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Marc Emery to turn himself in

The so-called "Prince of Pot" launched his farewell tour Sunday in Calgary. Marc Emery has given up his long fight to avoid extradition to the U.S. for selling cannabis seeds. He plans to turn himself in to Seattle authorities in the fall, and then he'll likely serve a lengthy prison sentence in an American jail.

Calgary is Emery's first stop on a 32-city farewell tour.

"I'm being taken to a U.S. prison for something I did in Canada as innocuous as selling seeds, which don't even have any drug quality, and yet I have to face a five year term for that."

Emery plans to surrender himself to U.S. authorities in September. He's giving up on his fight to avoid extradition for selling cannabis seeds to customers in the United States.

"It's difficult to say what will happen in a U.S. federal penitentiary. It's never very pleasant. American jails aren't run nearly as well as Canadian jails."

And Emery would know: he's been arrested more than a dozen times in his 20 years of activism. He says he's on tour to bid farewell to his friends and encourage them to keep up the fight to legalize cannabis.

"I'm going away for a long time so I expect everybody to do their best and pick up the slack for me.'

Posted By jamesk at 2009-07-06 12:52:35 permalink | comments
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russell. : 2009-09-20 19:36:24
dont do it bro,the priks will screw you, you only got one life dont waste it on these asswipes
Me. : 2009-09-17 00:29:30
Grow a brain and give the government well-paid thugs the finger. The government is illegitimate and has NO power over you other than what you allow.

At the very least, take whatever money you have and find a nice secluded place to live out your days in seclusion away from tyrants. You'll thank me later.

But for now, get a grip and do what YOU really want to do, not what some bunch of organized criminals masquerading as a government says you must. There is no nobility in bowing to gangsters.

Wtf. : 2009-09-13 13:15:44
Why in the hell would you turn yourself in to these fascist assholes?

They wont see the integrity of your actions, they will simply conclude that their scare tactics and their wars on everything work.

FFS please do not turn yourself in.

God damn it all these laws are just fucking bullshit.

Faye. : 2009-09-11 12:08:49
Marc, you are depressed!! Do not give up NOW. You ARE THE ONE! No one else will or can pick up the slack...You have come this far..See it through...FAINT NOT...READ PSALM 5 VS:1-12 and PSALMS 11 VS:1-7.....FAINT NOT!
D. Brown. : 2009-09-07 20:06:15
Argentina looks awfully good right now...

IMHO it is crazy to give up to the draconian American "drug war".

It's not running away, it's being free to fight another day.

xioSlayer. : 2009-08-21 23:12:46
I'm down for action. We don't have to be slaves to these ridiculous laws forever.
Scot. : 2009-08-10 00:17:13
Marc dont do it man whatever you do dont do it man stay in Canada its bad in our prisons you done deserve that type of enslavement they might not every let you out and the kind of animals in our jails its no place for a man of peace. Please dont go till you are assured by your lawyer that you will do no time unless in canada where you know you are atleast safe I hope you get this letter before its too late or atleast push for a long continuance if possible
matt. : 2009-08-03 23:43:05
FUCK THAT!!! This is a great man and an inspiration for those who oppose tyranny. The US government is just asking for terrorist attacks lol. Stupid fucking bitch ass DC. I hope Iran or NK just Nukes DC and Wall Street, then we can reestablish a CONSTITUTIONAL government without all the corrupt fuckwits.
Buds4Life. : 2009-07-28 15:44:29
Just like he did in up right when he has the chance to win BIG!!! The seeds were sent through the mail & are therefore the problem of the U.S. customs department. We've never seen anyone get arrested for selling items that are legal in their country to someone in another country where they are illegal & we ship all over the world. For instance we were in Ebay once & wanted to buy an antique switchblade knife from Italy, except that it's illegal in Canada. He would have sold it to us & shipped it, but we never would have received it, because it would have been confiscated by Canada Customs. No charges would be laid on us, or him especially, since he's in Italy!!! Should this guy be extradited to Canada & thrown in jail??? NO!!!
Seeds are not illegal here & therefore our government should not be allowing this to happen......unless Marc is just a puppet, poster boy, put out there in the spotlight to show everyone that M.J. laws are alive & well. This government is sneaky & covers up the truth very well, don't they? How many people out there know that there is NO M.J. law in Canada right NOW?

Marc had a chance to prove that Canadian cannabis laws are dead & have been since Terry Parker Day July 31, 2001.
Back when he was arrested in Winnipeg he plead guilty instead of fighting the charges. He was well aware of the law being DEAD. The very same time he was getting jail time for 2 joints other people were having their charges thrown out for pounds.......some activist!!!

We know because we ordered his transcripts to see the truth for ourselves. You don't have to be an idiot & get busted 12 times to be a good activist!!!

But you do have to fight back at every chance you get.

FedUp. : 2009-07-25 10:02:55
I think the best way to help Emery is for all of us who use weed is to get busted all at once, opt not to have preprossicution probation, or any defered sentence, and choke the living shit out of the US court system with their own stupdity. Of course a lot of true criminals will get away with their crimes, but if there are so many marijuana cases to process that the court can't handle them all then the court must stop putting people in jail. Choke the fucking system!!!!
Connector. : 2009-07-17 04:47:24
Emery, dude, you need to have a chat with Robert Arthur: Menard ( before you give up like this. Spend some time on his website and watch a couple of his excellent and informative videos and you will come away burgeoning with fresh hope and with a bunch of new moves to get the feds off your back.
were not free. : 2009-07-09 15:08:36
america's freedom came from the revolutionary war, we won our freedom from britain. that time has long passed, and though we are still free from britain and their taxes, we will never be free from the tyranny of our own government

the word 'free' gets tossed around a lot, people dont realize the context

were fucked here in america, just like every other country ruled by a government

Adam. : 2009-07-08 18:40:22
He is FUCKING RIGHT when he says we have to pick up the slack for him. If anyone thinks that will be anywhere NEAR easy for even a dozen men to do they don't know the first thing about Marc Emery. That's why they fought so hard to get him. We didn't fight hard enough to keep him. Pick up the slack is right.
I was into this hugely as the time he was arrested and I have never looked at a figure of authority the same way again, I never will again, they are my enemy and every single one of them who in any way supported the campaign against this man's businesses, charities and way of life knows it.
That's weird. : 2009-07-06 19:01:02
Why would he be going to jail for distributing seeds? I thought we lived in a free country? Oh, wait a minute. That must've been a different place that I was dreaming about.
TheMadBalmer. : 2009-07-06 15:19:46
You can watch Marc and his wife Jodie's you tube videos on the PotTV channel for updates. I almost cried watching the last one. They are good people, they don't deserve to have their lives ripped apart. Especially since he's not even from the US! All of us who think this is just wrong should try to do what we can to give voice to this terrible injustice.
john dubya olson. : 2009-07-06 14:21:15

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