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A guide to drugs on Koh Phangan

Reader Jim sent us a link to this crazy guide to Thailand's notorious island paradise, Koh Phangan. Here you can get shrooms, LSD, MDMA, whatever you want.

Weed is widely available on Koh Phangan from just every bar decorated with Bob Marley posters and playing reggae music. Sometimes the owner will sport healthy rastas. A lot of times, especially late into the night, the owner will smoke weed and will treat you to it. The guidebooks warn against weed sellers snitching on you to the police for additional profit, however I haven't heard about such cases. Surely, those bar owners pay a cut to the police for some protection...

Mushrooms. This is the main illicit plant attraction of the island. Out of respect, I will not use the D word for them. Mushroom shakes are openly advertised in those mellow mountain bars in Haad Rin. The price of the "happy shake" is 500 baht, and it's a good dose. I wouldn't recommend to take it during a party, as the trip can get quite personal and introspective. Of course it won't hurt to smoke some weed at the onset of trip, as the weed relaxed you and enhances the journey...

MDMA, LSD and ya baa (meth) are widely available at parties of the Half moon, Black moon and Jungle experience variety. I've seen a stall that openly sold MDMA (800 baht) and space cookies (200 baht) at the Jungle experience. Otherwise, just ask around. An LSD tab costs 300 baht.

Excellent article. As an aside, the Thai baht is currently trading against US dollars at 33 to 1.

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Mohammad . : 2014-02-24 22:40:18
Went to kho pan yang back in 2011, drank one shake to myself on a empty stomach around noon. I was basically in another world for about 7 hours. Was definitely a fun time, somthing about that place makes it the best place to experience mushrooms.
Ludawg. : 2013-12-19 17:54:39
Yo guys! I been living in Thailand for 3 years smoking everyday. No problem, but never in public, expect when on some of the bars in koh panghan like Amsterdam bar. But since no internet site will tell you this I guess I have to leave a comment.. The real beach is out there, catch a taxi boat from haadrin and go to haad yuan, haad yuan is like christiania in denmark, you can smoke everywhere and buy everywhere. On bars like Eden garden and guys bar they have the strongest happy shakes, and on the smaller reggae bars there you get a good bag of weed for a 1000 thb
Padthaitaster. : 2013-10-22 20:22:06
We have visited koh panghan at 2009, we were told and prepared in advance to avoid any contact with drugs there and heard the snitching stories etc. so we generally decided to make an alcohol holiday. After a few days we've noticed that next to our hotel on the mountain top is a bar AKA mushroom mouintain. since we've found out about it we went to smoke there every day, it really made the Island much more similar to paradise :)
After hearing alot of people talking about the shroom shakes and their "mellow" effect, me and my friend decided to share 1 shake just to get the idea. fyi it was noon and the day of the full moon party.
anyway, after that we went to our hotel and chilled a bit, waiting for the unknown. After some time laying on the bed and staring at the wooden ceiling which was covered with moving light stripes from the light that was moving because of the wind, I could notice that the ceiling was starting to breath, deep breathing..up and down, while I was enjoying that, my friend also started to see some stuff. out of that breathing buddha appeared, the one with the pointy hat. It was very interesting..we had a 6 hour trip I believe, with colors and everything. when we arrived to the party it just couldnt compare to our experience that we just had. Since than Im telling everybody that ask me about the party that its crappy..btw the half moon party rocks.
dont buy anything outside of the connected bars! And dont take anything with you! once I bought some weed from some guy on the street on some alley, suddenly some other dude came out of nowhere and grabbed my arm, luckily I managed to get out of his grip and run to my hotel, where I hided a few hours..not cool
anyway the shake was very excellent. I recommend it. If u do it, be calm, be ready for surprises and just enjoy what youre seeing instead of thinking about it, dont worry it will go away :)
and most important do it with the right people. Enjoy
Kiwi. : 2013-07-25 23:12:42
Been here for a week over the Full Moon party with my wife and have excellent experiences up at the kangaroo bar. We have both taken mushies a few times back home and knew what we were in for. The atmosphere they create up there is the perfect place to enjoy this experience and they defiantly work! I had 2 shakes and my wife had 1. It will take a good hour to properly take effect so I wouldn't recommend smashing 3 or 4 of these because it will really creep up on you then!
Stay calm and put yourself in a happy calm state of mind and you will have something that you will never forget!
mike. : 2013-06-17 03:47:09
You really have to ask them over and over to make the shakes stronger as they are really weak. On the day after the full moon on a bender I was over the top of the guy in the bar pressuring him to put 20 mushrooms in one shake. About ten mins of arguing he agreed for a extra baht. Best spent money ever couldn't of asked for a better trip in my life. Was so beautiful being amongst the paradise. It really made the trip. Can't wait to do it all again soon. Joints are not the greatest but still get pretty stoned. They are like 60% tobacco but what can you do. So enjoy the trip and pressure them to put more mushrooms in for a better trip haha
anonymous. : 2013-06-15 06:17:00
No problem to get per example happy shakes or joints @ the bar from sramanora waterfall party ;) happy shakes i havent tried, the joints are very good with mich thai weed inside for 200thb each.
the dude. : 2013-06-13 18:05:08
the shroom shakes a decent. the weed is real. its one of the worst rip offs ever with it costing about 5 bucks a J i wasn't having that so i just smoked the stuff that i brought with me.
guest : 2013-06-13 12:25:12
Staying on haad rin tonight. Had 2 and a half shakes. One from kangaroo bar (next to mellow mountain) and 1.5 from mellow mountain. 500 baht each. Not a regular user of any drugs but ive dabbled in the past. Wasn't a great trip. Short lasting, no introspection, just felt really relaxed. Saw at least 3 groups of tourists walking away with happy shakes in hand. The MM drinks were stronger and tasted better.
guest : 2013-06-08 17:13:24
Does anyone know if the marijuana sold in Koh Phangan and Koh Phiphi is real? I was there a few years ago when I was younger and smoked a few joints in bars, it felt real back then to the clueless me, but looking back I wonder if maybe it was synthetic. The joints are sold pre-rolled and one time I asked the bartender to just give me a bud to smoke in my pipe and he declined and said they already rolled everything. Maybe the reason why it's sold so openly is because it's synthetic weed and not the real thing?
Anon5. : 2013-06-04 04:08:54
I know this is a pretty old article, went to Phangan last Oct. Loved it and mellow mountain. but a friend is there now and he was telling me that they don't sell anymore happy shakes at mellow mountain and that some bars like Amsterdam don't allow smoking weed there anymore. Have you heard of any reason why?
Anon. : 2011-07-17 05:34:33
Koh Phangan has a heavy mafia influence (notice internet prices, transport prices, dive course prices are identical across every business with no freedom to negotiate) and consequently drugs are openly available in numerous locations throughout the island. The bars that openly advertise "happy shakes" such as those found on mushroom mountain have evidently paid bribes to the police to allow the consumption and trade of drugs on the premises.

I am a student from England and during the last two summer breaks I have travelled to South East Asia and both times I visited Koh Phangan.

Generally I have found that if most people are doing something i.e. sitting around in a bar smoking weed or drinking the mushroom shakes then you are safe. On the other hand don't be in possession of the drugs outside of the bars and decline any offer of drugs in the streets/beach etc.

Hope this helps.

Richie. : 2010-09-12 09:47:32
I've been going to Thailand and the full moon party quite a few times now. Hardly ever do drugs in my own country. Really like it at the mellow mountain bar on Koh Phangan and drinking the mushroom shakes that are sold and advertised quite openly there. Find that 2 shakes a night at 500 baht each is enough. You can also buy marijuana joints at 250 baht each. Unlike the shakes though, sometimes the bar runs out of joints and it's best to smoke them at the bar and not on the beach where you could get arrested for it. Hope this information is helpful and anyone going there for the first time has as much fun as I do there.
guest : 2010-03-09 04:14:36
Unless you want to be in some Thai prison for years while loosing money anywhere from 500-100,000 USD.
Thailand is one of the most strict places in the world on drugs, in fact anyone that lived in Thailand can tell you dont ever buy or sell drugs in Thailand.
As for this editor that wrote this article, he needs to get his face split for offfering such advice. Also I wouldnt be surprised if he is a Thai cop or a stranded junkie "Farang" stuck on the island waiting for some suckers.
guest : 2010-02-27 22:13:47
heading to the FMP in a cpl of months. Spewin about these harsh laws... would love to experience this event with some 'enhancement' but as a tourist on honeymoon im a bit aprehensive about taking the risk. Where is mushroom mountain??
Nowhere Girl. : 2010-02-23 15:28:21
What is that "D word"??
Anyway, surprising when compared with Thai drug policy in general...
traveller. : 2010-02-23 13:43:43
A word of warning on Koh Phangan. As with any place, use extreme caution with your illegal substances.

Police on Phangan are making a lot of extra income extorting travellers. When I last visited a year ago a FOAF was held by the police who wanted almost $15000 to forget about the spliff at the beach. That is a lot of money for most people.

Never travel with drugs on or to/from the island. There are frequent random searches and roadblocks, especially around the fullmoon party. Buy your shit from someone from your country that lives on the island (or on mushroom mountain and finish it before you leave).

That said Koh Phangan is somewhat wicked despite all the crazy kids.

anon. : 2010-02-22 21:25:53
"Excellent article." It's also the only article, makes me wonder a bit... Ever seen the movie Hostel? Or maybe Pinocchio, where they go to Pleasure Island. Look out for rich men with surgical fetishes and salt mine owners!

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