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Video: Ashland Church of Daime

A short documentary about the Santo Daime Church, based in Ashland, Oregon. Santo Daime members can legally drink ayahuasca at their ceremonies. Pastor Jonathon Goldman talks about what they do at the church and their legal battle with the Government.

Thanks Ross!

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JohnBee. : 2013-08-29 14:23:42
I am amazed at the fact that some people, in their paranoid (not knowing right from wrong) obsessions and fears of change can come up with dishonest assessments of a chemical compound that actually IS the definition of true Magic ; "an' it harm none, do what thou wilt." DMT is harmless. Fear isn't. DMT reduces fear, panic, hopelessness, and actually improves brain function!
These are proven facts that have been recorded on Lab Eqpt !
I wish gov't flunkies would stop contaminating communication and intelligent info-sharing (if you gotta' use a cliche' for identity, like "guest".)
Oh, and I noticed that all links with U-tube have been censored. Listen to those two or three faced yo-yos whine about "freedom of speech", next time they get on the Media Band wagon. DMT is more of a friend, when it comes to functioning insights, than the media. (of course, DMT isn't obligated to the War-machine and its obscenely rich downward spirals !)
I'm going to try to get a source for the plants involved (since it's already been legalized) , then help my neighborhood live in a richer, more peaceful, "smarter" neighborhood, than exists in Washington DC ! (how can kids act smart, when they're surrounded by so many criminally negligent dumbasses ? Why change the teachers when what they have to work with is contaminated?) It's an "inside job !" Pardon the Pun ! Give kids a decent mentality before they get to school, and teachers can do the jobs of teaching, instead of counselors, bodyguards, liars ("oh honey, your Mom is doing the best she can !) Kids with smart minds don't need babysitting, just something to work with! And THAT is the primary function of school, and religion, and NOT the business of Gov't. (and they've all failed.) If Gov't were privatized, and truly Democratic, there would be no on-going road-work failures, no greedy bums whining for more Union Money (and the gov't bums that rob the rest of us, so they can "buy" blocks of union Votes thru awarding over-rated contracts to professional bums --- the unions.)
Well, Sport Fans, I've been on this Soapbox so long, my ankles have suds around them! In closing, DMT reduces interests in alcoholic behaviors and the violence it makes excuses for (that's what probably scares the crap out of adherents to violent religions and violent gov't jobs ---how many more times must we be TOLD to "forgive" the cops and soldiers who act worse than the people they kill ?) Wake-up Call, y'all ! Peace has never existed for two days in a row, on earth---that's why some of us are adamant about its being given a chance! (and pulleeze do not equate that concept with religious or political bums who say it for money!)
guest : 2011-04-27 14:56:07
families and children of participants are also sluffing away and I would not call it so gentle
Matt. : 2009-09-29 10:06:55
Congrats to the Church of Daime. If only this kind of healing was available to everyone, like for example me.
Changing my life. : 2009-09-28 15:44:02
I started drinking Daime about 1 year ago. During that time, I've seen entrenched aspects of my life slowly and gently melt away. It has been a wonderful gift and an answer to almost two DECADES of intense searching for personal healing. Freedom from addictions and depression are two changes in my character I've experienced. Their departure is like the sluffing off of an old skin. It is gleefully expansive for me to imagine what the next year might be like. Thank you Santo Daime!
Col. Cluck. : 2009-09-27 12:54:35
And a 'spliff' is the chicken finger. ;P
guest : 2009-09-27 10:34:30
Ayahuasca really is the Chicken Soup of the Soul. :D

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