience and it didn't effect me half as bad as it did the first time I had it. It was also much more enjoyable, but i still ended up seeing shit that wasn't even there. Anyway, I think the drug is dangerous because of all of its chemical contents. Also I would defiantly not recommend long term use.... Personally I think people should just stick with weed.
Rick Newlandz. : 2011-04-14 07:34:51
Look I am a heavy heavy user of this Demon incense blend. I usually use it 2 - 3 times a day for the past 2 months now, but have benn using both mj and spice for 8 months straight and its nothing. Grow up and grow a pair of balls. dont be such a pussy please its annoying.
anthony. : 2011-04-12 02:22:10
@deuce Hey I felt that same way earlier today. I been smoking Black Momba for a few weeks and I recently tried this stuff called Rasta Citrus Spice from Shaman Herbs and I smoked half a joint of it.. not a fatty, just decent sized.. I had a good buzz going and then about 30 minutes later I smoked the other half.. It started slow and then intensified quickly.. first, my heart rate was goin crazy, then I was sweating out more than I've honestly ever had in my life.. I started trippin, my dad was talking to me and I couldn't even respond just mumbled some shit, then I got up cause my stomach was killin me and I figure I gotta poop.. as soon as I do I get all weak in the knees and my head was spinning.. I made it to the bathroom, fell to my knees, then laid there for about 3minutes sweating, belly aching, head spinnin, heart racing.. then I muster up some dignity and get off the bathroom floor and puke up my lunch.. washed my face and lied back on the couch.. pops said I passed out immediately, breathing hard and fast for about 3 hours.. I woke up fine.. I actually smoked a lil pinner just a while ago and got a nice buzz.. I think it might be the moderation but idk.. I think im gonna stay away from spice and just stick with booze..
Enj2+. : 2011-04-10 03:58:21
I smoke mj alot and tried the demon blend shit and thought I was dyin for an hr its horrible
Anonymous. : 2011-04-07 13:55:11
"grow the fuck up and stop backing legal herb like a little bitch. weed is the original and you can't duplicate it."

Actually, to be a bit pedantic, hemp is the original. "Weed," (i.e. Marijuana, cannabis) is a creation of man, a plant that has been genetically manipulated through thousands of years of selective breeding so that the psychoactivity is accentuated.

If you want to be an natural as possible, you should be smoking hemp, not MJ. You won't get high to speak of, but the headaches will be all natural!

dwightkshrute. : 2011-04-07 12:10:32
i think all of yal calling these guys that had a bad effect on spice pussies, i think yal are pussies for backing up spice. that shit is obviously horrible for you. grow the fuck up and stop backing legal herb like a little bitch. weed is the original and you can't duplicate it. i have been smoking weed daily for 4 years and i tried some kinda gay legal herb cuz my buddy didnt have any of the real stuff (hes a dumbass obviously). took 2 hits out of the bong. it was good for about 15 mins then i went to the bathroom and everything was in super slow motion, felt like i was controlling myself like a video game, didnt recognize myself, heart rate started going crazy, couldnt think normally, couldnt remember anything at all, thought i was going to die. This shit is absolutely horribly for you. If you care about your life, which obviously some of you dumbasses dont that are saying you smoke legal herb everyday, (if you use your brain at all you would know that smoking legal herb is horrible for your health, im sure those of you who do smoke this everyday didnt graduate highschool) just stick to pot. this is not worth the risk.
Destiny. : 2011-04-07 12:04:39
and it DOES NOT show up in blood test or urine!!!! I just got out of the hospital for this!!! I KNOW
Destiny. : 2011-04-07 12:02:00
I recently went to the ER due to insane vomiting, drenched in sweat, and heart racing! Ive been smoking spice...Space Cadet 100x, Kush, and its all NOT GOOD. The chemicals will eat your insides! The vomiting would start about 4 hrs after goin to bed, then I couldnt stand up straight due to a horrible pain under my breasts in the middle......It was tested and the chemicals are the reaction of this spice. Not reccomended for anyone, anysize...You can say otherwise but its your own denial! Dont do it!!!! I have a child and hes more important than any amount of high.....LEGAL or not!
BMWOWNER90. : 2011-04-04 03:39:20
I just recently tried this demon stuff and I had to go to the hospital for stomach ulcers because of it I threw up alit of blood and not only was it painful But it was stupid don't buy this shit its dangerous and not worth it I thought I was dying . AND DEMON WAS THE CAUSE OF IT IT TRULY IS EVIL!
csm odums. : 2011-04-03 14:47:39
I am the sergeant major of a rear detachment unit and before I joined the service. Hell and while I have been in I have smoked mary j almost my whole career...I love my weed. They should just legalize bu so we aren't forced to smoke this anonomus spice... I ain't gonna lie I smoke spice everyday...I figured I am about to retire so I am gonna try and stay away from bud (research
deuce. : 2011-04-01 03:31:08
Been smokin real bud for years, 8 to be exact. And i've recently tried spice a few times and was great, like they say, it had most of the same effects of mary j. But tonite I smoked it just like I had before, only takin a few hits, and after the high set in it intensified ridiculously. I started having tunnnel vision and shit on the tv started to look weird, and then I randomly noticed my heart beatin faster than it has ever beated in my entire life, not only beating fast, but hard, like "gettin ready to explode" hard. That's what really scared me and got me paranoid b.c this had never happened b4. and then it just got worse, I was almost 100% certain that I was havin a heart attack and that I was really gonna die. I was still sane, I wasn't hallucinating or anything or screaming or throwing up or goin crazy, at this point I was just worried that I was about to die. I prayed to god right then asking not to die, that's how bad it was. Had it not been for my friend there to calm me down and tell me he had the same thing happen to him a couple nites ago, I really believe I woulda gone into cardiac arrest and died right there. Don't mess with spice!!! people can call me a pussy all day if they want but they can have fun when they literally feel their heart explode inside their chest
Monsterrixx. : 2011-03-31 22:07:03
Have been smoking pot for a while. And have been trying to quit. So I decided today that I would buy some syn incense called "ripped" $19 bucks for 1gram. Rolled about a 1/4 blunt took 3 hits after the third . Immediately started feelin affects coming on. It got so intense . Like most that try these types of poison.. I though I was gonna die.. Everything was closing in on me..things were like 3D was the closest to feeling like ur losing ur mind that you'll ever get b4 reaching insanity . Was talking to myself .. Vision was distorted .. Heartbeat was near heart attack. Cold sweats. Shaking . I've had my share of panic attacks.. But this shit no good. Lasted about an hour and a half of miserable tripp. The rest of the day. Felt week.. Little dizzy off and on. Chest hurt a little. All in all very bad deal. Never again. I'll stick to the real shit If I wanna high.
Caitlin. : 2011-03-29 19:11:47
AM-2201 is one of the new substances being used, however its only one of many. Plain and simple the short term side effects have shown to be far less dangerous than a lot of prescription drugs. Some that were banned long ago before any real wide spread use shown to cause kidney failure, but those were never sold in stores in the U.S. Fact is all the substances that were banned are now being researched for medicinal use by the pharmaceutical companies. All your government did was take it for themselves, and will sell it right back to you. Europe has already created its own prescription synthetic cannibinoids that were originally banned. You say were stupid but when you work in an industry that is bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars you see who really are the dumb ones. This has been the only thing to stimulate the economy. Without it My family and I would be homeless,food less, and on the verge of death. Now I can live well and afford my meds so I dont die thank you very much. I will sell anything to keep my family alive and safe as long as it doesnt kill anyone. No one has ever died from the synthetic cannibinoids sold in stores. besides people can buy the chems online all day long. so when they finally ban it all together, thats when people will kill themselves trying to make their own. Leave it to the chemists who know what they are doing and let us keep selling quality products. Fuck you all. you haters. WE AS A NATION ARE BROKE AND JOBLESS. THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE TO RESORT TO BECAUSE THE BANKS STOLE EVERYTHING.

Matthew. : 2011-03-27 19:02:14
I started out with the kush Mr nice guy pom pom And the spice Products.... People that trip out on this stuff shouldnt smoke it... I have seen ppl freak out after getting real high off weed. I have been smoking this for a year now and besides my money getting lower all i notice is the high i get from it . They want to put u in jail for weed then get pissed when we get somthing that the cant lock us up for. Kids need to be educated and adults should be able to free there mind if the so choose. Thank you ansd Smoke On my friends 23.m/F
america. : 2011-03-24 10:32:48
Your all pussys grow some fucking balls. This shit will fuck u u a bit
JWHtank. : 2011-03-21 13:40:54
So, i'm not sure what spice all u people that have tripped have been smoking... this Bonzai or w/e it was called... But i have been smokin spice since it came to my area in the form of "serenity now" and all of its off-brands and such, and have since only found 1-2 brands/types of spice that even get me close to trippin: Space Cadet 100x and this stuff called "OMG" k. So the OMG stuff was like doing ex, it was all the same symptoms basically, never had a comedown and vomitted like yall r saying, but i smoke ALOT everyday, all day pretty much. my regulars r Kush and Space Cadet and i myself have had friends that tried the EXACT SAME bong/bowl/j that i have been hitting 3x as much as them and they tripped bawls off of one hit of the stuff... i don't know if it just affects people different ways, or people who havent been that enormously high before just dont know how to cope well enough. Mainly tho is that if you let yourself freak out about the stimuli racing thru ur brain YOU WILL HAVE A BAD EXPERIENCE. And all the deaths from this stuff that i've heard of were from idiots who smoked the pure chemical itself on the tip of their cigs... DUMB. All i can say is dont knock the new stuff, cuz since they switched chemicals again it seems a little stronger, that is if u dont get sold the bunk stuff for like a dollar(gotta watch for that) And i do agree with u people talking about how it should be regulated and tested more, but also disagree at the same time: Until they make marijuana legal, continue to diddle daddle and banning individual strands of the chemical, please do.
Sasha Ann(:. : 2011-03-19 13:51:14
Bro.. this shit is worse than stright weed... its not good trust me i use to smoke it... its some bad shit
guest : 2011-03-18 11:25:03
I have been smoking herbal for the past few weeks in an attempt to clear my system of good stuff for a job interview (dont get me started on how the business world has taken over the enforcement of drug laws in this country). I smoke about a half a blunt at a time with no problem. BUT, about 50% of the time that I smoke it I will go to bed and wake up randomly nauseated and cant get back to sleep until I have vomited my guts up. NO MATTER how high I have been on mids or loud weed I have never vomited with it. That's enough incentive to me to not smoke that herbal shit. : 2011-03-11 22:20:55
I tried to smoke some called Mr. Nice guy this morning. I'm still fucking shaky. This fucking shit is poison. I think they're a conspiracy or something. I seriously felt like i was going to die. I talked to myself. walked back and forth for an hour.

I smoked too much I think. Just don't do it. I threw my shit away and will never fucking buy it again. This shit will fucking get you addicted and kill you because it's unregulated and they want money. Don't do it if you want to live. I feel so fucking lucky. Weed will not kill you. This will. Especially if you have a weak heart or any internal problems already.

My body was shaking inside and out. I still can't fucking type right.

Anonymous. : 2011-03-09 15:42:57
@motor mouth: While I agree with you that prohibition is futile and wasteful,
I think there needs to be some reasonableness and skepticism when discussing
Internet claims.

"Not all of this k2 incense stuff is illegal. For instance, [link] offers several products that are completely legal in all of the United States and even beyond.",

Why do you say this? Because some anonymously registered company (check out their domain registration information) based in some unspecified country says it's so? Claims made from he same industry that vehemently denied any chemical additives until they were caught red-handed? In all seriousness, I wouldn't believe such claims, as these vendors have a proven track record of lying.

When Spice first came out, the manufacturer (Psychedeli) claimed that there were no additives and that their product was merely a mixture of herbs. They repeated these claims until they were caught in a way that they could no longer deny (chemical analysis), and I'm afraid all of their competition has copied their strategy.

You can't believe everything you read on the Internet. It may be true that their products are legal, but how would you know?

What's more, there really are only a handful of synthetic cannabinoids that have been discovered thus far, and because governments -- especially the UK -- have started banning entire classes of chemicals now (and not just specific chemicals), the governments absolutely can win the game when it comes to declaring things illegal. The people who write the rule book usually can win the games.

I agree that prohibition is futile -- all evidence points in that direction. But not because people will continue coming up with new legal drugs. Eventually the governments are going to get tired of that game and write the rules so that this can't happen. They tried with the analog laws, and while there have been legal challenges to these (at least in the US), they'll probably do better on their next attempt.

Motor Mouth. : 2011-03-09 12:32:15
When will we learn that drug prohibition is absolutely futile especially in the case of k2 herb products? Not all of this k2 incense stuff is illegal. For instance, [link] offers several products that are completely legal in all of the United States and even beyond. They are constantly reformulating it to get around these bans so people will continue to legally buy k2 products and I guess the big dogs will continue to waste money on chasing it down.
Ivan. : 2011-03-08 02:30:00
Look it's all good. The goverment can't tax people or the drug cartels for selling weed on the streets so spice is the best answer. It's a product that mimic's pot so that they can sell it to the same consumer at equal or lesser price to put drug ring's out of shop while setting up there own. Plus with spice being sold at stores it will infact be easier to control which should make it harder to get into the hands of minors like cigarettes or alcohol. So if they want to make 100 times stronger chemically laced herbs then weed, I'll buy. . . I'm just glad THC don't make me paranoid cuz I'd hate to be 100 times more paranoid.

richie. : 2011-02-28 14:33:02
just smoke some fuking pot yous are all fucking retarted
Alex. : 2011-02-26 16:55:34
haha some of you guys are crazy as hell. The only time I had a bad experience with Spice was when i thought it was gonna suck ass. I rolled 3 grams into a blunt and smoked it to my dome piece. It was the same as being way too high in a situation that calls for not being way too high. I had to give a speech in class. I much rather smoke greens and honestly don't understand why anyone would smoke spice unless they get drug tested. I am on probation for 2 years, I don't blaze every day but sometimes I like to chill. So instead of smoking a blunt, I roll a mini J and relax. As for tripping balls, I don't know what the fuck you smoked but I think it's a sign that your someone that should not do drugs, it's not your fault you can't hang your just born that way I guess.
joey. : 2011-02-26 09:59:53
i wish i could smoke weed but i cant so i smoke red magic. i get it free when ever i want so its hard to quit. i do cough up nasty black shit after every hit. but i quit smoking cigarettes a few months ago. ive had stomach issues with some cannibinoids and constipation. i do find it can dehydrate you also. Headaches, dizziness, loss of balance and other minor issues but the problem with my analysis is that i started spice because i was overly stressed to the point of anxiety attacks. But spice got rid of those. Problem is weed works better and i enjoy it more but i cant because of work. I know this stuff could be bad but without it i can function very well. i become unstable from all the stress in my life.
But ask yourself this. Why is it that we have a new drug being advertised practically every day that has been tested but later find side effects they refused to release to the public? Because the drug companies are doing the same thing spice companies are doing. except that people are enjoying the spice and these are untested. so hows that much different? I find out after taking paxil for rears they are getting sued for just this sort of thing. But we go after and criminalized people and treat them poorly call them stupid for smoking spice, when people are dying from tested prescription drugs every day.?
DJ. : 2011-02-25 11:54:29
You could kill someone off of A blunt of spice. I went schitzo last night off of half a blunt and I never ever want to smoke spice again. They banned the 1st 5 chemicals to prevent teens from smoking it and to prevent the amount of calls to poison control. As of Dec 24th In Az it was banned but the came out with way stronger stuff after the new year. Just like ephedra and andro if you do it in moderation you should be fine. Spice is a whole different animal now and you can take two hits and lose your mind. Hallucinations, loss of vision, voices telling you what to do. . . Doesn't sound like the cool thing to do. I smoked to try and sleep and I tripped so hard that I felt like someone was washing my brain. Nothing made sense. Was zombie like until I chugged milk. Just Awful. Crawling on the floor because of my world spinning. Put whatever you want in your body but I wouldn't recommend spice to anyone. Smoke some chronic. Its legal now :)
Randy. : 2011-02-23 03:04:41
im high on Legal shit right now. its the shit!
leyla. : 2011-02-22 20:25:55
all i have to say is... it affects people in different ways. dont say you dont trip because some people might. i have from bonzai. never from any other kind. but whatever. it was cool
Jay. : 2011-02-19 00:02:33
I agree with Annie for ONE (and only one) reason. This new wave of legal buds that have been going around obviously must have side effects. For a cop to be able to arrest an individual (not where I live; Massachusettes ; decriminalized) for simply enjoying life, smoking a joint, walking down the street is preposterous, yet he can personally watch a 10 year old buy this chemically sprayed "legal bud" and not be able to do anything about it. I would say it seems ridiculous to me but honestly its pointless to continue to complain about a world that is so fucked up. We live in a world where the number one and three killer of Americans is completely fine to buy in stores, yet a substance such as cannabis which has MEDICINAL PURPOSES! is looked down apon. I ask, why must I be in pain,to enjoy the most relaxing substance this Earth produces. There is NO legit reason cannabis should be illegal. People like me just get labeled as lazy,unintelligent potheads because "smart" people are usaully not open minded and when the government says "This substance is bad because it leads to other drugs" THEY LISTEN! I support cannabis use TILL THE DAY I DIE and for some one to label me or go as far as denying me a job because i buy a substance that allows me to relax and enjoy this fucked up world (FOR AN HOUR!) simply, well, fucked up lol...I could complain all day, but i'd rather go smoke a joint and listen to some Pink Floyd - Peace N Pot (Hand N Hand) ;]
al. : 2011-02-17 18:56:27
"u guys r pussys man up i live in my moms basement cause ive been smoking pot since sixth grade IM HARDCORE G WIGITYWIGITY WACK i smoke blunts of this shit"..please do all of us a favor and go castrate yourself for the sake of humanity, pompeous douchebags.
Anonymous. : 2011-02-14 07:49:49
Relax john. I read Annie's post as an attempt at parody/humor, but if it wasn't, you're not going to convince her of anything.
john. : 2011-02-14 01:25:19
The only thing I want to say is, annie, go fuck youself, you are the stupidest person I have ever seen a comment written by. "the majority of these businesses are owned by Muslim Terrorist". are you fucking retarded? I'm pretty sure your the stupidest, most misinformed piece of shit to ever have lived in America. Move out of our country, we dont want retarded pieces of shit like you who base facts out of fairytaleland.
cha. : 2011-02-06 21:56:15
until youve smoked spice you cant say shit. this is the gnarliest shit around so fuck you haters sayin niggas cant handle a high cause spice is literally INSANE
Billy The Cowboy . : 2011-02-04 18:05:15
A toothpick size? Your a pussy first off!!!! Second to worried mothers how many people die in car accidents a year from alcohol compared to spice? GIVE BILLY THE COWBOY A REPORT.
Adam. : 2011-02-03 16:40:31
Will smoking demon spiced incense cause you to fail a drug test?
pervert. : 2011-01-31 19:31:30
this stuff is the bomb whish it will always be legal
the dude. : 2011-01-31 01:50:39
real pot smoker here, tried k2 products waste of money. tried space purple. nice high 2nd hour still feeling good.. things is i wasn't a retard and smoked it all at once. all you need is a little. joints the size of toothpicks literally. just like anything else if you over do it it's gonna get you sick. even cigerettes, smoke 10 in a row and tell me if you feel good... don't think you will..people use some restraint untill you know what something is gonna do to your body. everyones body reacts different so just be aware.
Annie. : 2011-01-28 23:23:05
Please take the time to write to your congressmen/congresswoman, I have. You may go ahead and copy and paste my paragraph below. If we all start demanding action from them then they will listen to us, there is strength in numbers. I sent 10 – 20 emails every Saturday please do the same. Here is the link to reach them: [link]

I would like to ask that you consider the fact that head shops, online stores, and convenience stores is where our youth is getting synthetic drugs...from what I've observed and researched online, the majority of these businesses are owned by Muslim Terrorist who are attacking our next generation, please, consider that and discuss this with your advisors and consider what further actions to take. Please, is there any way that you could make a TV commercial about the dangers of all the synthetic drugs. I see no commercials warning our children about the dangers of synthetic drugs. Yesterday, Yahoo had a link on the front page about our youth snorting, smoking, and injecting bath salts...that was a very sad article. I believe that TV channels need to start being flooded with commercials warnings to our children about these dangers that lurk around the corner convenience store and head shops...these commercials should be going off like the sirens in an Emergency Alert System.

Deagon. : 2011-01-27 12:21:01
You guys are pussies your not supposed to smoke twenty grams at once da. i like the shit : ) but now to much hell yeah
gail. : 2011-01-26 14:35:13
those who are smoking this shit aught to be caught. would you give it to your little kids
ES. : 2011-01-26 00:10:51
I have done a lot of drugs in my day...pot, lsd, ecstasy, cocaine, heroin, and numerous types of benzos, and i have NEVER had a worst experience than i did on spice (space). i experienced racing heart, cold sweats, disorientation, difficulty breathing, and an alice-in-wonderland effect in which everything around me felt ten times taller than they really felt like my surroundings were closing in on me. i also had tactile disturbances in which my body felt numb...i couldn't feel anything. it was the first time in my life i actually thought i might die. say what you will...but i wouldn't touch that stuff again; not even if you paid me to.
jake. : 2011-01-23 01:22:53
im not the biggest smoker, but i thought i knew my limits... i smoked weed for about a year and decided to try spice. I ended up picking up 6g of spice. at first, i took 2 hits and it was a pretty good high. a couple kids and i decided to go hot box the bathroom, and that was a big mistake.. i took about 4 or 5 bowl hits and a bong hit... we chilled in the bathroom for almost an hour and when i tried to leave, i couldnt focus enough to walk straight.. i tried maken it too the couch but blacked out and fell face first into a table... i kinda remember looking up but i could only see this little black face that was tellin me i was going to die. i was pretty freaked out so i crawled into the corner of the room and closed my eyes... the room was a complete blur and i felt like my heart was going to explode.. i remember seeing just a bunch of scary looking black things while i was running down a tunnel...?? one of my friends told me u just gota wait it out and try to focus on stuff. i focused on not dieing because these little things were chasen me... it was the worst trip i have ever taken in my life... i seriously thought that god was punishing me... i stubled over into a dark room trying to go to sleep, and i found out i wen back into the hotboxed bathroom... another big mistake because 30 mins later im back into that tunnel.. never had and still dont have problems with weed, but spice fucked me over
Brant. : 2011-01-21 23:53:43
I think you people have a weak mind or something. Yeah I've had a few panic attacks from the stuff, but I honestly did with weed too. It's a some timing thing. I've had the bad trips but it was nothing like what everyone else is explaining the bad trips. I could feel that it COULD be a bad trip, ex slipping away and dying. but that's only if you let your mind to think that. I smoke the 10G bags of Kush, I usually go through 10 grams in 3 days lol. All I ever did when I started not feeling so well is to get ice cold water and drink it and relax, breath. And smoke a cig and most the times I'd be fine afterwards. But weed is much better, LEGALIZE IT! hooah
jkidd. : 2011-01-21 20:40:34
Ok, u ppl who are call-in us pussies and shit from bad trips don't know half the trip spice will take u on. All u need is a blunt of Bonzai. Im a heavy spice smoker, used smokin it often. First few times 2 hits had me done. But I started on spice, never had smoke anything else. I was smokin Mr. Nice guy the 1st time. Everything was incredibly slow. The 2nd time I had like 6 bowl hits of Black Magic Smoke. I literally heard and saw a lit turn on underneath my door and the hall light turn on and off. Then as I built a tolerance I had to get to the most intense which is Bonzai Citrus. It used to make me feel like a fuckin rhino. Lol. I also once saw Freddy Kruger reach out to kill my friend(bonzai) I thouh it was funny to be honest. I never really knew it could be like a pschedelic high until I smoked a blunt of Bonzai down to a roach. It was a normal morning. I was feeling good about it cuz I was exited to smoke a blunt by myself. So I started by the bus stop about 20 minutes be4 the bus came. I was listening to some music, it completely took me to a whole different world be4 i even finished. But my dumbass wanted to get even higher, so I kept goin and finished it in about 15 minutes. I went back to the bus stop where my high continued to climb(it already climbs fast enough, I had been smokin constantly for 15 minutes), my sight was completely off. Things that were far seemed right at my face. I saw a red figure burned into the street. And it sounded funny as hell. I kept trippin harder and harder for the next few minutes. I was on an empty stomach and my body began to tryvand vomit. i didnt know I was sick, I just thouh I need to come down. I got up, knowing that I wasn't gonna be able to go to school trippin balls and sick, I went back to where I had smoked. For aome odd reason i thought trees were controlling me and were punishing me for smoking. So I cried and asked them to leave me alone. It sounds crazy but its no joke. About 30 minutes later everything looked the same. I was lost in my own house. I would vomit immediately after eating anything. Things were forming shapes and I was sweating bullets. My heart beat was rapid. Like a drummer. It was seen beating throuh my shirt. I passed out about an hour after I had smoked. I woke up 4 hours later at 11 and was still high. It was like I forgot how to walk. Like I restarted. Spice can hurt u. If u wanna trip like that without feeling like shit I suggest acid. I would have loved it if I wouldn't have been feelin like I was dying. Now I smoke weed, like Dro and shit. I love weed more but, its no way near amazon powerful as Bonzai. They also have some new Kush that's better then the original, it made me see through my tv. I played black ops on it once and I felt the scope up to my eye. Overall, spice is insane and must be used cautiously. U never know where its gonna take u. Hell if there's any weed that can get me seein shit the way I was, I definitely need some.
Meowberry. : 2011-01-19 11:29:41
i smoked pot, loved it. tried spice and it was sorta meh.. then i did coke woooweee! then it was x, methemphetamines and acid and duster and paint thinner and ive never been happier in my entire life psyche i get high on air >.<
guest : 2011-01-19 10:46:27
Wow where is everyone getting this amazing spice that make you trip like that I wouldnt mind sitting on satin aslong as I dont sit with satan. I think your all a bunch of lames that cant handle getting high
listen faggots. : 2011-01-17 06:42:04
listen here...i was a regular pot smoker, wake and bake was my life from 7th grade up until i wasnt allowed to smoke it due to my job and drug tests...i decided to try spice and it has damn near the same effects as weed...though the trips people keep talking about normally happens to people that havent smoked anything in a long period of time and burn a whole bowl in one hit...that causes a pretty bad trip...bud ive had my fair share of that so it didnt phase me...the throwing up this is only if you eat way too much...just like weed does you get the munchies, though you wanna still try not to eat too much...i ate 3 pizzas 1 burger and a ham sandwich and threw up because my stomach was full...that is why you would puke....dont be a pussy and just try to have a good everyone else here has said, weed is much better funner and just plain natural, natural is always better than manufactured...and the high will last longer depending on your history of drug use and your resistance to them...light weights will have a nice long lasting high...veterans will need to smoke more and more hits faster than weed and all at once so when trying it for the first time and you take those first couple hits...dont keep going because you dont feel it, just wait a moment and let it hit you...bad trips happen when you get hasty
Rick Beazley. : 2011-01-15 10:51:38
be careful, everyone on here that says they have tripped or had a bad trip have never smoked spice. they are probly propaganda pushers or are like 8 yrs old who smoked their first cigarette and thought they were gonna die. or the dumb social inept who drinks a non alchoholic beer and gets drunk. grow the fuck up and stop pushing your fanatical views on people, DICK.
fuck you newbs. : 2011-01-13 18:24:26
tried red magic cotton candy... AWSOME
sean. : 2011-01-11 18:02:13
spice fucked me up today, i smoked a lot and had me throwing up, heart was racing like a bitch i was scared as hell
tyse . : 2011-01-09 19:19:45
I'm 17, and I have smoked weed since 6 grade. I have previously got in trouble with possession and was forced to stop smoking for the first time in almost 7 years. Tried spice and will never do
it again. If you get in trouble, man up and just wait until you can smoke again. Spice feels nothing like weed. smoke bud!
164. : 2011-01-05 09:36:13
my wife ben smoking redmagic for six months 2 grams a day and has quit one week ago and is going thrugh bad withdraws panic atacts lost sleep dreams and so on .
criptin. : 2011-01-03 17:38:50
Sean. : 2010-12-31 14:51:02
Well I've been smoking spice for about three months now, and I havetried MANY blends. I have smoked White Rhino,Black Mamba, Chronic, K2 kush and k2 blue, and the best I've hacks lights outsmoke. Shit was like a light salvia and it was so cheap, $5 a gram. I gotthe whiterhino for 4g for$15. It was the second best, then chronic, and then k2 blue. Check your local headshop.they probably will still have some instock. My Guy has hundredsof grams of momba andpopeye spice. So I'm set for a while. But honestly weeds better guys, stick to it.and forthose loyal to spice, lookfor ecliptic blend.its still legal everywhere.
:)(:. : 2010-12-29 01:18:00
does anyone know exactly what brands will and/or wont be banned in pennsylvania?

oh&& im like 90 lbs not even and ive been smoking this shit like religiously for about 4 months and ive never had a single problem. i dont get paranoid or shake. i just get FUUUCCCKKKKKEEEDDDD UPPP. personallyy i dont think it should be banned because more ppl die from alcohol poisoning and yet thats still legal.

jwh-018. : 2010-12-27 13:14:18
Get it while you can, it's going to get a nationwide ban pretty quick.


Stick to Green. : 2010-12-19 21:54:09
Spice will get you really high but for a short time. I have also heard that if you smoke it too much you have a chance of internal bleeding. Just stop, your giving the green a bad name, you know how the fucking media is. They will find a way to tie it with the sticky.
JFerg. : 2010-12-18 10:28:31
Look spice is ok for people who want to pass piss tests. Even though nobody knows the long term effects of it. And obviously its not going to show up in your piss because there are no tests available for the jwh-018 chemical. From my experiences different spices, k2, or k3 effects different people in different ways you just have to keep experimenting until you find the one that works for you.. DONT BE EXPECTING TO BE HIGH FOR HOURS. If you find one that is potent and hits pretty hard STICK WITH IT!! The best ive ever had was CRAZY TRAIN hits fairly hard and last around 20-30 min. By the way nothing can take the place of allllll natural lime green sticky BUDS :) enjoyyy
Anthony. : 2010-12-15 11:25:53
I have read alot of these posts and I think it is so interesting, first of all all these people who had a bad trip, I have to say chill the fuck out man, I have done many many drugs from shrooms to including weed and salvia, but I was much younger. I stoped doing all drugs for three years and was introduced to spice a year ago. I have to say if you smoke too much too fast you WILL HAVE A BAD TRIP. just smoke it like you would a jay. I have been smoking spice for a year and I have been piss tested three times this year and was clean every time. I will say weed last much longer than spice but I would rather smoke spice and keep my job rather that weed and risk going to jail. I love spice. I was sad when my city banned it, the city of Bryan, College Station. But I still smoke it. I have heard that the us is going to ban spice later this year and that makes me very angry. These fat mother fuckers in office are too fucking worried about all the small shit, need to get there damn head out of there fucking asses and take care of something that really fucking matter you damn fucking panzies. but any ways. If you have never tried spice before my advise is you only live once go ahead and try it! My recommendation is KUSH!!!
confidential. : 2010-12-15 04:46:08
i can tell you right now that stuff doesnt show up on drug tests i know because i smoked a joint the night before i took one. However in retrospect i really dont think its a good idea to smoke that stuff as previously stated it hasn't been tested in anyway you don't know what it might do. Also i have experienced the effects lasting more than 24 hours in a very mild form.

if you choose to smoke it thats your choice but if plain old weed is available to you i would recommend that by far.

mike. : 2010-12-14 12:35:00
just because its legal doesnt mean you automatically pass a urine test. for instance the serenity concentrated bath up as meth. and you can get it at a gas station. people are concerned with black magic smoke, spice, k2 and the rest showing up as thc even if it isnt actually thc. is stimulates the thc receptors in your brain the same way....will it affect my urine? its a fair question.
hartzog. : 2010-12-13 12:13:47
first time i smoked it i tripped bad. i though satin was in the room with me. i bought the strongest stuff that came in a jar 1.5 gram. but now i smoke regularly and get high sometimes. if your going to smoke incence do it once every 2 to 3 weeks cause it will get you alot higher. the best in my town is No More Mr. Nice Guy Triple XXX strenght incence. i noticed it will give you headaches chestpain and a bunch of other crap. i believe weed is a hell of alot better than spice.
guest : 2010-12-12 20:21:38
well even while the stuff is legal as a civilian it isnt legal for those of us who are in the military.
Brice. : 2010-12-11 15:48:40
ive been fucked up on this shit every day for the last week. pulse and spice to go are all ive tried, but i have been smoking weed for about 4-5 years now. the high is almost the same, it just doesnt last as long and personally ive had a hell of alot stronger weed. spice does not make you trip it just gets you a we bit high. all of you lightweight noobs need to have and experienced smoker with you when you do it and just calm the fuck down
JW. : 2010-12-11 00:40:45
BTW, the only bad reaction I've had was with K2......I don't know if I smoked too much or the chemical was not distributed evenly on the leaves, but it went to an LSD- like stage quickly. I didn't panic too much, I went to sleep. Felt better later. My advice : Do a little, then do a little more and you should be okay.
Jay. : 2010-12-11 00:34:04
I've tried diff types of spice, Spike, K2, Hush. I get less intoxicated on spice than I do on liquor. But liquor remains legal and now spice chemicals are becoming illegal

I liked the fact that it was legal to buy and if this stuff kept someone from buying crack or meth, or drugs from the Mexican cartel, then I think it should stay legal .

guest . : 2010-12-09 16:26:19
So not going to lie tried it.. It was amazing!!! lol Had sex on it... EVEN more amazing.. Got head on it and it was FREaking amazing.. like qaud O face in one. But besides that. I have no clue physically what this can do.. I have read swelling of the brain, ulcers, panic attacks, very fast heart beat. But if you think about it beer, cig some perscribe drugs do the same stuff.. im not dead yet.. life is to short not to have fun with it. so might as well.. I don't even know what im saying right now.
eatme. : 2010-12-07 23:56:47
holy shit james shut the fuck up. MAN UP AND STOP BEING A PUSSY.... its bugouts like YOU that are keeping the government from legalizing bud. Grow some balls and get past your first beer....smoking does none of that. youre dumb.
Tara. : 2010-12-07 13:44:45
Sounds like a dangerous high to me forget about it.
James radcliff. : 2010-12-06 13:19:51
I smoked this stuff called "BANG" remember this name. Find some. try it. it is like the most amazing feeling ever. Its illegal in my state now its better then weed, taste better. After you smoke only 1 bowl it takes you to this place called "WIP WAP WORLD" The worst place on earth. in wip wap world bad shit happens.. it made me loose my mind, I thought about suicide, i thought my head fell off and my dog tryed eatting me (He was only licking me but it felt like he was eating me.) demons chained me to the wall and tormented me buy ripping my arms out of socket. and the best part was when I died, after you die you have the choice to "rebirth" and all the wipwapians come and have sex with you then you turn into a spaceship and leave earth.
Stonerrr.. : 2010-12-05 19:30:43
People Are Trippin I Smoke Spice When I Don't Have Any Regular Weed To Smoke & I Dont Trip Out I Just Get A Normal High.
Guest. : 2010-12-05 11:03:12
I was trippin madly. I recommend not smoking this stuff.
guest : 2010-12-04 17:46:19
Don't smoke this shit! Seriously, 1/8th of a bowl horrible paranoia, resting heart rate over 130 and a lil bit of chest pain. Nothing enjoyable about this at all.
Cristo. : 2010-12-03 15:12:02
Iv been smoking spice for about 6 months now smoked weed for bout 8 yrs switched to find a new job. It's a lot harsher than cannabis and the taste isn't all that great but u can get it in many flavors (personal fav is strawberry) my highs have never lasted longer than about 30 min and yes r similar to cannabis lil more intense at times but only takes a couple hits and ur good... From my experience its just as good, you can pass a piss test and its cheaper for 1.5 grams its $17 vs $60 for 3.5 grams and lasts me just as long... Tru its not natural which concerns me a lil but make weed legal and ppl wouldnt have to self medicate w chemicals not ment to b smoked. What I want to know is, ten yrs down the road wat kinds of studies r gonna show that we all died of black lung or something from these chemicals?
Cassie. : 2010-12-03 08:45:42
Wow, you guys are crazy! I have been smoking all types of "incense" for the past 8 months now and never once tripped... my favorite is the Syn Ripped. Very Strong. Makes me feel relaxed, but yet energized. It goes for about $40 to $50 for 3 grams and its well worth it. I take maybe 5 hits off a bowl and Im on my level for about an hour maybe more, 3 grams willl last me about 5 days. I would LOVE to smoke real weed but thats not possible when you have to take a piss test twice a month for a probation officer. For people that injoy the high but cant take the risk, I think incesne is WONDERFUL :)
guest : 2010-12-02 22:26:59
ultra cloud 10 my friend just had a super bad freak out dont smoke... please
KING.TUT.. : 2010-12-01 13:21:50
Hilly. : 2010-12-01 02:46:33
exactly what happened to me, except i haven't had another panic attack and hopefully dont have one again but i thought I was gonna legit die. me n my buddy went out n hit that shit on my first day at work for a smoke break I work at a restuarant as a server asst and bro i was freaking out i thought i was gonna die walking back into the restuarant i had no idea what i was gettin into my heart was pounding a million mph i just took deep breathes and told myself im panic-ing and that i need to relax. the high is nice when u stop panicking but ill never do that again
guest : 2010-11-29 21:55:32
I've no argument against the physical safety profile of regular bud, as it has been used safely for millenia, but I think you're bonkers if you smoke this synthetic stuff. Its not dangerous because its synthetic, but because its synthetic it is novel. New. Untried, untested. They aren't even real cannabinoids, they just mimic them. You don't know if it can kill you, and you don't know the long term side effects.

Don't smoke weed either. But if your gonna smoke, crikey, don't poison yourself with this horseshit.

Rick. : 2010-11-28 20:45:04
Wow so many people smoking this when they have no clue whats even in it. SMOKE WEED not this synthetic stuff that people have actually died from (probably because of the poison they put in it to actually get you high and addicted) and so what if it doesn't show up on drug tests. Rat poison doesn't either. What are these "synthetic chemicals" anyway? I've actually smoked both weed and spice and I have to say weed is so much nicer and more calm than this spice stuff. Spice has so many ingredients you don't even know what your smoking. Weed is 100 % natural. Smoke the real thing not this deadly stuff that screws with your head.
Nick. : 2010-11-28 17:03:16
I smoke spice for my first time 2 nights ago which was friday night... I was tripping out all night and all i wanted to do was go to bed. I woke up the next day still high as a kite and at about mid day it started to wear off. all of a sudden i started to feel high again it was really weird. went away had a little thanksgiving get together on saturday cause i couldnt do it on thursday. people around me started to smoke again and after the night before I didnt want anything to do with it so i didnt smoke. just sitting there and watching how they were acting got me high all over again i started to trip insane again, feeling dizzy and really nauseous. today is sunday and it is the second day after my experience i am done tripping but i am still getting very dizzy and feel like my life is moving by really fast. should i be concerned or is this going to go away in a couple more days?
marsh18091. : 2010-11-24 18:37:57
Smoking spice right now!!!! Judgement day is harsh. Very potent. Vibe is good. Serenity Now is decent. Lots of good ones out there. Gonna be illegal soon though. At least in my state anyways.
GJ. : 2010-11-24 02:03:21
i have been smoking spice for about a month now. It was always fun and made me happy and if i smoked a little more than normal then i would start having very mild conversations with myself, but nothing too trippy... until I smoked too much. It may be that i have a low tolerance or w/e but i smoke a packed bowl through a 5' bong and a full joint through a bong within 20 minutes. Immediately after the joint I felt different, and as soon as i told my friends that "i dont like the way i feel" then i started to panic. I felt like my heart was getting hit and every time it did i would slip into this 'dream-like' life where i was dying. and then i was snap back but to normal but only for a few seconds and then it would hit me again and i would start the panic all over. This was very scary and I couldn't do anything to control myself. I thought that this was it, that i was dying. I wasn't able to get up and walk. I felt like i was peeing myself, even though i wasn't. and i was twitching. This lasted for a couple hours and then i ate about 10 pieces of bread (With ketchup, idk i had the munchies) and water and passed out. I woke up a couple hours later and felt high still... but a normal (spice) high. So i went to bed for the night. When i woke up, i felt normal but when i thought about what had happened then i would start the "spice attack" panic/anxiety attack all over gain, but a little less mild. On the third day i still got the episodes, but not as often as the second day and not as severe. the fourth day will be tomorrow, hopefully it'll go better.
Mandrew. : 2010-11-21 09:25:35
Hmm I used to smoke bud but figured it wasn't the sharpest of ideas looking for a job. The first time I smoked Spike Max I was convinced to go on an "adventure" with my brother and his friend on the Indian reservation at 1am in his truck on illegal back roads in the desert. I didn't know what it was so I hit it like bud, 3 bowls and about 8 hits. 20 minutes later I was hanging out the sun roof tripping Indian skin walkers and spirits running around the truck with cacti growing in around the car. I decided to 'retreat' and hide by turning myself into a box tied with a bow. The only way the Indians could get me is by opening the bow.. Spice rocks my world. Although I smoke Diamond now instead of max. Keeping the spirits away for the most part..
Moncrieff. : 2010-11-16 19:40:26
Just started buying black magic at the gass station I work next to $20 for 3 grams. Gets me High as heaven haha
Lost-it. : 2010-11-16 13:04:10
Ok, I am not one to bash anyone for wanting to get high, I drink to get my high, but last week me and another girl decided to smoke the spice that comes in a blue packet, not sure of the name but it has an eyeball with wings on it...anyways, I don't smoke anything but cigarettes, never experianced anything like this in my life. I smoked pot a few years back pretty regularly, but this blew my mind. Literally.
My friend took a hit, and passed it to me, and I took one, then she took her second and I took my second. We laughed until we both fell on the floor, and for just a moment I felt like I was coming off my high, then I started laughing again, and well very quickly pissed myself...I know crazy, well it went from funny to scary in about 2 minutes. I felt, let me capitalize FELT, because apparentlyit was just a horrible trip, but to me I felt as if my throat was closing in and I was gasping for air, I was begging my friends there that didnt smoke it to call 911 because I was going to die. thats when I began halucinating (sp?) bad! I brought my friend down from her high real fast though with my freakin out. I was having two conversations the one that was supposed to be in my head, but I was saying outloud, and the one I was having with my friends. It was all really insane. I swear I saw God and the devil, and they were both pulling me. Unfortunatly, the devil was my sister and God was my good guy friend, and my sister said that I looked at her and called her the devil and my pupils got huge and turned black. THey were scared for me, but not as scared as I was. DOn't know if anyone has ever felt like they were going to die before, but that feeling will never go away for me, its been almost a week and I still freak out about it. You feel like you have no control and you are slipping away. I will tell you from my bad trip, this is what kept me from freaking out more than I did. My sister sat in front of me holding a bad of frozen peas on my heart and neck, she held my hand and talked to me constantly to keep me in conversation, from passing out or in my thought it was to keep me from dying, I had all my other friends keep talking to me normally, as they would if I were not in that situation, dont talk to someone who thinks they are dying in a way you wouldnt normally talk to them, freaks them out even more, have someone who can check your heart rate regularly because mine was quite rapid but my guy friend knew when was enough, and then when you can get up and walk around with help, anything to get you feeling like you are still on earth, but wait awhile to smoke that cigarette you will want really bad, that sent me back into my trip, and drink water coke whatever, they gave me coke and popcorn and that worked pretty good. Im not saying this will happen to everyone because it didnt happen to my friend, but this is just my experiance and I want to be able to help you if I can, if you try it, just have people with you that can take care of you, and keep you as calm as possible. I will never do it again because it pretty much scared the shit out of me, and I dont want to go back there ever again. Be careful but have fun
SLEEZYTEEZY. : 2010-11-11 21:06:57
Steve. : 2010-11-10 23:45:17
I have a friend thats in drug court and he smokes like 2-4 grams a day and he drops clean 3-4 times a week and he's a couple months till he finishes drug court so I think everybody is full of shit!!! The only way you drop positive for thc is if you use thc SO DON'T SMOKE WEED AND UD BE OK!!! F****** IDIOTS!!
THEHOSS. : 2010-11-04 10:58:38
Monkey FUNKY!
matt davies. : 2010-11-04 10:19:42
I tried blueberry spice by the [spice company] 1 hit waited took another hit. Im 155 lbs that was the right dose for me, any more and it gets scary, you think your haveing a heart attack, and you get to shakeing, but 1-2 hits and you will enjoy a 2-3 hour high similar to weed, the herbs in spice are safe and slightly euphoric by themself however a synthetic canibinoid, is added,, to produce the high, light use seperated by 10 minutes is way more fun than doing a lot trying to get high fast. the hospital trips are people that take big hits and bogart as much as they think they can smoke! Dont do it and you wont have anything scary happen 1 hit wait do 1 more, wildfire and spice make great incense, dont mix them because the herbs and flower base in 1 packet may clash with the herbs in other brands and you will feel sick and waste $20 their are no toxic plants or rat poison, in the incense made by these reputable incense makers, avoid citrus its nasty, vanilla, blueberry,cherry, are great,and you will enjoy it.... have fun but use sense!
O.Z. KillaH. : 2010-11-03 12:04:50
I live in a group home and i can tell you, recently i got drug tested while i was bombed off spice and i came up clean
zac. : 2010-11-01 20:22:41
all yall wondering about the drug test... i am one hundred percent positive you can fail it because of spice. I got a pre-employment drug screen and failed for thc. I havent smoked in eight weeks and i only weigh 145 pounds, im a little guy so i get clean fast. so explain that. I was smoking spice hash it looks like hash. so if your worried about a drug test definitely saty away from spice hash.
Kazuma. : 2010-10-30 19:10:55
I'm a recreational bud smoker. But as of lately I'm really tired of my job and need one somewhere else that pays better. Well a lot of them do drug tests so I can't smoke bud, but I can smoke black magic just fine. It's honestly better than some bud.
Spiced Out. : 2010-10-29 13:35:13
It's funny to watch ppl post a comment to advertise a product haha. But when it comes down to it, this spice just doesn't compare to my premium LSD. Directly manufactured through a reliable team of chemists, through a trusted lab in my basement. Located surplus on street corners, and hippie fests nation wide!

Nah but I like some of the spice brands, spike max seamed to be most potent I've tried. Just watch out because there are a lot of fake k2 brands. also I tried/liked xen herbal blend. WEED IS LEGAL(in a frame of mind). as soon as people see and understand this, then the government will realize it. The people hold the power, and a plant that grows wild cannot be illegal!

Noel. : 2010-10-27 13:56:43
I don't know about you guys but I've tried just about every spice/ herbal incense out on the market. All have let me down except one. BLUE MAGIC!!! This stuff is for real, the exact feeling as the real thing and then some. Smoke this legally, no prob. Smoking for over 14 years and I think I just found the legal replacement. I smoke high grade. And this stuff is right up there when comparing the two. If you can get your hands on this BLUE MAGIC then put a comment and let me know what ya'll think.
wahekanita. : 2010-10-26 12:00:27
i smoked the mango last night in a was strange.i havent laughed that hard since i could remember.I didnt like the spaced out feeling,but when it wore off i felt with energy.Considering that weed leaves you down in the slumps when it wears off.

Weed should be legal,and will be one day(if we ever decide to realize we all have the power in us to stand up and aquire true freedom and peace)why does life have to be so technical?

shadowtail. : 2010-10-23 22:52:49
I been smoking Fear and Loathing, Judgement Day and King Krypto Extreme and I am Impressed.
Kee. : 2010-10-23 10:58:34
This stuff is unreal! AND legal (but won't be much longer). WOW! I had Sonic Blueberry Spice btw. Good stuff.
brad. : 2010-10-21 06:52:16
Spice is pretty good but if you smoke too much of it you get this headbanging, worldspining feeling,and your body twitches. Body gets cold. I didn`t know where the fuck i was lol. thought i was gunna die
Big OD from missouri. : 2010-10-20 21:44:18
will i been smoking spike for a month and it not bad but there downer on the shit. I get headache sometime and the prices is crazy high plus some of the brands suckass. Me i like cloud 10 is the best i smoke 30 different brands and it the best keep up the work lol
Matt. : 2010-10-11 14:53:02
My friends were shocked when I told them they weren't even buying legit k2. There are actually only 4 original k2 blends: K2 Summit, K2 Blonde, K2 Ultra, and K2 Sex. The rest i.e. Rasta, Blue, Strawberry, Peach, amongst a ton of others, are counterfeit. I found a long list here: [link] It's knowledge worth passing on if you know anyone who uses this stuff....
Jay. : 2010-10-11 13:15:20
I noticed a lot of people are talking about getting sick after smoking spice. I am a spice distributor and can tell you a lot of knock off brands made by "the guy down the street" are very bad for you. To make a batch of spice you need to know what you are doing. Many of the leaves people use in their mix are not even smokable I have seen some that are even considered poisons! In addition the JWH and HU chemical family are just that chemicals. Mixing them improperly can be very dangerous. All of the products we carry are made by a licensed chemist who knows how to mix blends that are not only potent, but will not get you sick. Also as a side note he used to work for the FDA and assures me his blends are not any more harmful than regular marijuana. He is currently putting together a toxicity report that will compare our spice blends to marijuana and we will publish it on our website if anyone is interested in reading it.
professor pigswine. : 2010-10-10 22:04:48
this stuff rocks...
MR, ROCK BOTTOM. : 2010-10-07 22:19:04
MR, ROCK BOTTOM. : 2010-10-07 22:15:36
army. : 2010-10-06 16:27:55
i smoked it the otherday didnt really do shit for me it was kinda gay and madd expensive for no reason and had a weird taste not like weed not really worried about piss test or anything i drink allot of water plus work out allot .. but why are you guys worrying about piss tests when its LEGAL jus wondering im not a genious or anyhthing but ya ... the high on it was weird and it didnt last that long i think it was called pinnapple x spice so im not sure if theres better stuff then that but didnt like that one
Benjamin. : 2010-10-03 19:48:09
look people, let me aleiviate some of your concerns. JWH-018 and other chemically similar variations are the only psychoactive chemicals in herbal incenses. The chemical structure of JWH-018 differs greatly from THC, I know this because i can draw both of them right now. Because of this, and only this, you cannot recieve "a positive drug test result for THC". but readers please take note that I am not familiar with the testing processes in the states in which JWH-018 and other variations have be Scheduled. Also take note that further synthesis of JWH-018-like substances is taking place, so i recomend that you use widely known herbal incenses(K2,Serenity Now,etc) and stick with those brands only. And do watch out for imitations when purchasing (manufacturers have picutes of their products for reference). Hope all this helps, let me go spark up a bowl and kiss the sky :))
John. : 2010-10-03 19:32:51
Yo this shit is legit smoke and buy as much as you can people till they make it illegal which will take awhile to do yet federally but they are already doing it by the state. SO TOKE UP WHILE U CAN BE CAREFUL THOUGH NOT TOO MUCH!!
kowtymae. : 2010-10-01 03:15:14
One more signature and a temporary bill will be passed in Idaho making 'spice' illegal. I've never tried it, but I've heard and read about some pretty scary things happening when it is used. Seizures, coughing up black phlem, and fear of failing P&P UA's. It seems like the con's are outweighing the pro's as the popularity and use of these spices increase. Who knows what long term effects the use of this stuff will have on a body or when it will eventually be detectable in your system, is it really worth the momentary pleasure or the risk of violating your parole and going back to jail?
Bob. : 2010-10-01 01:45:23
Why does it matter if it shows up in drug test, it's LEAGAL I buy my shit at the local gas station. Again it's leagal so it's the same as if you smoked a cig or cigar
Tom. : 2010-09-30 23:17:23
I buy my herbal incense online.

SPACE LOVER. : 2010-09-30 01:20:54
I just wanted to take a moment to agree with Eric who was refrencing "Space Purple".

In my opinion as well as MANY OTHERS I know of Space Original Oribit Incense is THE BEST BY FAR!

Do NOT WASTE your time or money on any other of that crap. SERIOUSLY! I have spent thousands on Space and it acts as ALMOST THE REAL THING. IF NOT BETTER. I could smoke the real stuff but chose not to due to the WONDERFUL UPLIFTING FEELING I get from Space.

JUST thought I'd tell everyone Its worth the money, don't waste it buying that other crap.

Jen_420. : 2010-09-29 20:31:11
I just smoked some with a friend because he is on probation. We smoked 2 Grams. the first hour he was okay. then out of no where he fell back on the ground and went into a seizure. I think I might not try legal herb again. Not trying to scare anybody and be against it. I loved it until an hour ago. lol
DC CLIENT. : 2010-09-28 16:15:48
LIsten i know this is discussion has died down i smoked k2 and k3 on friday took a 10 panel drug test on tuesday passed flying colors fuck all you haters out there trying to scare people geta life im done.
thetruth. : 2010-09-26 14:00:37
From what I gather. There is a test for it, and the military can use that, but they don't unless they suspect you of using spice. So for all you mil ppl, if you are using it, I recommend stopping now
a dude on spice. : 2010-09-26 13:45:40
ive been smoking spice for almost a month everyday. ive heard it can be bad for u. these people who went to the hostpital probly had an allergic reaction i have noticed it does cause a slight headache for newbies trying this product. i also have developed a smokers cough i do smoke cigs on and off that most likely caused it. i have heard to be careful with this and DO NOT CHAIN SMOKE THIS SPICE I HAVE HEARD U CAN O.D. ON IT!!!!!! HAVE FUN.
Mr info. : 2010-09-25 00:15:25
I figured all y'all would like to see this, sad but true there is a test for spice now!


guest : 2010-09-24 23:57:25

Here is the evidence that it is legalize and in the processes of legalizing Marijuana in other states :)

Vanessa. : 2010-09-24 23:54:24
Yo smokin spice is worser than weed!!! Spice has a synthetic cannabinoids, imitation of weed with major enhancments. Also it IS ADDICTING, and you can have the same WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS AS NARCOTICS!! A three gram package of Spice has the same health effects on the lungs as a packet of cigarettes!!!. which explains that some of you have or will be coughing up dark mucus. My man smoked spice yesterday, had a panick attack, started throwing up convulsively, and went to the ER. He couldn't even talk to me, or walk straight. Same thing happened to the friend a night before, which he fail to mention to my man!!! YOu guys are idiots for smokin spice due to the fact that you have no clue what goes into it, nor the longer term effects!! Well when a bad trip lands you in the hospital you think of that person is dumb, but fail to realize that spice in general is not a better alternative, ciggerates are bad and still could not compare to spice's negative side effects. And by the way dumb-asses THEY LEGALIZES MARIJUANA IN CALI ALREADY AND SOME 4 OR 5 OTHER STATES!!!!!! you guys need to get on you A-game!!!!
g0dlike_incense. : 2010-09-24 07:18:47
Make your own herbal incense blend, such as K2, spice, black mamba, black magic smoke, serentiy, king krypto, etc.! This recipe is for a STRONG batch. Use your head when making this stuff!
2 files
Ingredients: [link]
Instructions: [link]
Enjoy :)
Big Will. : 2010-09-20 10:44:45
Smoke................Relax................take in this great feeling, you have death coming to you 100% in your life anyway so PUFF PUFF PASS dat shit. How ever you take in the real shit..........Dis be the same way Bruh and my ca padre's love it.
Dessy. : 2010-09-19 01:30:38
well honestly im not shure what to think on this subject i kno ive been to the hospital and from what ive been told spice could be the reason why i had to ge there in the first place my main conceren right now is that one of my best friends is in somethin call S.W.A.T(students ... against tobaco) nd she is also in teen court yes i am a teen but i also am a teen who belives that if what teen courts research says is true i dont wanna die by 17 im estamating two years right now for not knowing but what are all the health issues for smoking spice because according to teen court it effects "kids" differently nd it can cause cancer nd its worse for a younger persons lungs right now know my chest nd sturnem is in pain nd i have to go to the doctor for the next few weeks nd its not like im doing a bunch of other things that are "drugs" spice is all i do thats why im questioning spice /: i hate this feeling of not knowin whats going on with my body so if anyone has an information could you please send it to me i kno this probably its the most reliable but please dont send me spam or anything else but like i said please send the information to
crooked. : 2010-09-18 12:38:50
I love spice. Im on drug court for two years now and blaze spice daily. its safe and fun. i like to drive and smoke. i also do whip its, take lsd, shrooms, ultrams, and ketamine which shows up on no drug tests. i love life.
knucks. : 2010-09-17 21:48:34
i have been smoking spice on and off for almost 2 years now. i have never tested positive for thc when i knew what i was smoking out of. i was in nevada drug court and was taking oral fluid tests and passing everytime until i smoked out of a friends pipe that bud was smoked out of. spice is a great alternative to weed. needless to say i got booted from drug court (for other substances) and went to prison. now i am on parole and have been smoking regularly. parole says they are going to start testing for spice but can they actually violate you if its not a criminal act or not stated in your parole agreement?? if anyone knows the legalities i would appreciate the info.
undecided. : 2010-09-15 21:19:20
I prefer weed but the spice does the trick. green buddah is pretty good. dont know if i trust it though. pot is natural
riverbrat. : 2010-09-13 21:40:54
After reading many of these posts, I am seeing evidence of the downside of the synthetic cannibiniods: we don't know what is going into these products. Personally, I LOVE these products. But consumer ignorance and lack of regulation make them more potentially harmful than they need to be.
I truly believe that the crackdown on products used to make methamphetimine is only causing the finished product to be more and more dangerous as people search for alternatives. I am afraid the same thing might happen with herbal incenses; only with the legality comes the perception of safety. One only needs to look at nicotine, alcohol, trans-fat, and pesticides and prescription drugs to know that that isn't true.
The nice thing about marijuana is that the effects, side effects, and long term effects have been tested by users for THOUSANDS of years--at the users expense! If our lawmakers would WAKE UP to the fact that people wish a legal high other than alcohol we could lift the prohibition on marijuana. THEN we could explore the possibilities presented by synthetics and other plants.
riverbrat. : 2010-09-13 21:10:24
It is common in this area (missouri) to see a probation requirement that prohibits the use of alcohol (and other activities) to those for whom it would otherwise be legal. If your [court] doesn't issue written terms of probation, ask for one. If using JWH or whatever is not illegal in your area and not listed as a "thou shat not" in your prob. terms, you probably have a legal leg to stand on.
I have also heard of a guy that got booted from the Air Force for using it--I have no idea of the circumstances or if it is even true.
DK. : 2010-09-13 19:09:15
im going to smash all the beef about spice yes it has been known to kill. For what reson im not sure, could be an alergic reaction from one of the many flowers they put in there if you go out and buy xxx triple dimond spice it gives all the ingretiants witch i did research on they are all flowers and cactis. im on probation and i dont do drugs "if thats what you want to call it" that i dont fully know. iv been smokeing it for nearly 9 mounths now and have had no side affects except a caugh witch could be caused by smoking cigs. there is no rat poisen, rat poisen would cause you to dehidrate and die of thirst and other health isuse but i can tell you the way that they suspend the plants in water over a period of time to release the chemicals needed to get you high have been changed and people have been using paint thiner to speed the process to make a larger profit witch in time will kill the smoker i paint cars and isosianates are killers. i think smoke and let smoke dont judge others becuase you think one way.
Tom. : 2010-09-11 12:49:11
It doest not show up on drug test.I buy Demon incense from for $29.99.
curious mom. : 2010-09-10 22:40:48
how can any of you get "busted" for anything unless u live in a state they made this's still legal here in PA so i don't see how a cop or a job or a po could "bust" u for anything. and testing for this jwh shit isn't legal either unless like i said u live in a state that it was made illegal...little scary to not exactly know the side effects of this stuff...all i can say is use it recreationally n not all day's too damn expensive anyway
blue. : 2010-09-10 04:39:14
yea i smoke spice on a day to day basis i have tested many times positive for THC so who ever says u cannot test positive for THC is full of it because i am on probation n i do smoke n have tested positive before but i found out that if u smoke like a day before u go in or what not n stay active u should be just fine for a drug test....
Ryan. : 2010-09-09 19:50:39
Ya the spice craze is crazy. I bought " Mr. Nice Guy " off of ebay after hearing it reviewed by MrHerbatstic on youtube. It was supposed to be the strongest on the market, it DEFINITELY IS and it blew my mind. Literally THE BEST on the market hands down. Search on ebay for " buy from Jimmy " I got it for $12 bucks with a 'best offer' button even though its listed at $14 or $15 something.
PEACE. : 2010-09-09 01:35:56
Lol look at the frequency of comment posts... This shit is at its peak. Soon it will be banned everywhere. THC thousands of years of testing...JWH/spice/whatever you wanna call it... designed in a lab, 1995. I know people who have been smoking cigarettes longer than that and don't have cancer, does that mean cigarettes are safe. Weed is one of the only things left that god gave man and man hasn't fucked up to bad yet.
guest : 2010-09-08 06:25:25
I have been in the army for two years now. I have smoked this stuff off and on for those two years. Its cool, I like it. I work out more, I walk my dog longer. And I have more friends. My wife doesnt like it, but what the hell does she know? she wont try it. I have never tested positive. I get UAs all the freaking time. I enjoy an Electronics job. I am very good at this job, and will be promoted before I know it. I was a fully funtctioning pothead pre-army. and now i can finally focus on my priorities in life. maybe they should test this stuff on ADHD.
danny. : 2010-09-08 05:05:17
I don't take any meds aand going to test again in 3 days to verify.the only issue with test was it had a very light line.first line was dark to confirm test and second line barely visible.this was a 5 panel test.
anonymous. : 2010-09-08 02:35:02
am on probation and take a ua bimonthly, i smoke spice pretty much daily and have NEVER failed a drug test. if you are positive for thc then you smoked or are experiencing a false positive. some over the counter drugs can give a false positive for thc. also if you are on any prescription meds you should consult a doctor to see if they are possible for creating a false positive.
danny. : 2010-09-07 17:50:49
Just took a home test and failed for thc.I smoke out of paper only.been on probation for 1 yr and have a test in u7 days.I don't use pipes and all spice is storebought so how did this happen?how long before I'm clean?
ramblinrose56 : 2010-09-05 18:20:00
look .. rat poison is used to control the rat population where tabacco is stored .. it is known to be laced in with regular smoking tobacco from the major tabacco industry .. so i dont think it kills one instantly .. but .. it probly doesnt prolong ones life either ..
that guy. : 2010-09-03 15:57:50
whoever believes there is rat poison in this shit is a bunch of idoits.....rat poison would kill you end of story and it wouldnt be sold in stores if that where the case and just because you had a bad trip doesn't mean it should be illegal just because YOU didn't like it...heres a word of advice if you don't like it don't buy it and its all good.
jo bob. : 2010-09-02 15:18:51
low and behold there are tests for JHW-018 ans JWH-078. avalible currently, so dont get to comfortable.
boogy. : 2010-09-02 02:15:52
smarter than most.....shut up ur a dumbass
Anonymous. : 2010-09-01 15:38:59
"My daughter is a D1 athlete and... was suspended for one week for testing positive for thc from smoking spice."

And you believed her?

Seems very strange, considering there is no THC in the material.

lisa. : 2010-09-01 12:11:29
My daughter is a D1 athlete and is tested at preseason and randomly throughout the year. She was suspended for one week for testing positive for thc from smoking spice.
Bry. : 2010-08-31 22:53:19
I just started to smoke this stuff call cloud 10 ultra and it's very strong. The good thing is I'm using it to stop using weed, trying to clean up my act. I've noticed that I smoke less now of this herbal blend then when I had pot. I suggest people to get a nice pipe made from wood or meerschaum block, make sure it you can put filters in it b/c you don't want to have all these "tars" go to your lungs, clean your like once a day properly with cleaners and all that jive. Some people smoke a lot and end up getting sick from it, so take everything in moderation and don't pack a huge bowl. It normally only takes 1 to 2 hits and about 5-10 mins before I started feeling this blend. Good luck and enjoy smoking.
XxXxX. : 2010-08-31 16:11:55
Its totally legal an it wont show on a drug test cause its not real weed its actually incense an alot of chemicals an bad stuff like rat poison an cat nip an things like that....
chelsey . : 2010-08-31 13:52:44
ok my bf friends an i all been smoking this stuff for about a month now. this stuff is really starting to scare this stuff all of us had an experiece that we felt like we were dying it wasnt fun at all yesterday my bf had about 3 hits an i thought i was gunna have to drive him to hospital it was getting that bad. i had the same expieriece the first time i tried it. i think this stuff should be band an shouldnt be legal.. alot of people had told me they put ratpoisin in it an i know there is catlitter in it. we just bought a new bottle yesterday an were just gunna through it away or something that stuff is starting to really scare us an make us think twice. everyone in our group has done the same thing. i think you should too!
c. : 2010-08-30 22:33:11
everyone in the military is smoking it. It cant show up on a drug test yet i know cause my husband is smooking it too.. But it is addicting so i wldnt start since they r trying to make it illegal.
soon to be air man. : 2010-08-30 03:20:38
ok ive been kleean fer appx. 1 month of weed, i wanna smoke spice but not shur if it will come up on a drug test fo tha military. sould i risk it?? kina iffy bout it
critic. : 2010-08-30 00:57:06
Reading all the posts should scare the hell out of all of you using spice. It is easy to pick out the educated ones and see where they are headed. If America is to depend on you, you will arrive at the cemetery sooner than most.
bigjoey777. : 2010-08-29 20:36:32
yo in utha there is a test i heard it only stays in ur system for 3 to 5 hours. also it is 5 doalers a gram. they are trying really hard to make it illegal. and now at some stores u can use ur foodstamp0s to buy it lol. i have had alot of bad effects from smoking too much. gl to all
spicy. : 2010-08-27 21:41:09
I have been smoking this every day for the last 3 weeks and took a test today and I passed :)
Coinspinner. : 2010-08-26 13:26:24
Geezus Cripes I did some of this last night and soared to 500,000 feet in the air. Not a good experience, WAY TOO STRONG. I've smoked weed every day for 25 years so maybe I used to much (smoked a doob where 1/3 was "Demon", 2/3 fan-leaf shake).

Oh my good Lord, I had a panic attack the size of Texas.

I'm done with all drugs for the rest of the year, including my beloved Cannabis plant lol.

drugtestfree. : 2010-08-25 15:25:29
dont worry, it wont show up on ANY drug test
THE TRUTH. : 2010-08-25 03:50:15
karen in az. : 2010-08-23 20:47:57
So i smoked black mamba in a dirty pipe about 2 grams will i test positive for thc? Im fuckin panicing im on drug court n next sanction is jail can n e body pls calm my nerves :'( i smoked wed n thurs n friday i got called to test?;;
Anonymous. : 2010-08-19 08:49:11
I admit I don't know much about probation (I've never been in trouble with the law), but it seems strange that something like JWH-018 would be a violation of probation, unless one happened to live in one of those rare places where it is illegal. How can probation prohibit a legal activity? (Selling JWH-018 may be legally questionable, but taking it is clearly legal in most places.)

Can probation dictate states of consciousness?

derek. : 2010-08-19 05:31:44
I am on probation, ive been on probation for a year now, 2 months ago as of august 19 2010 the drug court/ probation offices have a test for the chemical jwh. i have failed alot of uas for this shit but ive also passed. i have caim to conclusion this shit clears ur system in about three days unless your a real fatt ass
k3vin. : 2010-08-17 20:13:24
ive been smokin this shit for like a couple months. i dont smoke it everyday but i smoke a lot of it. i was really sick last week was hockin up greyish lugies and idk if i was just sick or wat. ive just been tryin to find out any long term affects of spice or just anything bad or whatever. this shit does get me really high though but i wanna kno if its bad and shit. sum1 let me know if you find any good info about it. STAY HIGH
eddie. : 2010-08-15 19:06:19
Been smoking spice for about a year. I developed a bad cough. In the morning i've been coughing up this black stuff. Not kool. Thats never happened with bud. Also, just recently my pipe started leaking out black liquid. But it gets me high so i keep smokin.
not a po-po. : 2010-08-15 14:38:33
just discovered this new spice deal...i love it but i want to know if it shows up on a hair test ...well does it????? cause im ready to fire it up again...head-hunter-pineapple rulez..u should try it..
not a po-po. : 2010-08-15 14:37:22
just discovered this new spice deal...i love it but i want to know if it shows up on a hair test ...well does it????? cause im ready to fire it up again...head-hunter-pineapple rulez..u should try it..
WARNING. : 2010-08-15 13:09:20
big greedy mayne. : 2010-08-12 20:52:16
spice, spike, k2, whatever just don't smoke too much it can kill you and its a lot worse than weed or tobacco for your body. Take it easy with the spice and you shouldn't have any problems just make sure you have a healthy diet or you may develop cancers or ulcers!!!true story
guest : 2010-08-11 15:42:28
Bad trip. Couldn't stop throwing up and several friends had same exp. Even wanted to go to hosp. Be very careful and test a small amount first. We tried the Bonzai and stayed sick AND baked for over 24 hrs.
Mike. : 2010-08-10 20:08:28
I'm in the Army, smoke spice all the time. I have taken 5 drug test within 1 day of smoking, and have never failed.
eric. : 2010-08-10 10:13:28
Ok well, I smoked bud for 5 yrs straight, always had dank and occasionally mids when the dank wasn't around, but with my new career, I can't smoke bud, so I tried this legal spice which I never even knew about till I got my new career going, I have tried every kind sold in south texas so far, by far the best so far is purple space, it has a 4 star rating and comes in blastoff blueberry and original orbit, 1-3 big hits does the trick, but just like weed, I have built a tolerance, now I am smoking 4-7 hits per sittting, even on my lunchbreak, but whoever said voodoo was strong needs to be shot, haha, that shit is weak, but if you have a place that sells purple space in your area, please try it, I have been smoking it everyday for almost a month now, no side effects other than red eyes and sleepiness occasionally
SMARTER THAN MOST. : 2010-08-06 22:05:07
guest : 2010-08-06 00:57:23
Talk about getting ripped,this shit split my wig!!!I am impressed with the no side affects thing,head aches,mood ups n downs,although I did get cottin mouth which was well worth it concidering not having to worry about going to jail for smoking the ganja.So, go on, get on with your bad self,get a little spice in your life,and live freeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anthony. : 2010-08-05 14:13:26
im on probation and i got caught with some spice that i bought from the store and i went to dt and my po came to see me and told me they had a spice test i didnt believe her i thought she was just messin with me but a week later she came back to visit me and i came up dirty for spice they just made a new ua for it it cost 50 dollors to test for it so if your on probation better be carefull and also whoever posted that spice gets out of your system in 3-5 hours is a fucking lier becuse i didnt smoke it for a full 24 hours and came up dirty so thoughs who are on probation i just wanted to warn you that they can and will test you for it
hopeless mom. : 2010-08-05 12:19:12
I am going through custody issues wit my kids I went to rehab and stopped narcotics I beem clean ninety days I picked up smoking spice and I have to get a hair test will it show my life depends on it I know I jus shoulnt smk help
hawaiian honey norther az. : 2010-08-04 19:44:52
we have a small head shop and have been selling spice for 8 mo...we sell only sealed packages by reputable companies ... this is impotant because the herbs in these come in differnt grades...smoke in peace and enjoy..... the next generation is alredy out there should they really make a test...otherwise they will have to shut down every spice isle in every market arounjd the world.......aloha
1488wpss. : 2010-08-03 13:53:27
this shit gets you high
bong it up. : 2010-07-29 22:40:38
i tried this stuff in october 2008 and i could smoke once in a while and have no effect of addiction. but after 1 year i cant stop. i have to have it atleast 1 a day or i get pissed and stay pissed until i get sum more. 2 years later and im in bad shape. make wise dessions with your life, not like me!
connor . : 2010-07-26 06:06:31
ross. : 2008-12-30 22:56:14
me and many of my boys have tried this spice and it is well worth the money no pops on drug test and it is so much like bud and it even last longer u can pass out n wake up and still b baked

soooo truuuueee^^^^^ i smoked it yestarday and still feel it i smoked voodoo spice its ultra strong

connor . : 2010-07-26 06:03:25
i smoked voodoo spice and i had a bad trip hahaha i thought and felt like i was sick and gagged and almost threw up but what helps to snap you out of a trip is a cold shower and you seem too come back to reality so if you ever have a bad trip a cold shower should make u feel a little better it worked for me
Curt. : 2010-07-24 16:32:45
In the navy. Smoked it once, pretty crazy experience. I tripped bad. Got tested a month after and havnt heard anything about. Smoked it a second time and got tested a week later... That was just yesterday and I'm a bit nervous to how it's gonna turn out.
@tyler. : 2010-07-23 17:01:55
that guy it right! im 18 years old. yesterday i smoked all day and after smoking my throat starts hurting. and i did cough acouple time then i almost puked. its the most horrible feeling ever! and my throat hurts like hell.. omg but oh well ha:) im just saying.. if you smoke alot your throat starts to hurt and shit.
jamz. : 2010-07-23 12:30:19
Im in the army and started smoking spice because its too risky to smoke the real thing, i know several other people in the army that are using and selling spice because its legal and wont show up in a urinalisis, but recently heard of a couple friends that got articles and one that got chaptered out because of spice. -if you are in the militarty make sure you know the post/command policies, even though its legal for civilians and doesnt specificly mention spice in the UCMJ, you can still get in trouble if its banned by the command. Be careful who u associate with as well -the army is full of snitches. got my last article cuz someone narced me out for spending the night in my fiances barracks. lame.
freebird21. : 2010-07-14 13:45:40
I'm in Drug court and just found out the toxicology lab just got the test for spice sooooo fucking pissed... What I want to know is HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM??????
Tyler. : 2010-07-08 14:30:40
Hello people.

I don't know when the last post was but I hope some of you see this.

I'm a Firefighter. I've been on for 2 years (this past may). I work long hours and I see a lot of horrible stuff. I have a really bad sleeping disorder..and this stuff makes me sleep like a baby. So when I get off I like to go home and just relax a little.. so I smoke this spice stuff. Mainly Shaman, Skunk, damiana, spice diamond, spice gold.. They just banned JWH018, jwh073,hu210,hu211, and salvia in TN. Ive been smoking this new stuff called "woodstock" (which is the only thing they carry now) which has (several times) "THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS NO JWH018, JWH073,HU210,HU211, OR salvia" So I dont know what the hell is in it now if thats true..cause it still works.

Anyways, Ive been smoking it for a good 6 months now. And I mean every day I'm off all day until I go to bed. Ive developed this horrendous cough that makes me cough to the point where I acually puke. Its really scary. I beleive I'm in fairly good shape. I just got back from the Fire academy in december (wasnt smoking it yet) and I could wear all that gear alll damn day in the heat house, hump hose, run 3 miles, carry 75 lbs of hose up 6 flights of stairs and down and still be good to go. I say that not to brag but to say this.. Since I have been smoking this shit my cardiovascular strength has been getting progressively worse. Now, just a brisk walk raises my BPM considerably. Now just getting IN my gear let alone working and running in it, makes me breath hard and my BPM shoot up. Also, I sweat profoundly now. Seriously. Like dripping from my face and soaking my shirt just barely doing anything.


I recently cleaned my bong and I was horrified. It was clogged with this sticky, thick black resin that clung and stuck on to everything it touched (still on my fingers). Which got me thinking...maybe this shit is like coating my lungs with all that black shit. That would make perfect since.


(This is disgusting)

For about a week I saved all my phlegm in a cup. It was grayish/black and you could actually see clumps of black shit in it. This scared the shit out of me so I am going to stop it for a while and see what happens.

I'm honestly concerned. Who knows wtf these people are putting in this to get you high.

Sure, huffing gasoline and paint will get you high...but at what cost you know?

I'll keep you guys updated. better, worse, etc

billybob. : 2010-07-03 09:55:08
how crazy are people to want to risk career reputation and freedom for stupid shit like spice?
wanna be stoned. : 2010-07-03 01:07:09
well it seems like 50/50 mix of reviews...i on 2 probations neither to piss for. but i have to piss for "counseling sessions" tho so no weed for me...but i have takin these piss tests b4 and they only test for the five/ six major i think i gonna try this shit and get "legally" stoned hahaha
Cincinnati. : 2010-07-01 22:04:27
I'm not claiming that Wikipedia is the best resource for something like this, but a lot of your questions can be answered here:



Current state-by-state legislation against synthetic cannabinoids is included in the second link.

t.ball. : 2010-07-01 19:48:58
Smoked kind give me a helluva buzz ,but made my heart race like hell
joe. : 2010-06-29 11:49:03
i just put some got a good price cant wait to see how it is
Anonymous. : 2010-06-29 08:02:39
"Can cause neurological issues (permanent) along with the fact that it is possibly carcinogenic."

[Citation Needed]

rodman. : 2010-06-28 23:54:40
Don't like kinda gave me a headache
unstoned. : 2010-06-28 21:16:19
Spice is so bad for you.....a synthetic mix that may cause more harm than high. Can cause neurological issues (permanent) along with the fact that it is possibly carcinogenic. So are you suicidal or just wanting to get high? Ask yourself that before you smoke spice, k2, astroblast, or any other synthetic manmade blend. And yes, you will test positive to THC if tested within a certain amount of time after smoking. Don't be dumb!! Educate yourself!
Blunt. : 2010-06-27 11:55:02
Roll in a blunt. The small swisher sweet blunts. Grape flavor. Crack it open, take out the tabbaco, then fill with Spice... where I live we get the brand called " Green Buddha"... I must say, this is a totally clean high... wow I'm in my mid 30's, and haven't smoked weed in over 10 years.. I smoked spice 2 weeks ago, reading about it, and it being legal said, "what the hell, why not try it"..... wow wow wow... I love it, have strong erections, longer sex, and its 23.00 us dollars for a gram that has lasted me over a week!!! I take only 3 hits, put it out and I'm feeling really great in about 3 mins...
Green Buddah. : 2010-06-27 10:52:55
I must say that smoking this has greatly increased my sex life... I get no headaches, no hangovers...
NOT DRINK ALCOHOL or BEER when smoking this.... You get tired and zombie like and want to fall asleep
mumblespj. : 2010-06-26 18:07:46
ah, spice,now illeagal here in the uk,,didnt take long for the chaps to make somthing similar ,, get oral tested at work,,PASSED,,,look at (am hi co) more than expensive than weed £20 qtr, OR 3grms of spice etc £22 a gram,still we wouldnt be on this forum if wee didnt love this stuff LOVE IT
saigon. : 2010-06-24 10:40:26
someone told me about this a few weeks ago, and i didnt believe them, so i went ahead and tried it and it definatly gets the job done
blackmagicsmoke. : 2010-06-19 09:42:14
u should try blackmagic smoke. its not spice or K2. its pure incense/while u can!!!! is being banned in several states.....try it while u can!!!!!!!!!!!
MaxGun. : 2010-06-18 22:49:25
Pete, if the incenses you've used get you high just like weed it means it's been treated with jwh-018, and no they cannot detect it on any current drug tests. Unless the incense makers are lacing their incense with pot! Wouldn't that be funny. I found a kit to make my own, it's awesome
navy 123. : 2010-06-18 19:29:23
i know someone who is getting kicked out for spice the thing is these people only got caught because of a snitch and they rated eachother out. They were never tested and NCIS was involved personally i would never smoke this shit nor have i but if they had a test they sure would have used it. so based off this i say NO there is no test for spice but RUMOR has it two months and a test will START going around....
Anonymous. : 2010-06-15 07:35:24
GuynZLa, my guess is that it was a false positive--this seems more likely than the material accidentally being contaminated with MJ.

It's entirely possible that, owing to statistical variations, measurement error, and flaws in protocol that everyone would fail at some point, given enough tests. No piece of testing equipment is 100% accurate and reliable.

GuynZLa. : 2010-06-14 21:04:00
I am on felony probation and have been smoking blaze and serenity, about 2-3g a day, for about two months. I was tested in jail and passed with a stick screen. However I also am in a DWI court or Drug Court program. I have to piss every time my color comes up which is about 2-3 times a week. I passed every time until this last test. I was notified today that I will have a 48 hr sanction because they found a minute amount of THC in my urin. I always have smoked alone with a new pipe which I replaced with a new one, instead of cleaning the older one that was thrown out. There is no possible way that I have come into contact with true THC except maybe through incense . I'm not sure if it builds to a detectable level or if in fact they have lowered the cut off levels for a false positive result. I understand that the cannaboid thc is not in incense however the cannaboid ??? is. If you take lab given drug test you will eventually test positive, they can even tell you your thc level. My other theory is that the blaze and serenity have been contaminated with some actual weed. Never the less, yes you will test positive on lab run drug screens. They in fact can tell youjust about every contaminate in your system
Pistol pete. : 2010-06-14 03:04:44
I'm a DEPer in the air force. Will I pass my drug test at my second MEPS? Would different incenses cause you to fail a test as opposed to others? I've been smoking so many different kinds. Lol
wakeup. : 2010-06-12 19:41:13
We finally have a legal "insence" and you people talk about how you can pass a piss test on it. Wakeup! Our government is working on how to drug test on it now because of you. The young screw everything up for us. dam!
101easy. : 2010-06-11 16:25:14
I think they should do tests on pain clients. It might be better then regular pain killers. I have a few friends that buy legal herbals because they think its better and less costly then vicodin.
Streets. : 2010-06-11 09:51:08
Are u people serious? Look at the facts! Its legal. If it contained any illegal substances head shops wouldn't be able to sell them. Duh. More less...until its illegal what can they do to u even if u were to piss hot for spice??? Use ya head fam. One
Texarlo. : 2010-06-10 22:39:00
Yes, not aware of it's complete health factors, stick to smoking weed, but for those of you who might be on probation, like me, then spice is the way to go :) who cares if it's as bad as a cigarette like people say, everyone dies, does it really matter if you lived a better life doing something "bad"? A little too much of anything can be bad in longterm effect. And if most states are trying to make marijuana, or should I say cannabis legal, why are they so concerned about this "new drug". There are more important things people need to be aware of and not a couple of friends trying to have a good time smoking a bowl or two. And for the reports to poison control centers of having high blood pressure, paranoia and hallucinations, well duh, that's gna happen because you're getting high! If you can't handle it then my advice is simply don't do it. If you're in a comfortable area and a free sense of surroundings then you won't feel paranoid or like you're dying. Just relax!
JOHN. : 2010-06-10 20:53:10
ashy larry = just so you know, pot doesn't show up RIGHT AFTER YOU SMOKE IT, it takes time to go through your system and hit your urinary track!!! Don't trust that drug test!!!
ashy larry. : 2010-06-10 02:22:48
just smoked purple space(spice) in a pipe I used to smoke weed in an hour ago, took a urine test for marijuana and the result was negative. Seeing that the pipe had pot resin in it and the result of the test was negative is amazing. This is very cool cause I stopped smoking pot a month ago. Guess I'm clean
Erin. : 2010-06-08 11:45:58
Yeah... well I almost died because of this legal drug.
navy8. : 2010-06-05 14:02:26
spice is a thing of perfection works perfect lasts all day and for those of you who do not know its the chemical equation (JWH-018) that give you the "high" that interacts with your cb-1 and cb-2 reactors in your brain. They do sell higher quality of the substance the highest that i ve seen is (JWH-250) ...but spice does not come up on piss tests i have been high while taking a piss test for the navy and nothing.
Truman. : 2010-06-04 22:12:00
I'm in the military and I smoke spice about every weekend. Iv passed a drug test so far. Butttttt I'm lucky because there is a drug test out there that the military can use that u can fail the only good thing about the test is that it's expencive so they don't use it unless they have a sure understanding that ur smoking the stuff.
well let u know. : 2010-06-04 21:45:06
true smokers that get tested on the 7th we test
BOSS. : 2010-06-04 16:52:21
ight im on federal probation right now n i got to take piss tests randomly n i failed my first one for thc then my boy came up to me n told me bout this spice n said he passed three drug tests for the rigs on it so i stopped the good shit n started on this spice its a good high but thats not what im wondering about some of these storys had me feeling pretty confident i was gonna pass til i read some other ones that said they failed so can someone tell me im gonna pass the thc test please cause if i fail im federally FUKD . .get back someone
thedude. : 2010-06-02 09:14:50
I have many friends who do it in the military, and every 2 months or so a rumor goes around our unit saying that he said she said bs that now they can test for it in random uas, n everyone gets all paranoid for a week or so n than back to smokin on the reg! I kno a guy who knows a jag officer n he told me for sure the military can only do a special test for it due to it being just for that n more expensive n the only way u receive that test is if ur caught with it or someone snitches on u and they have likely reason to believe ur gettin high.......hooyah!
Swoopin Snoop. : 2010-06-01 23:47:40
Can i grow my own legal spice and if yes, where do i start and how? Where can i get some strong facts and research about thizz topic?
dustin from texassss. : 2010-05-31 22:44:12
its all about that (spike) haha the new spice ive been smokin this shit for a few months now and ive never been so impressed. and ive takin five drug tests one for my job and the rest for probation. so its clearly the truth that u will pass, they only test for thc and cannabanoids, and k2 or anyother insense that u can buy legal does not contain those certain toxins.
homie. : 2010-05-30 17:58:07
i would like to know if there is a specific test for spice
shadow. : 2010-05-27 21:21:57
you cant fail a drug test by smoking spice, im on probation now and meet with a group of p.o.'s every week. they themselves have tryed spice and said they have clients smoking it aswell. if you have a pipe and your just smoking spice from it your fine as long as nothing else is in with it. im in arizona, check your state or with someone who knows. here if they come to your house and see a pipe they will test it for marijuana but their is nothing they can do about a pipe or the spice, unless you're specifically ordered to not use any mind altering drugs. someone on felony probation had drug classes that said he couldn't use anything and got kicked out for spice and violated by probation for getting kicked out of his group.
steve. : 2010-05-27 14:10:11
so does this stuff show on a test. ive herd both sides
justin. : 2010-05-27 12:30:39
do anyone know what stores sell spice
another marine. : 2010-05-22 22:17:33
Thanks jbrutal. I smoked about 2 grams of this stuff and have been freaking out about popping on a drug test.
Agarbatti. : 2010-05-22 03:44:00
GR international is a reputed manufacturers and exporters of Agarbatti, Agarbathi, Incienso, Incenso and Sahumerio in India.for more details visit [link]
guest12. : 2010-05-21 19:43:29
Im guessing all these people that pop hot on test are smoking out of something that they previously smoked weed out of and didn't clean it, like a pipe. I've tried 3 different kinds, first one was great, second and third one gave me head aches. Dont know if its the Spice or me getting sick or what. Smoke if you got'em...
JB. : 2010-05-19 12:23:31
you will fail a drug test with spice I personally have not but three of my friends all failed but if you are not getting tested i recomend trying it I was suprised to say the least
guest : 2010-05-18 20:14:31
So u can or can not fail a urine test by smokin incense???
Lil JR. : 2010-05-17 10:06:31
Mane i started smokin spice and stuff when K2 first came out i liked it idk i though it was all good then my homegirls started smokin wit me and some started going in to comas from it so i quit then i found out about all these other ones like astro blast,Astral Blast, Crunky monkey, Funky Skunk and some others so i started using them all the time it is a daily thing for me now I smoke astro blast everyday i buy it by the ounces then i just get toasted so it isnt for everyone but as much as i smoke i beleave its safe and really damn good whoever thought of it needs to keep going and coming out with more we love this stuff and idc how strong theyve made it so far i get fucked up. But like i said its not for everyon so if u start smoking spice start out with one of the other ones like crunky monkey and Pot luck. I think u will be perfectly fine...Any information on how to order it off line hit me up....
Bruce. : 2010-05-16 18:47:37
my cousin who is in the army has been smoking spice ever since he joined up, so when he visited we went and bought some spice max $35/gram...we hit it once in the parking lot of the head shop b4 we left, and we were giggling like little school girls, it was just like weed, but way more intense.

i am on probation and get drugtested twice a week, and i smoked a shit ton of spice that weekend and on sunday i smoked like a quarter gram by myself, even tho i was completely ruined and couldnt walk, and was so messed up i couldnt, walk, or stay awake, two days later on tuesday i passed a drug test, so people who say they cant pass drug test smoking spice, obviously havent quit smoking weed yet, or havent had enough time to pass a piss test from weed

it took me over 50 days to pass a piss test 4 weed, after 45 days of not smoking pot i still failed a drug test and got locked up,

2 days after smoking spice i passed the drug test, so, yeah i guess u all should take more like 60 days after pot to take a drug test, then say something!

Harry. : 2010-05-12 01:47:26
Im a Dep'er in the military and i smoke the spice every other day and i pissed clean right after i smoked it, how could the military test for it ? If its clean UA's is it still clean Blood test? How long does it take to get out of your system?
guest : 2010-05-11 23:48:36
i started smoking this spice 3 weeks ago and it seemed fine at first me and my buddies got all into it and it didnt seem bad at first but the more i smoked it i kept feeling more and more tweek and paraniod. and it feels very addictive, unlike bud that i could smoke 6 times aday and never have one craving days i didnt smoke this stuff made me jittery all the time. my friends and i have also been noticing werid lumps growing that are almost like boils but their in weird places like my chest and behind my ears and on my head. my friend who is not sexualy active got one is penis... Dont smoke this shit it fucks everyone up in a diffrent way and its not worth the risks. who wants to wake up and take a piss and notice a red lump on there dick. its not worth your time. stick to the real mary jane. one love
TowelieTalks. : 2010-05-11 08:58:20
I have been on Probation for a year in Marion county, Indianapolis IN. I was clean for a while (when I didn't ever get tested of course) and then I started smoking weed again. I got hit with a shit ton of violations for failing drug tests and diluted ones, etc. I was given another chance by probation and the judge. I quit smoking weed and I have been THC fee for 36 days. I started smoking spice about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I have smoked like a gram over the period of a few days, consistently, since I tried it. I get drug tested 2x a week for probation and 1x a week for an outpatient program I am a part of for probation. SPICE SHOWED UP AS THC ON MY TEST. I was looking at some house arrest for my violations and they said yesterday if I go back to court in a month and all my drug tests aren't clean I'm going to jail for 60 days. (Of course my PO told me this AFTER she asked if i wanted to take a drug test and i said hell ya i do im 35 days clean! Afterward she showed me my recent tests where the THC went up [bc of the Spice]) I'm going to try and fight it as much as I can but DONT SMOKE IT IF YOU GET URINE TESTED!!!!!! I thought I was gonna get off scott free because I researched this Spice shit online for about 4-5 hours before I ever did it. I don't know what crack the people that say you'll pass a drug screen are smoking. IT'S NOT WORTH IT. Im just gonne fess up to using Spice @ my PO meeting tomorrow and see what happens. And then I have court in a month. I'll keep you guys posted if this helps anyone... Good luck to everyone that smoked it and gets tested. 
Great!. : 2010-05-11 00:54:53
Read the whole blog yall! I'm down here in Austin, Texas where the head shop chains have a shop in every neighborhood. I have never heard of "spice" except from the movie Dune and of course the herbs you cook with. I see a news blip on my local 24News channel with a guy who claims he had a bad trip and that this stuff should be made illegal. I think it should be all natural without artificial ingredients, though it is probably not. I would have never known about this if I hadn't seen the news blip. I personally probably wouldn't try it. If I really needed to get high I would just smoke the real thing which is not to difficult to get these day. I would guess on average 20-30% of Americans are either casual or chronic dope smokers.
guest : 2010-05-06 00:48:57
i know a lot of guys in the military do it
as a pot substitute ... if its their time off
working the hours they do we should cut people some slack

not only do people not want to get in legal trouble for pot
but for them it means going through the military justice system as well as the u.s. legal system

having said this i have never tried spice
but if the right opportunity presents itself it could be an experience

fixin2experiment. : 2010-05-03 06:38:25
Got a little smoke shop here in my lil' town in Ohio, I used to be a daily pot smoker, but for some reason I just didn't feel like smokin' anymore. I'm a mom and I don't want to be a negative example for my kids. HOWEVER, ;) Since the ladies in my lil' smoke shop can't even talk about their spice "incense", this has peaked my curiosity. Gonna give it a go, just for old times sake when the babies are at Grandma's house for the night. perhaps I'll let you know what I think.
spiceguy. : 2010-05-02 23:01:39
carl. : 2010-05-02 20:20:09
i'm 17 and i've been smoking this stuff for months. different brands, different headshops, different prices. the high doesn't last as long as weed but its still a nice high, and if you smoke a lot of it at once it gets pretty psychedelic (this is usually a lot of fun). everyone who i smoke it with says they get "soo burnt" but honestly i've never felt noticeably burnt from it.

the reason i smoke it is that i get drug tested. i've been tested 2 times since i started spice and they've both been negative:)

recently i've developed a cough which has made me question the health factor of spice. and also i got a few small bumps at the back of my throat that i can just barely feel with my tongue. this scared me a lot so i told myself i'd stop for 2 weeks (i usually smoke kind of a lot, like 2-3 times a day).

this is when i noticed that spice can be a little addicting. i thought about it a lot and always wanted to go buy some more. i would forget that i decided to stop. i WAS able to stop though, after like 3 or 4 days.

DONT smoke spice if you can smoke weed. there have been a few tests on spice that say its alright, but really we never know. weed, as we know, is safe and always more than ok to smoke. just be careful with your body; you only have one.

if you get tested by your mom, smoke this stuff until you get enough negative drug tests for her to trust you again, then go back to weed. i would always rather smoke weed; its natural, nontoxic, nonaddictive, and all-around beautiful. DON'T smoke spice if you can smoke weed.

cdub. : 2010-05-02 18:06:27
i heard this spice is illegal in Missorri, is this true?
makaman. : 2010-05-01 16:25:38
i've been smoking spice now for 3 months. it don't last as long as weed and it burns me out just like weed, if not more. it doesn't get me higher then weed and i've tryed many brands. if i smoke alot the high is the same as if i smoke a little. i would like to try the version that is 5 times more potent then thc. here in utah the hydroponic is realy stronger then all spice ive tryed. we get alot of shit from cali. i think its realy harsh on my lungs and has caused some stomach pain. i was smoking about a half a gram a day.
J. : 2010-05-01 01:39:46
It makes my heart race that okay? i smoked it with a girl and she claimed it made her heart race too. why does it do this?

ps i will continue smoking till i get the answer hahaha

B - dog. : 2010-04-27 17:08:42
quit talkin and go smoke 1.... late
Peaceful Warrior. : 2010-04-26 21:56:06
The regulations for anything that is for human consumption are what requires manufacturers to list ingredients; however, because of the fact that it is sold as 'incense', it is not required to list the ingredients.

I have been doing a light amount of research on the topic. It seems there are many variants of JWH-018 out there and they all seem to be currently under the radar as far as testing is concerned.

I would like to say that after trying it, it would be wise to try only a small amount before you imbibe a massive quantity. I wouldn't advise rolling a 'j' unless it is going to be divided up among some friends as it can be pretty intense. It may be a good idea to make a spliff with a small amount if you happen to roll your own cigarettes.

ismokespice. : 2010-04-23 22:16:00
i get sooo baked off of spice and it is so much better than bud. I am going to stock up on this shit ..... I do not believe that spice harms you any more than weed would, and spice does NOT show up in any drug tests because there has not been a test made for the specific "drug" within the mysterious substance of goodness
edric. : 2010-04-20 17:47:51
Go buy a copy of 'The healing Forest' by richard schultz. Its the ultimate bible for legal highs! Do a little research and you can buy the seeds/plants/leaves etc on line. Don't get stung by 'dealers', grow your own, the plants are legal.
guest : 2010-04-16 18:31:32
there is no test i smoke this shit all day and pass drug tests on felony probation. however, DO NOT SMOKE IT. i just today found out that its making people really sick and causing heart failure. a few poeple have died. stay away from all that synthetic shit
Goerge. : 2010-04-14 22:09:06
I think that even if you were to use this product and it were to show up on a drug test, that you could not get introuble for smoking it. They sell it as an aromtherapy incense, that means your inhaling it. Just tell them you did a lot of aromatherapy and you're off the hook.
Cheri . : 2010-04-13 17:11:16
So just heard in Hawaii the military is going to start testing for spice. I'm fortunate myself to not have to use the synthetic version, however, I know many people in the military who are extremely concered whether or not they are going to pass the military drug test for it. SO IS THERE REALLY A TEST OR R THEY BS'N???? AND IF THERE IS HOW ARE THEY TESTING AND HOW CAN YOU PASS??????
Tee Dee. : 2010-04-06 20:07:48
Tried some 'Blonde' herbal incense- very nice!! Stayed high for about 1 1/2, 2 hours. Tested myself with a kit from Walgreens...NEGATIVE!!
It's on now- bought some MOJO with a free sample of 'Styrker'.
All I need is some anime and I'm set!!
Swim. : 2010-04-03 21:10:40
This is a story about a pot head who was faced with a big decision once the law caught up with his pot selling, he was in a SCREWED. He had to go to jail for a while and then got out only to be on that god damn PROBATION. He combed over the internet, his marijuana addiction couldn’t be stopped, he would try and simply detox himself once a month and try stop smoking for two weeks before probation while working out using Creatine to try and rid THC from his system. After failing one urine screen at probation and sentenced to spend 3 nights in jail, I learned I was doomed to spend the next remainder of my probation in and out of jail when he discovered a miracle. In 1995 there was a scientist named John W Huffman, he engineered from the ground up a substance to be named JWH-018, whose specific purpose was to get people high in a similar fashion as cannabis. The substance is easily synthesized under controlled conditions now at a lab somewhere in the north Texas, and it is READILY available. These Spice blends, K2, Dream, Synergy are all over head shops EVERYWHERE and are sold as incense with no talk about what’s in them or what they are… they are all over priced ridiculous knockoff brands that are all mixtures of jwh-018 and most likely are in some form or fashion impure states of the synthetic cannabinoid… The fact is you can save HUNDREDS of dollars and buy your own JWH-018 online and get it direct.

-JWH-018 is not tested for by any organization, and is 100% legal in the United States except for Kansas.

-One gram of JWH-018 will last you most likely weeks considering a good smoke-able dose is between 2-5 mgs. There are 1000 mgs in 1 Gram of jwh.

-When you purchase online now, you can request that your package be hand delivered if you’re in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

-Jwh-018 is four to five times more potent than THC.

-So while before thos pot head was doomed, he now smokes a legal alternative on a regular basis jwh-018 with absolutely no side effects.

-It is Not carcinogenic and Not CYTOTOXIC under moderate levels… so that means that it does not harm brain cells nor have the possibility of causing cancer since it doesn’t do any damage to our DNA.

-If you simply can’t smoke weed, are on probation, or take some type of urine tests this letter is for you. It’s finally now your turn to get as high as you want and do it safely and responsibly.

-The website doesn’t reference the getting high part obviously because it wants to stay under the radar of the man, its manufactured as bonsai feeder and not for human consumption yet so much research promotes its safety.

marine mom. : 2010-04-01 17:15:39
hi marine i just read ur message my sons roomate just got busted and unfortunately my son walked into this mess and now ther sgt is accusing my son as well even though the other marine took full blame for this matter im stressing out about this and so is my son any advice to this matter....
thinking green. : 2010-03-28 12:31:45
If the government would stay out of peoples business and let them use what ever they want to feel good the world might be a better place in a couple of generations. Population would be under control, no wars, no more global warming, less people affected by cancer, aids or other killer ailments. Wouldn't that be great.
Concerened. : 2010-03-24 17:06:51
There is a guy selling info on making spice. How come no one is simply just mixing it black indian hemp? Also, there are other synthetics of several other drugs out there, sold by the same places. I had a theory that if the idea of legalizing real weed comes into peoples heads, up pops a synthetic. Synthetic drugs are problematic from insulin to artifical flavors. You can fool the brain and body but the onset and effects are unpredictable and unstable. Like witchcraft one day people might feel taking the natural form is a throwback and the craze is/will be synthetics. If they are *not* banned, prepare for this being the trend. It would seem even more suspitious if they are not banned.
Cali Love. : 2010-03-24 10:01:16
I was a regular smoker for a few years, and just passed a drug test for my job. I smoked spice about every other day for two months before the test and passed.

Many spices I've tried aren't as good as quality bud, but demon and peace out are as good if not better than any bud around. Even though they're a little more expensive where I'm from, it's definitely worth it if you have to pass a drug test.

Also, I disagree that spice will necessarily become illegal. There are way more pot sympathizers and smokers out there now than ever, many in positions of power. With all the recent decriminalization acts, I think after one more generation dies out, pot will be completely legal.

Anonymous. : 2010-03-23 10:26:31
...and I guess another question is: were you smoking it in a pipe with which you had previously smoked MJ?
Anonymous. : 2010-03-23 08:08:22
"just got results from drug test and spice showed up as thc i was off pot with passing tests for awhile then smoking spice just gave me dirty results!!"

That pretty much conflicts with what everyone else reports, so if I were you I would assume a false positive, a clerical mistake, or that they were trying to screw you. Either way, demand to see the results, and demand to be retested.

wayne. : 2010-03-22 16:58:03
just got results from drug test and spice showed up as thc i was off pot with passing tests for awhile then smoking spice just gave me dirty results!!
red. : 2010-03-22 03:33:06
can probation test for it
tweetweet. : 2010-03-21 16:24:47
The black momba makes my heart race. I hate that shit. But other brands are good.
guest : 2010-03-19 22:12:41
I just got out of jail for having spice in arizona.

im on intensive juvenile probation, and i got caught with a few crumbs left in a container that used to have 1 gram in it.

i got a class 6 undesignated felony for it.
and another class 6 undesignated felony for the container it was in, being "paraphernalia"

and they took my blood and found something in it that indicated i was smoking the spice.

its ridiculous! but my lawyer says there is nothing i can do about it, but take it to trial.
i admitted so i wont go to jail

arizona is TOUGH as hell on weed.
and becoming extremely tough on spice too.

although, you can still buy it in the smoke shops here.

i guess i got a felony because im not 18. but still, you wouldnt give a felony to a kid for tobacco possession right?


guest : 2010-03-16 19:30:03
man i smoke spice and pass uas all the time. nothing is healthy 4 u. do it til u can smoke bud then dont get caught up again. b 4 long it will b illegal u kno it
dannihempseed. : 2010-03-16 11:32:26
as for our guests focus (the guys too scared to put a name) they are saying that we shouldnt be doing it but if we want to were going to and youd be surprised how often military does these things its pretty common for military guys to try out new legal highs its especcially common for alcoholism in the military and its no different than using spice or whatever if your in military you shouldnt but im an ex ranger and before ranger school i did all that shit now im not doing it though just a pothead and shroom lover research it more then you'll have an answer
dannihempseed. : 2010-03-16 11:27:53
i wouldnt say its bad for you but i also wouldnt know but since im commenting on this subject remember that the gov't also illegilized salvi divnorme because one kid "supposably" killed himslef on it although when they read his med records he was showing signs of severe depression years before he found that shit he was bipolar and bipolar is depression! now next this stuff may not be bad for and it may be i use it im not on drug tests or nutting but i have had no pains from it in the head area i have however used it with my weed and it made me feel ridiculous i was high as hell but when me and my cousin both at exact same time fall over with light headedness and the spins randomly but at same time i decided it could be slightly dangerous but who knows it could have been my hypoglycemia acting up on me as well but how does that explain his symptoms? its a topic that requires a little more research i believe but will we ever know the truth without doing it ourselves i would rather stick withg my weed noone died from it yet nor been hospitalized because they got too high lol
guest : 2010-03-16 10:54:46
Are you people stupid? If you so worried about being caught, why would even try it? How about some common sense? And the ones in the military, what the fuck is your problem? You need to straighten up, my family depends on you!!!!!!!!!
horsea. : 2010-03-14 00:53:09
concerned about the supposed brain swelling. will lookin to it! son is on probation and is using spike instead. im concerned because he says its more stormy than pot.yes, i want the full info on what its made of so i can know.and most important, who is making it? is the gov.?what labs , and where will this lead?
Sabih. : 2010-03-12 20:19:45
For people who want to try spice and are worried it doesnt feel like pot? IT DOES. Its actually a really good High that lasts for quite a while without needing to smoke a lot.

I'm on probation as well, however my worries are if it shows in hair follicle drug tests, or urine tests.... I take urine tests weekly, and hair tests monthly... if anyone has anyone experience with being urine/hair tested as being a regular spice smoker, PLEASE SPEAK UP.


tunzafun. : 2010-03-09 23:00:48
i have smoked it twice and i loved it. im also on serious probation though and it worries me but we will see in a week if you hear from me its good if not im in jail.
GSXR. : 2010-03-05 14:05:53
Anonymous. : 2010-03-05 11:39:11
"It causes swelling to the brain... 6 kids near my hometown were hosptialized because of this stuff. It is becoming quite popular

An interesting assertion. If you could provide any links it would be appreciated!

If it is true that "swelling of the brain" occurred, my guess is that it would have been caused by some kind of contamination or by-product in the material. Millions of people have smoked these things by now, and if brain swelling were common enough that six people sufferent from it in one town, I would be surprised that it wouldn't be common knowledge after tens of thousands of people were hospitalized.

Either that, or the kids were doing something they shouldn't be doing, and decided to claim/blame it on something legal, not that it's likely for kids to do anything like that, of course!

Monica. : 2010-03-04 23:12:11
It causes swelling to the brain... 6 kids near my hometown were hosptialized because of this stuff. It is becoming quite popular though.
Dontworryboutit. : 2010-03-04 14:45:03
spice is bomb as fuck im unable to smoke weed now and ive smoked about 18 different brands of spice some examples being, mojo,k2,demon,spike,spike max, black mamba, ninja, ninja gold, spike max gold, ethnia, demon gold, happy shamon brothers humbold gold. just some off the top of my head, spice is great if you want that 2 hour stoned like feeling. My only question is can you smoke spice and be a DEP'er to meaning going into the military
jamesk : 2010-02-28 13:36:36
As far as we here at DoseNation know there is no test for designer cannabinoids like spice. The molecular structure appears to be different enough to not produce the same metabolites or lipid build-up as THC. This is just speculation though. From a report at NORML: [link]

... Users seek a marijuana-like high with the ability to pass a standard drug test. Technically they are fully legal and with no current prohibitions. The various preparations of these chemical cannabinoid substitutes are sold as "Spice" or "K2."...

Armentano is also an expert on drug testing. Natural marijuana uses the delta-9-THC molecule mainly to produce the high, thus standard drug screens only look for THC metabolites. "You could create some test for these synthetic cannabinoids," Armentano said.

But that will probably take months to produce and market. Smoke 'em while you got 'em.

servicemember. : 2010-02-28 05:32:49
Can someone please answer this with facts. Me and a few friends are suspected of smoking spice and took a piss test about 12 hours after smoking it. Is there any kind of test out there to test for it. And how much would it cost because the Marine Corps is always broke. Im just gonna pray about it but I doubt he'll hear me after everything I've done. But can someone answer this please.
weidle88 : 2010-02-27 19:24:25
I just bought sum spice in salt lake...its called pinapple express spice lol. You can buy 3g of spice for 34 bucks or a 1.5 grams for 20 bucks. 1.5g of chronic will cost you 25-30dollars. It is cheaper than weed and you can pass drug tests and its very easy to get. No more trying to find drug dealers innew cities or sneaking weed onto airplanes....just go to the towns local smoke shop.
willy dog. : 2010-02-26 23:15:02
does anyone know the answer to holly's question?
Holly. : 2010-02-25 14:09:18
How does this effect a diabetic? My friend said it could be fatal, is this true?
guest : 2010-02-19 18:40:23
If its legal what would happen if they start testing for it they give a warning.
josh is high maaaaan. : 2010-02-19 09:01:15
I just stumbled upon this spice stuff. It's called spice99 here. I'm very intrigued by it. Although the high isn't as good as some chronic, it is much better than any mid grade shit I've ever smoked. I stayed high all night. the high is slightly different tho. But it's badass. I'm on probation and I might get a piss test today. I'm really not worried about failing. If the product has THC in it, it would be illegal as fuck and the company selling it could face federal charges. no one would just throw themselves in that kind of situation to make a little money that they'll lose anyway. THERE IS NO THC IN SPICE SO U WILL NOT TEST POSITIVE FOR THC. I do have a bad feeling that this shit will be banned all over the US soon tho.
Shhhhh!. : 2010-02-16 17:05:28
Just smoked some spice friday and took a drug test today, we'll see i'll post and let everyone know, should be about a week.
Jbrutal. : 2010-02-15 20:22:42
I'm a marine and I smoke spice everyday after I get off work and I have taken piss tests since Ive been smoking and haven't failed a drug test yet.
PurpleHaze. : 2010-02-13 15:20:00
I'm a casual Spice smoker, finished 2 grams in 4 months or so. I weigh about 140 pounds so don't have a lot of body fat. This brand has just been made illegal here but i still have about 3 grams and I would've liked to finish them sloooowly :) The problem is that I'll need to take a real big-ass drug test in summer and there's the possibility that they included synthetic cannabnoids in the test (i think they test hair too). Does anybody have an idea how much time before that I need to quit smoking this? The real deal still shows in hair up to 90 days for heavy smokers but I haven't been able to get any info on the "legal" ones yet. Just to put things in perspective, if I fail that test, I'm smoked :D
mike. : 2010-02-13 13:59:59
I smoke pep spice daily. I take drug tests for work. Once a month, and for probation weekly. I even smoke it before I go check in with my p.o. I pass all my drug tests with flying colors. Sure it is more costly than real weed but it keeps me out of jail. I highly recomend it. One brand I like the most is extreme spice, it produces a very good high. It's just a really hard product to find.
chronic. : 2010-02-09 18:29:43
does probation test for it....
Daddy. : 2010-02-04 22:20:50
Smoke spice! It's nice.
allen. : 2010-01-24 18:21:06
dude im not low as hell right now
nunya. : 2010-01-24 18:18:54
im high as fuck right now!!!
Maximus. : 2010-01-13 19:31:38
Its pretty legit if u cant smoke any nugz. I like the spice blueberry X, its pretty srong. Does it show up on hair tests though???
Tee. : 2009-12-04 17:07:57
I don't know what to say. Occasional use of THC is good but I don't know if I would want something that last longer than playtime. At some point you have to be serious and thinking rationally.
Big Mike. : 2009-12-04 16:51:19
just like women, spice is nice, thats is of course, excluding the price....HA HA LIVE LOVE LAUGH HOW YOU WANT!!!
jake. : 2009-11-22 21:32:51
so you can pass a hair test as well?
boogerman. : 2009-11-13 14:40:12
this stuff is amazing, son. get it try it pass a piss test live how you want to. and to all the people that dont sopport this, mind your own buisiness please
lpen0724. : 2009-11-01 19:26:10
i like it and i smoked it a few times.
Adam: A Smoker. : 2009-11-01 09:43:10
Are you jokers really saying it's better than weed, tastes better, and gets you higher?!


When I get bud, it's goddamn delicious and knocks you on your ass.

Tried the Spice though, it's interesting but doesn't feel like weed...not at ALL worth the ridiculous price.

HARDCORE. : 2009-09-30 08:00:28
Check it out: [link]
andy. : 2009-08-19 01:10:19
Just saying to everyone on here, as a person who has smoked a few different types of spice. SPICE isnt necessarily bad. I have depression and anxiety issues and to be honest spice helps with that. Its alot like weed, only for those who have tried it, you know its different. Id say its much better, you dont burn out from spice, it tastes better(try the strawberry flavors), its cheaper in some ways, it leaves a nice aroma after you smoke it,and It lasts longer.

i havnt eaten it yet but im sure youll be stoned for teh whole day which probably wont be good. spice is just about as harmless as marijuana, your smoking so you risk cancer, and you get stoned. the high on weed is much less pleasant for me, dunno why.

it doesnt show up in a drug test there is no thc, its two chemicals that produce a thc like high, and many other psycoactive drugs that can produce differnet feelings.

one thing i noticed is sometimes i depend on spice to be entertained or happy or w.e. but its not like its hard to quit. depends on the person really. people get addicted to pot smoking right?

i do not promote drug use. I do want spice to continue to be legal, i see no problem with it, AND IF THERE WERENT NEWS ARTICLES POINTING OUT ITS A DRUG IT WOULD REMAIN UNDERGROUND. cops can catch whoever has spice, but dont ban it by putting it on the news.
overall i give spice a thumbs up.

Iris. : 2009-08-12 00:45:16
Is there any bad outcomes of smoking this?
Stevzie. : 2009-07-15 00:21:26
I loved it. felt more intense than crons.
jones. : 2009-04-02 20:41:54
will i be able to pass a drug test for probation if i smoke spice gold
ROSS is wrong. : 2009-03-09 20:30:54
Ross, people who think like you keep people like me in business. If you're in the Military, it's only a matter of time before you're a civilian again. Thanks for the job security, good luck. And for those of you that think "designer cannibinoids" are legal, read the U.S. Code....
Xsailor. : 2009-03-06 18:54:19
this is actually a banned substance on the naval base im staying on in Pensacola, where the shop that sells it is an off limits zone, punishable under the UCMJ. people caught wind of it, and recently declared it substance abuse to have or use this. sux tho i heard ittl fuck you up! lol
G. : 2009-03-01 21:47:39
grim substance.
Caduceus. : 2009-01-06 07:23:57
The URL to the webshop you posted is named Spice Gold dot com, but it doesn't sell the original Spice Gold.
ross. : 2008-12-30 22:56:14
me and many of my boys have tried this spice and it is well worth the money no pops on drug test and it is so much like bud and it even last longer u can pass out n wake up and still b baked
Brandon. : 2008-12-20 10:06:14
Damn I didn't know santa knew so much about synthetic cannabinoids... that changes my christmas list completely!
Santa. : 2008-12-17 15:23:09
interesting that it is actually not structurally related to THC, but an indole that acts on cannabinoid receptors, making it a nonclassical cannabinoid.
bransondude. : 2008-12-17 13:57:12
163, while so-called ripoff products used to be quite illegitimate that is no longer the case for many available legal intoxicants today. There is an occasional bad batch with reduced potency but beside that your stance is a little outdated. These aren't the same products that used to sold out of the back of High Times Magazine. They have grown significantly in sophistication. Still, I agree that all ingredients should be listed.
163. : 2008-12-17 00:32:21
the makers continue to discount this, and I wouldnt belive it to be very likely too, not too long ago it was rumored to contain another "synthetic cannabinoid", why not just source the designer cannabinoids that are readily available then?What is so funny about smoking mystery carcinogens??most of these "legal highs" are ripoff products for naive individuals anyway, anything that doesnt state to the user what it contains should be boycotted, its no better than taking a street E or snorting coke with mysterious cuts(in fact probably a lot worse)
JRoasted. : 2008-12-16 22:10:19
Yay... I contributed.


parker. : 2008-12-16 21:03:10
I wonder about vaporizing this.
Illogic. : 2008-12-16 16:20:09
Still legal over here, but once this reaches the right (wrong) people, that's gonna change I suppose.
Brandon : 2008-12-16 14:51:16
Hmmm.... I wonder what other random drugs people are taking in these preparations

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