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New meth recipe makes cooking easy

Drug manufacture innovation was never this ghetto until meth came along, but chemistry is chemistry. Don't try this at home folks.

This is the new formula for methamphetamine: a two-liter soda bottle, a few handfuls of cold pills and some noxious chemicals. Shake the bottle and the volatile reaction produces one of the world's most addictive drugs...

Drug users are making their own meth in small batches using a faster, cheaper and much simpler method with ingredients that can be carried in a knapsack and mixed on the run. The "shake-and-bake" approach has become popular because it requires a relatively small number of pills of the decongestant pseudoephedrine — an amount easily obtained under even the toughest anti-meth laws that have been adopted across the nation to restrict large purchases of some cold medication...

The pills are crushed, combined with some common household chemicals and then shaken in the soda bottle. No flame is required...

"If there is any oxygen at all in the bottle, it has a propensity to make a giant fireball," said Sgt. Jason Clark of the Missouri State Highway Patrol's Division of Drug and Crime Control. "You're not dealing with rocket scientists here anyway. If they get unlucky at all, it can have a very devastating reaction."

One little mistake, such as unscrewing the bottle cap too fast, can result in a huge blast, and police in Alabama, Oklahoma and other states have linked dozens of flash fires this year — some of them fatal — to meth manufacturing.

"Every meth recipe is dangerous, but in this one, if you don't shake it just right, you can build up too much pressure, and the container can pop," Woodward said...

The do-it-yourself method creates just enough meth for a few hits, allowing users to make their own doses instead of buying mass-produced drugs from a dealer.

Thanks Toije!

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meth cooker. : 2014-04-21 12:07:34
some people sell drug because they dont have money to buy food"! cant get a job! dont have a legg!
neva!!!!. : 2014-04-15 09:04:40
robert. : 2014-02-19 18:26:28
I have took a large variety of drugs over the years ,started off with a benzodiazapine called triazolam (up john 17s or 10s)at first it was to help me sleep due to ptsd as a result of being a rescuer in a fatal car crash,that was 27years ago+ive been on one thing or another ever since apart from a short 5years clean whilst in prison, the point I'm getting at although firstly the docs orders but I've aLways wondered if I hadn't took the meds prescribed would I have took the path that lost me lots of proper friends+family,not many drugs I haven't tried but don't think for one minute I'm being hypecrytical of meth users but I can only thank god its not in use in the uk cause I'd have gave it a try as well.I am an addict myself but my heart goes out to people who get messed up on it,I messed my own life but have a nice strong woman who accepts me for who I am and not what I've done.looking to the usa as us britts do I feel it won't be Long before its on our streets too,Like all other drugs sold I could see millions of people trying it here +whoever puts it out there will be a multi millionair in a very short time,
mike , as well. : 2014-02-05 03:41:15
mike is one of the few who really gets it. you can do it mike and so can i. anyone can but few will ever want to. i want to quit, i can quit, getting help to quit, will quit. then the work of fixing whatever was wrong in my life in the first place to make me do it begins. start again. fresh . this time make good choices.
karen. : 2013-12-28 13:54:04
sycho mike. : 2013-12-17 14:37:05
I get high and enjoy it.. Its the backstabbrs that came into my life thruogh the drug makes me wanna fuking shoot myself in the face!!!) I hope i dont have to share the AFTERLIFE WITH U PUKEZ!! LOL!!
Brian Williamson . : 2013-12-10 01:11:28
Many many people have died from this drug ! destroyed their family life ! Psychotic behaviour mixed with irrational thoughts and aggressive outbursts to loved ones etc .Its the Ying and Yang of drugs ....METH and HEROIN Be Warned !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brian Williamson . : 2013-12-10 01:10:18
Many many people have died from this drug ! destroyed their family life ! Psychotic behaviour mixed with irrational thoughts and aggressive outbursts to loved ones etc .Its the Ying and Yang of drugs ....METH and HEROIN Be Warned !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
joe blow. : 2013-11-13 12:20:19
how come most people cant spell? meth or not and especially the ones not on meth. did you not go to school ever?
always there. : 2013-07-06 16:32:50
No love...plenty surching...finding death.
Jack. : 2013-07-06 08:34:15
Crystal is fucked big time I've seen my whole family go crazy from it an even though its an amazing high it's deffiently not worth the troubles
penasaran. : 2013-06-30 00:24:51
kasih sebuah resep racikan sabu yang mudah dipahami. bukan untuk memproduksi, tetapi sekedar ingin mengetahuinya
too high for you. : 2013-05-08 11:18:00
meth or what we call "shabu" gave me the best experience or definition of being HIGH..

I started out smoking buds 13yrs ago and became the top 4 dealer in the "order of battle" list here in our country for distributing weed.

after a while, i felt the urge of stepping up to the next level and decided to deal and distribute COKE, at first i said to myself that i will not use this one because it is too expensive, but it is all bullshit cause i tend to try it and again and really doesn't affect my financial situation because i use my own product from time to time so no need to buy from else where. but the supply here in our country was cut off.

when the cut off of the supply from abroad took effect, a friend advised that i should run meth because here in our country meth is everywhere and we don't hit lines like coke, we don't use those pipes but we take it thru aluminum foil. hehehehe
so i tried to market it and surprisingly it gave me more profit than my yeyo days.
here meth is very cheap $80 for a gram.
but it made my fortune.
makes all my relatives happy.
my family, my children, my wife they all get what they wanted and i see to it that i could deliver all their needs.
i got busted thrice but thanks to our corrupt government practices that by just giving a small bribe to the shitty police, they will just let me go or just bribe the prosecutor "if the police cant be bought" so the case will immediately dismissed by the judge.
now, i'm out of that business but still using from time to time meth and buds are my favorites.
i already had this legit business and investments and this is the money i earned in my drug business before. i just handled my money wise enough.
i had a lot of up's and down's in my life and in the business and because of this i became a better person (user hehehe) and learned a lot from my past.
let us not judge anyone here, we have our own reasons why we smoke up and get high.

Jerry. : 2013-05-01 20:40:05
Getting a kick out of the term "meth" used nowadays. I was a "crystal" user back in the eighties, and the only people who used the term "meth" were doctors and teachers and other non-users. Was a lot like hearing someone say "marijuana cigarette" instead of joint. Oh well, times have changed.
Me timtim. : 2013-04-24 02:48:21
You should never discriminate something by statistics and the media, all drugs have their merits and downfalls just like everything in life and it all basically comes down to the free will or circumstance of the beholder, many people shouldn't drink but you can still buy it other people shouldn't drive but they still have a licence and people will continue to do these things regaurdless of what anyone thinks because it feels good or it makes a task easier or you can give a better fuck on it. Before being quick to judge a person you should maybe think of the things you do that people have an opinion about and then maybe imagine having someone pointing out those to you despite the different view you have. I generally ask a girl when I meet her what she thinks of drugs and the response gives a view into the character of the person. The only thing in life that should be judged is pedofilia and I bet no one will disagree. Murder I take or leave coz some people need to be dead if someone needed to steal from me then I guess they really needed it and if someone chose to ruin their own life all good because it is theirs to do with as they choose and if they ruin other people lives then there is some hardships to deal with, accept your cards make the best with what you have, Live and let live and remember you get back from the universe what you put out:)
#1cook. : 2013-04-12 17:40:54
meth is harmless until main veined!
eric. : 2013-04-09 23:58:36
you meth heads are stupid.It wouldn't be so bad if ya all would put the glass dick down and get a real job.Not talking about scraping metal or stealing shit from your neighbors. A real job like seven am to three thirty pm five days a week with a pay check on Friday.
And the tax payers money you loosers are using.EX.1 You meth heads with four or five rug rats running around with your girl friend collecting food stamps and whatever else the government gives you when your a worthless piece of shit in society. Or when you worthless fucks get caught by police and the county feeds you and gives you a warm place to sleep,meaning going to jail dumb ass. that shit cost money that could be spent for better things rather than taking care of a clucker. you meth heads remind me of my chickens.
Do you meth heads do meth for the look it gives you after using a while? The meth mouth is a wonderful look.Or the meth bumps on your face is a good look to.The two together is the dream though right. haha idiots
guest : 2013-04-03 07:44:58
I used meth for one month.!during that period i was robbed twice, had my car stolen, phone stolen and a tweeker even stole my dog! Everyone thought i was a narc because i look like some young asst professor and i was ripped off everytime i bought it. I must be a mark or something. The high is great but not worth the company you have to keep. I was constantly astounded by the way these people lived their lives. No thanks.
bob. : 2013-03-31 21:25:08
lets mget it on guys !
... : 2013-03-30 21:22:10
Wow this is dumbb! Calling ppl tweekers and all this sht? Why dont everyone just except everybody else and go on with there opinions. Gd, this world.
bdogg. : 2013-03-25 04:10:36
Meth ruins lives and relationships. I've been an addict for 18+ years, and I've seen nothing but turmoil happen to some of the loveliest people. If you use, please don't forget about the responsibilities in life that we all must take care of if we are decent people. I'm no judge. I'm just someone who cares about people in general. Take care of yourselves and kids if you have them. God bless us all.
wow. : 2013-02-20 09:02:08
yall are all ridiculous. jesus said ye who judge shall be judged in the end and ye shall not be judged not matter the circumstance so let jesus decide what they deserve in the end. thanks and godbless
The DJ. : 2013-02-15 21:42:25
I use meth for 6 month and stopped about 11 years ago....tell ya all....that shit ain't good man....damn...the poison is still in me till now....
Addys. : 2013-02-05 19:40:27
Just take your kids adderall... Same thing just kidding
Some guy. : 2011-08-04 04:24:03
I don't know about meth, maybe it's more addictive than anything else, but that's my story. They say tobacco is very addictive, but I quit smoking cold turkey just out of willpower. I tried cocaine once, it was really fine, but I never became an addict or anything. I've gotten drunk once or twice but I'm not an alcoholic either. C'mon, we've have a *will*, don't we?
Reese Keith . : 2011-07-31 15:01:29
I have read many posts on this site and this is what i got to say those who mess with meth, krack or any other drugs for that matter do what you do. Let everyone talk shit and say what they wanna say but just remember this, The only thing that is important is who you are as a person. not what your do. I dont do drugs but ill tellyou this i know alot of people who do and none of them bother me as much as someone who is just heartless. Cheat on your so called lover without caring,make someone hurt so bad for your own selfish reasons, take a good father to court and make him pay out all his money for you to use it on your own and not for them wonderful children, Anyway i could keep on and keep on forever but the whole point is those who are on here to judge people quit and those who do drugs do what you do but be a good person. So I lied in the begging, I do drugs but i never hurt anyone and my bills are paid and my kids are takin care of by me with no help from mom and i never hurt anyone mentally or physically because i am a good person and being a good person is all that matters..l
-Arcteryx-. : 2011-07-12 17:29:37
In my days ....early 70's
we use th shoot up speed we got it in Toronto and it was like a pink paste the shit was bad I mean really bad.

I'm just a old fart now but I have been clean for 15 years, I'm in no position to judge thing is for shure tough I hope that those of you who are using...will still be around in ten years down the road...its possible if you are willing to learn the leson and make it yours.

frodo. : 2011-05-25 21:50:17
i always loved meth.... a great high and sex is amazing on it
just- lisin. : 2011-05-25 09:35:40
you start , then you wont quit / your lifes may be fun but i promis that thay will be short / true happenis canot exsist with that stuf in your life / leev people with a good mimerey of you .

Beenthere. : 2011-05-12 02:35:15
Stop the bitching they going to it if they want running ur dick sucker isn't going to change shit.
Ray. : 2011-05-02 08:08:44
meth is for losers essay!
kathy. : 2011-04-22 20:51:01
i have been clean from meth for over 20 destroys lives
peanut butter. : 2011-04-21 19:30:19
Bath tub meth and ice is gud but the best I ever had was lite blue and another was lite pink! Came from AZ when I was a truck drive... O and can't forget about the boys n bakerfield CA at the truck wash that shit was good to.....
odessa. : 2011-04-20 01:02:30
I love Meth what happened to that old p2p you know pink shit
Haha!. : 2011-04-17 18:39:05
I'm higher than u are! Ur just jealous
The sharker! . : 2011-04-17 18:36:46
Methamphetamines fukin kick ass! It does make everything better and it can ruin ur life if ur a weak-minded person so man up take care if ur responsibilities first and get gacked! Ur only as weak as u let urself be! And watch out for the treeples ( tree people) they tryin to steal ur dope! Says the sharker ( shake-n-bake) barker! Bitches
Yeah right!!!!. : 2011-04-15 14:03:51
I think this site shows how stupid you all are. I bet you have more tattoos than teeth. Even before the meth you would need a map to pick your noses.
fuck you and guest. : 2011-04-11 08:09:37
your fucking retards. Your reality sucks because your whole life is shit from ruining it with meth. And plumber any couldn't get enough shit at work so he gotta suck it out a pipe. Your all a fucking weak bunch of people. Meth is a shit drug anyways. I've tried plenty of it and I've had shit stuff and really fucking good stuff but in the end it is all just crap and not worth anywhere near what people pay for it. If you want to escape reality and feel otherworldly then try some real LSD-25 and be blown away into another dimension. As for myself i have just given up weed after 12 years of smoking it as it is time to not be worrying about the filthy police anymore i needed to move on from it even though i still believe it should be decriminalized worldwide. I have experienced all the drugs there are to have and meth is one of the shittest of all except for alcohol which is fucking downright disgusting.
meth. : 2011-03-17 21:07:38
meth meth meth
justsomeonewhosawthis. : 2011-03-13 06:01:51
I've never had meth, and you just gave me another reason for not trying it. I got really shocked about you guys in here, some of you talking like meth has come straight out of heaven...
I've already seen so many people so damn fucked up because of this shit, I don't know how anyone could possibly be stupid enough to try it
Steve. : 2011-03-07 17:02:59
Wow. These people need some Sock'em Boppers.
makewisethesimple. : 2011-03-06 21:55:08 do i begin? meth sucks. that guy ranting up above, although his heart is in the right place, talk shit about spelling but your grammar is worse than mine..loose vs. lose. loose=opposite of tight, lose= opposite of win or gain..anyway, meth killed three of my friends and kills every day..if you are going to use it or cook it, be prepared to deal with the consequences..death being the ultimate..well, that and everyone that you care about suffering while you suck on a glass dick or suck it up your nose because "it feels good" and "i can stop whenever i want"
think about it or don' will is a bitch..but so is life
wgqwrg. : 2011-02-28 01:54:32
you know freedom of information if you want to do meth you so vcalled chemists would come up with a recipe anyone could use like aspertame safe fast slmost free
Mac247. : 2011-02-18 07:59:44
now it aint right that theree are alot of people out there using drugs but wen 1 person is being a hypocrite it makes us all hypocrates
crack loverrrrr. : 2011-01-28 03:47:50
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>hows this sound<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


//. : 2011-01-12 20:46:21
I use speed frequently and I'm not even half as fucked up as everyone thinks.
It's when you let it control you is when it becomes a problem.
All you fucks can fuck off.
Wilkman. : 2011-01-05 04:01:17
i would just like to point out that this is a page about meth not other drugs. everyone knows weed is not bad for you. we all know that the medical use for marijuana should be legalized everywhere. if you didn't know that do some research. I smoke weed every single day and not once have i ever thought hey lets do meth.(YOU( only a meth head would put you as a name)) are the dumbest person i have ever heard of. no one gets paid $125 for laying on their backs and playing with pipes full of shit. someone that works below you as a plumber is not called a tech they are called plumbers or meth heads whichever. how do i know you are a meth head? look at your spelling befor you try and defend yourself as a meth head. example #1
(SIMON) the day i take my kids to see you is the day the world falls apart. as a doctor you of all people should know what you are putting in your body will kill you. not maybe kill you, WILL KILL YOU. i cant wait until you get caught smoking meth in a hospital, get fired, loose your family, or lack there of, loose your house or cardboard box and start making friends with the homeless. please stab yourself in the heart with a needle full of air and kill yourself because its cheaper easier and faster then meth. god knows all we need in this world is more fuckin tweekers. example #2
(ANONYMOUS PARTY) do you want my address i would love to have you out for dinner so i can watch all the kids in my neighborhood kick the piss out of you. you are an embisol( retarded in the language of meth). people do do meth for fun. it is not because they are hurt. its because some meth head told them it will help. please come try and drink my blood. i would love to record it to show everyone everywhere why you shouldn't do meth. example #3
i found this page looking for a funny clip of chris rock saying "are you smoking meth". Don't do meth no matter what these tweekers have to say about being hurt or being in pain or that somehow they mixed up selling meth with being a plumber and getting paid. just dont do it
guest : 2011-01-04 22:16:34
speed is far too friendly of a drug for anyone to do. say no and you are truly a winner in the game of life!
ice man. : 2011-01-02 04:52:48
i really dont sell anything.......i was just joking uncles
Satan. : 2010-12-03 08:51:05
shut the fuck up cry babys
LaughAtYouMethHeads. : 2010-11-18 11:38:25
This is too funny.
All these meth heads.
Silly, stupid meth heads.
Somebody. : 2010-11-18 11:38:04
You're all freaking buttards!
Simon. : 2010-11-17 12:42:37
Drugs aren't bad. It's the same as with guns. Guns don't kill people. People does. Drugs don't ruin lifes. People ruin their lifes with drugs.I do drugs 3-5 times a year. It's fun and harmless (if you aren't a complete retard or have no self control) I've done this for almost 10 years now and I'm finishing medschool in 6 months. Too much of anything is not good for you. Keep that in mind and you'll be fine
guest : 2010-11-11 23:41:22
dont no shit
you. : 2010-10-26 09:48:12
Anonymous. : 2010-10-25 07:41:26
"HAHA you tweakers are funny! Yes I AM better than you!!! I have a family that i love and care for, i have a nice little house where everything works cause i havent destroyed it. My TV is in on piece, my carpet doesnt smell like piss.?"

Oh yea, well, not only do I not do meth, but I have hardwood floors, and -- most importantly -- I don't even own a TV, so my life is infinitely better than yours.

I don't, however, feel better than the tweakers, for it is through luck and grace that I've never traveled down that path. Arrogance and "strength" is much worse than bad luck and "weakness" in my book, any day...

Better Than YOU!. : 2010-10-24 10:40:57
HAHA you tweakers are funny! Yes I AM better than you!!! I have a family that i love and care for, i have a nice little house where everything works cause i havent destroyed it. My TV is in on piece, my carpet doesnt smell like piss. I have nice white teeth. My kids biggest fear in life is that the dog will run away. I have a job that i work 60 hour a week at for a small pay check that gets us by. So yeah you fuck nuts I AM better than you. Because I faced all my problems in life instead of running away from them. MAN THE FUCK UP YOU PUSSY!!! Get a fucking role model and get over all your fucking daddy issues.Its not the governments fault, its not your high school teachers fault, its not your coaches fault. Your life is fucked up because of YOU! Stop looking for excuses. Anyone can turn their life around if they take some fucking responsibility for their own actions.
guest : 2010-10-08 14:18:24
Stay away from it ,,, at least steps by steps
learnedthehardway. : 2010-10-04 22:28:38
Meth has ruined years of my life.. I thought that I was having fun, but I was really just destroying my life and wedging a huge distance between myself and anybody that ever gave a shit about my curious George ass. I'm NEVER doing that shit again... infact I feel quite lucky to have escaped with my life. GOD is good!!
alison wonderland. : 2010-09-04 01:38:42
kinda scary to think about all you tweakers zootlegging around , sprinkling meth on everything
ANONYMOUS PARTY. : 2010-09-03 08:05:49
2K10. : 2009-12-14 12:20:46
JUST STOP DOIN DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck all YOR. : 2010-07-31 14:30:27
Fuck you republicans. Ill Kill your children. There blood is my drink. you are all garbage. judjing people who are HURT. People dont DO Drugs for no reason. Majority of users are RUNNING from Problems.. $$$$,Family,status.ect. They are in PAIN. You choose to be so much better, or so you think. your all garbage. and ill burn everything down.

THIS IS FUCKING DISGUSTING who draws the fucking line the gov't i dont trust those fucking bastard's ive seen way too closely how they handle situations and its not as all how you would think. keep your opinions and dont try to change anyone elses.

norccal. : 2010-08-19 11:08:59
fuck all u people talking shit on drug users ur just as lame but in other ways. I dont do meth i have once but i smoke bud and all u self righteous people are retarded for thinking u have sum kind of better life. ya funkin morons
tool. : 2010-08-10 23:35:13
it all depends who you are and how life has treated u. it will always work it self out unless your stupid.... so stop judging one another:]
Fuck all YOR. : 2010-07-31 14:30:27
Fuck you republicans. Ill Kill your children. There blood is my drink. you are all garbage. judjing people who are HURT. People dont DO Drugs for no reason. Majority of users are RUNNING from Problems.. $$$$,Family,status.ect. They are in PAIN. You choose to be so much better, or so you think. your all garbage. and ill burn everything down.
Tony fuckin möntana. : 2010-07-23 08:42:04
U madafakas dont faken no shit u pieces of fakin shit kiss ma faken azz i gat a faken meth,coke,pcp lab u faken retards modafauks
big red. : 2010-07-12 22:45:15
you all sound like every addict ive ever known. smoke a joint and stop being a junky fuck. you all are whack grow some balls
guest : 2010-07-11 20:23:12
I'v done meth its the best high ever it makes everything better sex, food, sprots ect.... I'v been clean for three months and it sucks
anonymous. : 2010-06-30 22:16:19
meth is the dumbest thing you could do.. moderation? your smoking fucking chemicals? everyone i know has fucked up teeth. meth is the dumbest thing ever. fuck all you that do it. even in moderation? damn air force? you have a wife and kid. and your doing meth. fucking stupid. what are you gonna do once your kid is old enough and he finds out you do that shit.? your a fucking dumbass piece of shit.
Mike. : 2010-06-22 11:05:12
I have been on meth for 2 years now. And everyone is right. Anyone that has never used meth, will never understand. One article in here says Sex is wayyy better than meth. You are right but so very wrong... For those who have never used here is a example. Picture the best feeling you have ever felt in your life... A time you might remember that was so great you probably will never feel again.. Now try picturing that Xs 1000. When you do meth you have the best feeling in your life, due to the fact that everything that makes you happy right now is a cemical in your brain called dopamine. Dopamine spikes mostly when you are eating food and having sex. when you truly get high on meth dopamine spikes 3xs of the amount that it does when you are having sex or eating, or even the best feeling in the world. I have been a addict to drugs from the time i have been 13. I am now 22. Currantly I am going to rehab. Everone on here says if you control yours use u are fine. And dont get me wrong for some people can, but others its impossible. For example some who drink alcohol can truly try to become a drunk and cant ever do it. While others who got drunk for the first time in there lives find that it is the best feeling in the world, and become alcoholics overnight. Like i told my wife last night when she came to see me. In sooo many ways i wish she was addicted to a drug, just like everyone who talks shit about how stupid it is. Manily because you are so right in so many ways, it is retarded. Though im glad she is not. But those of you who have not tried it and have not been addicted to it, will never understand how wonderful you truly feel on it. The anti-druggiest will never really understand relapse when you get clean. They will never truly understand drugs at all. Noone does untill it is too late and you are a addict. Everone that reads this both ice and herion has ruined my life. I have truly hurt those who care about me, and because of the drug didnt really care. I have done horrible things to people that i will regreat for the rest of my life. Everthing I have fought for in life has slipped through my fingers because of drugs. I have a baby boy now, and i cant stop thinking about him. I will not be able to see my baby boy for another 3 months, because i am in long term treatment. Everone says thats not long at all, but when u dont get to see your kids everyday it is so very long...You take everything for granted when you have it close to you, but as soon as you have lost it all you relize how much you truly care. Well anyone can talk shit about this letter. Cause i wont be back on to read it but to all those addicts who truly got clean U inspire me. Noone knows how hard it is. And to those who are familys to addicts remember most of the time, they have to hit rock bottom before they want to get themselves clean. Also remember it is not your falt and you will never be able to get someone clean just because you want them to be. They will always turn back to the drugs untill they fight for themselves to be clean. Hi my name is Mike, I am a addict, I have been clean for 3 months 6 days and a total of about 2 hours. It is a everyday fight but i will make it......... Need some help getting off or if you are scared for a family member that is on drugs now. I am not someone that can truly help but you can talk to me. Ask me anything. Good luck to you all.
mike. : 2010-06-22 09:56:04
Ill tell you about meth
Anonymous. : 2010-06-17 00:15:51
I don't understand why anyone would do meth! I was in a relationship and found he was doing Meth after he beat the hell out of me and hurt my son. He was never like that until he got on Meth. I will never understand why a person could do meth and hurts those he says he loves after I put him in jail come to find out he had been screwing many meth whores enough to make me gage. I'm one hot chic and to see those he slept with because of the drug and what he had lost. He beat me so bad he is looking at prison time. I don't understand why he doesn't feel bad I guess Meth makes you not care, makes you selfish.
brenda edelman. : 2010-06-16 12:28:24
no need to know. : 2010-05-22 19:14:10
look, all you guys who have not tryd meth stfu and listen, the media makes meth sound so bad , yes it can fuck up alot of shyt in your life but i been doin meth prolly three years on an every day basis. yea i lost a lil weight but im not nasty lookin like the media shows people get. i think people that beleive the media forget about all the makeup n touchups they do to make people look 10 times worst. my teeths not black like they show i take care of my self.. it all depends on your self control honestly i beleive meth is the best high you can get expecially if your a partier, it keeps you a wake and wanting to do things as long as you dont do to much you will b able to sleep that night, if your a lil to drunk hit a line of meth n ur back on your feet ready to kik it longer, if you have sex on meth u will last for eva im talkin good 2 3 hours. to the people that cook meth .. i have not ever done it ;) but i know wat its like doin it mostly the places you live in make you have to do it when there is no place that will hire, all the places that help find you a job wont help or u got felonies wat are you suppose to do to make money n when u think one box of pills gives you 2 grams n payin people to get em is only 25 to 50 dollars and u sell each gram for 80 - 150 dollars, thats any where from a 300 - 1500 dollar profit for only a 10 box batch and sum people do 3 4 batches a day. thats good money dont care who you are. now i dont recomend any one do meth it is addictive but so is anything you do.. liike playin a game , smoking cigs, drinkin beer , partyin . meth is not wat brings you down , its you n how far will you let yourself go jus to smoke a boat or snort a line , jus like how far will you go jus to come p with the money to buy a pack of cigs when u broke. im not defending meth at all. but people need to know that its not meth its the person that fucks them selfs up. if your gonna do meth id suggest do it for liesure activies thats it! bcuz it is a very expensive drug and geting bad on it can make people go broke if they dont know how to budget there money.
D BLANDSON. : 2010-05-13 00:11:23
Hey Air Force Dumbfuck, Nurse? Really? I fucking hope not. Your lack of capitalizing "I" in your writing scares me. I'm not at all impressed with your titles. And how many kids you have dosent make you the authority on anything. All tweakers suck, all talk and write like morons. Get help or end up like... and please learn some fucking grammar. Get a fucking dentist. Fuck the air force and fuck you, Florence Nightingale wannabe
chris h. : 2010-05-10 17:13:46
fucc all you meth head in dis' world you dumb fucc
PATING. : 2010-05-04 22:01:41
people defending meth legit. word yo. i thought my marijuana addiction was getting bad, thanks for putting in perspective u fucking crackheads
DhatBitch. : 2010-04-26 19:13:39
Yall DumbAss Muthafuckas Needa Go Rot In Hell..Yall Aint Worth Shit Anyways..Yall Kids Seein Dhat Bull Shitt Nd Dhey Think Iyts Riqht..Yall Bastards Aint Duin Shit but Fuckin Up Yalls Life Nd Dha People Who Love Yu..Dumb Fuckers
Paige. : 2010-04-20 09:23:23
Meth is fucking amazing! :DD
air force. : 2010-04-13 13:14:39
Im in the us air force, i have an associates in nursing, and am an air traffic controller. meth isnt as bad as it seems it all depends on your self control. you can get addicted to cigarettes just as easy as meth. i do meth but i dont drink my piss or eat my scabs. i have a wife and a kid on the way. so stfu people you dont know shit unless youve done it. meth isnt anything like the media says. so unless youve done it stfu
LMAO @ LAMEz. : 2010-04-04 21:09:35
girl kid. : 2010-03-28 03:24:59
im 6 and love meth its my best friend when i need comfidence and just to feel can call me a piece of shit or anything els i dont care..if anyone has a supply list of shit you need like chemicals can you post a e mail or some shit plz just saying to girl kid??i look great love my life and haters can fuck off..
ex addict . : 2010-03-27 01:36:15
ok im not defending anyone or nothing but as an ex junkie who held a great paying job for 10 yrs and now owns that business i would like to say, not everyone thinks things through before doing it, i didn't wake up one morning in high school and say hey i think i'm going to spend the next 7 yrs of my life killing my self. i went to a party and got drunk with friends some guys there offered it to me and i thought just once won't hurt, it did. i became a very functional addict i could work hang out and do everything a sober person did and no one knew, but one day i finally realized the toll it took on me. and i sought out help i took sick leave and got treatment and went to meetings now i'm a sober mother of three and you know what i wouldn't go back and change any of it. i'm a better person today, from life's experiences. with all fairness what kind of loveless hate filled people put other further into their graves by insulting them. your insulting a disease you obviously know nothing about. try educating yourself about it, im here trying to find stories other then my own to show my oldest son so he is educated about it and doesn't make my mistakes and all im finding is immaturity. that's all this no good for nothing junkie has to say.( in your eyes any ways).
guest : 2010-03-20 01:14:52
hello whocareswhatmynameis you should be very careful what you say and who you offend on your little safe computer because it could come back to haunt you. Just so you know I would not do that, but I do like to get out there, and just the fact your on this website means you either do the same or you know somebody that does. To make a long story short, you don't know me so don't judge me.

Who Cares Wat my name is . : 2010-03-17 11:35:25
You are the nastiest ppl ever.. who in their right minds would drink their own piss.. who would eat their own scabs.. yall are freaking SICK!! Grow up get a real job.. a real life.. and have sex its alot better than drugs.. whether you prefer it with a dildo, in the ass.. who cares just please dont ask me to pee in a cup for you cuz i will puke all over you LMAO
Courtney@LV. : 2010-03-15 16:01:19
I earned my Eagle Scout at 18, active in my church, healthy and had a beautiful girl and job. My experiment with meth had finally ended at the age of 40 and Im 44 now, underweight still, with dentures for teeth. I have a hard time focusing and I have been unemployed for 2 years with a felony record which kept me in Nev. state prison for 3 years. I must say my experiment was a complete disaster.
Anonymous. : 2010-03-05 13:18:04
You know, I've never done meth, and from what I've read, three seem to be enough downsides that I most likely never will. Even so, people hurting themselves taking it or blowing themselves up making it...well, that just seems more sad to me than anything else. I just can't seem to work up a good "hahah what dumfucks."

Maybe that's just me.

meth is gay. : 2010-03-05 06:27:29
you are all ass holes meth is the worst and i just think ur all dumb asses 4 doing it
Teezy. : 2010-02-10 09:09:52
Drugs are bad. Pull your head outta your ass. It will ruin your life
YRfrigginRETARDED!. : 2010-01-19 13:49:28
Amen to that, Poisoned! If you're dumb enough to do it, then what the hell! Why do people act like it's their god-given right to be a stupid junkie? (yay! It's like super fun and easy! I'm gonna go kill myself because I'm too cool for this world!)
niggaluva. : 2010-01-18 17:25:16
hope err onde blows up, pieces of shitt
disgusted. : 2010-01-18 10:41:28
this is a pathetic lifestyle to live really think about it
2K10. : 2009-12-14 12:20:46
JUST STOP DOIN DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
guest : 2009-12-10 03:41:44
it's so easy:-D the biggest problem is in ingredients ratio...:-P
antig. : 2009-12-02 20:35:47
police suck
dareyou. : 2009-11-12 18:03:01
I second police.
police. : 2009-11-12 09:31:21
you guys are idiots
dopefiend. : 2009-09-28 16:38:10
meth is like the best thing in the world for making you feel better about yourself! and if you are over weight like i was and lost all the fat after being on it for a lil while, it feels really great when ppl that you might have been attracted to finaly reconize you because of you looks but you gotta know how to control it but whatever ppl do what you like...peace out
Humpty Dumpty. : 2009-08-31 06:41:12
I love it when the media picks up on something thats been around for ages and labels it new!
Henru. : 2009-08-30 19:52:50
Id be pleased if this cut down somewhat anything more toxic like heavy metal exposure(probibly not)
Acme_Rocket. : 2009-08-25 23:36:22
You can't make a souffle by just mixing all the ingredients and putting it in an oven. Same goes for methamphetamine. That's not to say you can't make meth from simple starting materials in one pot, but the order of addition of reagents would be critical.
GK. : 2009-08-25 19:43:05
As a conservative idiot who slept through every chemistry class I ever took, I'm sooooo terrified. Not. If anyone ever attempts a synthesis resembling this, shoot it right up. Just do it.
PoisonedV. : 2009-08-25 19:13:56
I'm sure they are pleased about this. They love just letting drug users and addicts off themselves instead of having a safe and cheap way to buy them
Anonymous. : 2009-08-25 14:02:12
I've never had meth, have no desire to try it in the future, but you gotta love the self-empowering, DYI ethic...

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