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Fake weed causing hallucinations

All about the latest K2, spice, fake weed, legal high trend.

Teens are getting high on an emerging drug called "fake weed," a concoction also known as K2 and "spice" that is also causing hallucinations, vomiting, agitation and other dangerous effects.

In the last month, Dr. Anthony Scalzo, a professor of toxicology at Saint Louis University, has seen nearly 30 cases of teenagers experiencing these adverse effects after smoking the fake weed, a legal substance that reportedly offers a marijuana-like high.

"K2 use is not limited to the Midwest; reports of its use are cropping up all over the country," Scalzo said. "I think K2 is likely a bigger problem than we're aware of at this time." For instance, Atlanta has seen about 12 cases recently.

K2 has been sold since 2006 as incense or potpourri for about $30 to $40 per three gram bag comparable in cost to marijuana.

"K2 may be a mixture of herbal and spice plant products, but it is sprayed with a potent psychotropic drug and likely contaminated with an unknown toxic substance that is causing many adverse effects," said Scalzo, who also directs the Missouri Regional Poison Control Center.

NOTE: There have been reports of people getting sick from certain batches of k2. This article indicates that there may be an unknown contaminant in some types of spice product (any guesses?). We have no evidence to confirm this, but some batches of spice or K2 may include more than you bargained for.

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Kevin Leland. : 2014-04-17 15:43:02
I had a very negetive experience with this is an article I wrote about it. [link]
Anon. : 2014-04-17 07:03:43
once burned a piece of foil with my mind while high on spice. I came back the next day to see if I was hallucinating and the burnt tip was still there. I think drugs allow for materialization of thought through strengthening the nervous system to allow the eye to see all grades of light. some of the hallucinations i've had were out of my body. i would do experiments like turn my head and move my body and the shape would stay in the same position. the brain is a processing tool. what you imagine is separate from what your eyes see. In the theta state, your brain can process light ray that aren't normally visible. With seeing is believing and with believing comes manipulation.
guest : 2014-03-13 17:04:23
I like the real stuff, but I get drug tested so I can't smoke. So I use spice as a substitute on occasion, and you know what it's fucken awesome. I do hallucinate, but I get cool trips, like one time I saw myself on top of the Himalayas, and another time I tripped out and saw a bright white ghost with wings on Halloween what was really trippy is that the homie saw the same thing.
guest : 2014-03-13 17:01:14
I like the real stuff, but I get drug tested so I can't smoke. So I use spice as a substitute on occasion, and you know what it's fucken awesome. I do hallucinate, but I get cool trips, like one time I saw myself on top of the Himalayas, and another time I tripped out and saw a bright white ghost with wings on Halloween what was really trippy is that the homie saw the same thing.
naturalhigh. : 2014-02-26 20:01:20
I used to work for a guy that sold these products crazy monkey sexy monkey mad monkey scooby snax what's up evil eye and the iphone looking one. This shit is nasty. We used to have to package it , count and seal all the little baggies full of this stuff.. It ain't weed and nowhere near close to being legal. I never smoked any of it. I would get a headache from all the fumes these stems and sticks and bits of leaves would release. Trust me anyone out there smoking this shit guys are tripping the fuck out because it is mixed in acetone.!! Yes a dangerous chemical that will mess your mind up or worse kill you. It is NOT "legal weed" this shit is just an easy way to make money out of stupid lil kids and even some adults ignorant enough to smoke anything for a quick cheap high.. Its not worth it. I've heard of people going crazy running naked up and down the street or worse yet ending up at a crazy house because they thought it was harmless. I didn't like what I was doing so I left that "job". People need to open their eyes realize that these men will put whateverdafuk they want into this "botanical satchet" shit. They only care about the profit not the customer so if you die or go crazy just know they already made their easy money and don't give a fuck about you!!!! Excuse my french and I hope my experience and knowledge about this shit stops any of you from inhaling lethal contents inside these harmless looking baggies with cool names and cute pictures. Take care of your health because you are only given ONE life to live.
Tia. : 2014-01-11 11:55:12
Last night my 16 yr old son and friend 16 smoked this stuff. The friend was hallucinating, vomiting, and etc. My son was hallucinating and unable to even talk about it yet. This is no joke. I remember when I was young, like 15, I would smoke or use anything because I was just that dumb/uninformed. Getting high was just what we did. I smoked some bad stuff back then (1970's) so I know that it is common for some people to just smoke anything without thinking about it. Think a little more, look a little harder at what you are doing. Life is hard at times but smoking basically anything only makes it 100x harder.
Kendrick Lamar. : 2013-12-22 10:29:47
Stay away from it, I've tried it once or twice and i felt like i was about to die my head was spinning really fast and my vision was blurred
guest : 2013-11-23 21:38:48
Just go drink bleach or drano...same thing. It's a toxic poison which will kill you. Don't really want dumb high kids around running the country anyways
december : 2013-11-17 14:45:38
This shit is just that,,shit!!! My friend is unfortunately now at RI Hospital and has limited use of his left arm. Never has anything like this happened in his 30 or so yrs of useing. Which I have to say and have said to him..IS STUPID> Nothing wrong with smokin a little weed people. But this stuff is NOT natural. And NOT safe. If you wanna hallucinate take mescline or acid.( Im NOT condoneing it,drugs are wrong, im just saying) At least you know what your in for. All these comments start with " I dont smoke weed" or some such crap. If you wanna get stoned then try POT. Another problem is these unnatural lab produced poisons getting in your lungs and bloodstream. Why dont you just put a gun to your head and get it over with??
you dont need to know. : 2013-10-20 12:02:18
THIS STUFF IS NOT WEED. in fact it is the farthest thing from it. "legal weed" yeah right.. more like "LEGAL DEATH". I had never smoked before in my life. one night i was over at a friends house he claimed he had "weed" we smoked it. the second i hit that bong I saw BLACK. i'm not saying i passed out or fell on the ground, i simply blacked out standing up for God knows how long. the moment i could start to see again i ran to my friends begging for help. help me, i'm dying i said. call the cops. call my mom. i'm going to die. help me. my "friends" laughed. they took videos of me dying laughing at what i was going through. my heart has never beat so fast in my entire life. my vision was almost like seeing life in a flip book. everything moving so fast but at the same time flickering into focus. i couldn't walk. my friends just stood there, they didn't care what happened to me. I couldn't breathe. I have never felt so close to death in my life. I could feel death taking over me. i felt possessed. even now writing this my hands are shaking and my heart is racing. it's been a week and I still remember everything perfectly. I took a drug test to figure out what i smoked. everything came back negative. my friends wouldn't tell me what i smoked. in fact while i was freaking out telling them i was going to die they tried to make me smoke more of it. but thats when my brother told me chemicals don't show up on drug tests. and after looking into it further i found out it was k2. this stuff is not a joke. stop being ignorant. I almost died that night, I should have. but luckily I somehow managed to call my mom and she came and picked me up. I have panic attacks a lot now when I think about that night.
Anonymous. : 2013-07-15 15:20:07
That Shit Should Be BANNED From The U.S. I Hullacinated From One Hit. POINT BLANK PERIOD. Dont Smoke It.
Bree. : 2013-04-17 04:15:04
Say what you like but I just had the most terrifying experience of my life. My husband and I have been smoking this shit for a few years, him more than me and he just had an hallucination. He was choking, couldn't breathe, heart rate was through the roof, vomiting, screaming and throwing punches. I was terrified that he was going to punch me but was too scared to leave him on his own. Called ambo's but he calmed down within a few minutes. Made him have a cold shower and sit down. Turns out this had happened before, only 10 days ago. Tonight he believed that he was fighting to get through a solid wall of fire and was fighting people as well. He said he could feel every punch and burn. I know everybody has different experiences but I sincerly hope that after this one my husband doesn't touch this stuff again like he has promised.
Shirley. : 2013-02-26 18:26:31
I just had the worst trip in my whole life with that monkey shit. Thought is was going nuts. I still feel dizzy right now, like motion sicknes. Yes, STAY AWAY from it please...

Jay Savaloy.. : 2013-02-15 20:05:48
Me and 3 mates smoked some blueberry k2 tonight. The craziest trip we've ever experienced. I'm not a weed smoker at all really, and we were told it was only blueberry tabacco with a bit of weed in it. My God we were surprised. I felt like I was semi-unconscious and was outside my body, then started seeing things, felt trapped in the car, then the next minute felt like I wasnt even in the car, we couldn't walk and I felt like i was vibrating rapidly and my heart rate went through the roof. all of us thought we were going to die and we only had 2 roll cigs worth between the 4 of us. Never touching this crazy stuff again! In my opinion.. Keep away.
conrad. : 2013-02-08 17:05:47
Were with u learn how to controll it before u try to hit it all hard dont chug a bottle in one shot try only a little and see how if hits
Wtf. : 2013-02-02 08:02:53
Oh and by the way yes I am still alive and never had a problem with it. 4 1/2 yrs straight smoking and nothing has ever happened to me. Ask my dr nothing wrong with me
Wtf. : 2013-02-02 07:57:09
Really people dumbasses. Everybody who has posted bullshit about this and saying my friend this my friend that BULLSHIT! So far all the claims are fake if its is not post ur hospital release forms stating the facts, I got tired of hearing people say this in my town even the news said it kids are dying on this stuff and gave hospital name, everybodys argument was on that, so since everybody knew I asked the hospital and they had no such thing happen there...hmmm ? Not saying its good I like the real stuff but cant smoke cause of job. Plus this is not for kids and sorry people now and days kids r 26 and down. Sorry for all this but it's my only relief from this world and dumbasses keep messing with it, funny there's many ways to get drunk and beat up ur spouse or drive and kill a family oh and guess what I can prove all, u can too everyday go to hospital and ask how many people over dosed on legal last night and ask how many incidents with alcohol and liquor , there's a big difference yet which is getting off the streets
Pj. : 2013-01-06 07:15:07
One day I heard a group of friend talking bout legal weed and everybody was trying it.. So me being me the weedhead I was I tried it to.. I was high as fuck. We rolled up another one and smoked it didnt get that high off that one but my high came down real quick... So the next day we meet up again and smoked some more but I didnt wana smoke the rest so we left and I was walkin up the street it felt like the street was getting smaller and it felt lik I was fina get hit by a car but the person I was with said the car wasnt even clise to me.. .. I couldn breath or nothing then everthing went back to normal.. I dont encorage NOBODY to smoke this I was 17 at the time im 19 now and my life havent been the same since!
Amazed. : 2013-01-05 22:58:06
Wow. I'd be amazed if most of the people who posted are still alive. If they are, here's the deal; there is no "normal" effects or side effects to these substances. They are untested, unregulated mixtures that are never exactly the same, except that they are produced and sold to you by people who DO NOT care how it effects you. Weather it causes you to become violent, or sick, or places your heart under so much stress that you infarct, they don't care, because you already paid for it and they are not accountable to anyone if it does kill you. And again, it can kill you because "it" is a constantly changing mixture of chemicals, just like any street drug, and your body reacts to chemicals. Sometimes you feel euphoria, sometimes, you die. Notice that there is no guarantee on the box, and no published reference information? I am constantly amazed by not only the inability to type in your first language, but the- what is it exactly?- stupidity, recklessness, or just inability to function lucidly in daily life. If you are using- ok, continue, but you have to know that every time, it's absolutely possible that's the time you will die.
mac. : 2013-01-04 11:03:55
Ga girl..ur a lying ass...u said at top u don't smoke...then at the end u said u ssmoke a lot...don't lie
gagirl. : 2011-08-29 09:30:22
So me and my boyfriend went to star ship to get this shit called spaz and its made by the same people that make zombie killa, spiz doctorz. we were told by several friends to take just two hits because this crap will get you high as shit and seeing as Ive never smoked weed before and my boyfriend hasn't in years we listened. I took 2 hits and within a minute i was high as shit. my boyfriend on the other hand only took ONE hit and went way way down hill. he told me he couldn't feel his legs which im not sure if thats normal or not, that he couldn't breath and needed to sit down. maybe 5 minutes later, we all go inside and he is sitting on the edge of our recliner and white as chalk starts talking to himself and doesn't even realize there is anyone else in the room. starts saying stuff like going down, get it together, take a deep breath, your getting better, you feel sick....he said it in this weird ass monotone voice that i have never in my life heard. next thing i knew his brother had him next to the trash can, throwing up and having cold water pored on his head. his eyes wouldn't focus and they were rolling in the back of his head. his whole body was on fire and he was sweating bad. after about 30 minutes he was able to move into the shower and was still getting sick and still white as chalk. it took about 3 hours for his high to go away and for him to stop throwing up. It was the scariest thing that I have ever went through and im so grateful that he is feeling somewhat better today. i felt helpless because i was high as shit and knew that if i couldnt get myself together then there was no way that he was going to get better. i woke up every 30 minutes last night to make sure he was breathing. It was HORRIBLE and my boyfriend told me today that he had an out of body experience and when he was talking to himself he was looking at himself from across the room. SCARY! people need to stay away from that shit because it can really hit you bad and trust me my boyfriend used to smoke pot ALL the time and has even tried other drugs and never had this effect. People BEWARE!!!!!!
donnie. : 2011-08-25 10:42:47
i love it i smoke it everyday and can still pass a drug test
donnie. : 2011-08-25 08:42:04
i smoke it everyday and have tripped out a few times and love it cause i can pass a drug test , if you idiots cant hang with the big dogs then get the fuck off the porch !!!!!!
Brittanie. : 2011-08-13 01:23:57
So tonight one of my best friends had a massive heart attack from smoking this stuff.. IKve smoked it myself and it wasn't a normal high like I have ever felt.. I thought I was going crazy.. But my friend is 30 and the doctor said it was specifically Spice that clogged a main artery to his heart and he had a massive heart attack! I'm not trying to scare anyone it just is a big eye opener and it reacts differently yo different people
Edward Hill. : 2011-08-12 09:51:57
Ive triedd zombie killa several times and i never once had or felt a bad high!!!
Pot head : 2011-08-09 01:04:07
I love it I've quit real I can hold a job I've tripped out a few times but it's all in your head you just can't think about it and if you tripping move around a bit it will make you feel better and know your limits
jbjbjb. : 2011-08-08 19:07:05
I did this today.
I've smoked weed more times than I can count and enjoy every bit of it.
I took to 2 hits of this and I lost it. I thought I was going to die. The hallucinations I felt were beyond scary. My heart was pounding. I was sweating and for almost 2 hours I thought I had lost my mind.
I really thought I was going to end up in a psych ward.
I threw up perfusely for about 30 minutes. Felt better after that but still felt more agitation then I've ever felt in my life.
If it wasn't for my boyfriend (who smokes this regularly), I don't know what would have happened. This stuff affects everyone differently and he was completely confused but now realizes that this stuff can cause a lot of harm if your body reacts negatively to it. Be careful! SERIOUSLY
I will never, ever touch this stuff again.
LOL. HANDLE YOUR SHIT FABBIOUS. : 2011-07-30 13:24:44
you people are idiots. People arent dying over this shit and you dont need to go to the er. Your idiot kids or whoever just cant handle their shit and they are freaking out because they are TOO HIGH. Now granted i love weed because there are no adverse effects and it is actually good for you ( if you disagree with this educate yourself and dont believe media and government lies) and i have only tried the k2 stuff a few times. but its not going to kill you people. You idiots are just freaking out because its a different, and in many cases WAY MORE INTENSE HIGH.
Anonymous. : 2011-07-26 08:26:08
Let me clarify something, lest it seem I'm engaging in hyperbole:

"So I'll take a more direct approach: your attitudes towards drugs are, to a
great degree, what created the problem in the first place. You're killing your

You're calling for prohibition.

Prohibition created these drugs.

What makes you think that the world is magically going to start working in a different way?

Anonymous. : 2011-07-26 05:59:23
"I am going to make it a point to try and get this stuff banned. Thought my daughter was going to stop breathing after smoking killa zombie. Bad news.."

As I commented recently in a different thread on the topic, this is not a good approach. We now have decades of experience and research that demonstrate, irrefutably, that prohibition is not an effective strategy in combating drug abuse.

If you really love your daughter and her friends, inform yourself about the data, and demand that your elected officials act in the best way possible to combat drug abuse.

It is abundantly clear that youth will use marijuana. They do so even when the simple act can destroy their lives (from the legal perspective). They can't be scared out of it -- it just doesn't work. The first step in behaving sanely is admitting what exists, and this exists.

Knowing the situation, we must engage in harm reduction. People wouldn't be using these sketchy products if a safer alternative existed. And of course, a safer alternative does exist.

Once safer alternatives are available, society needs to learn to treat problematical relationships with drugs as a heath problem, not a legal one.

Etc. etc. Hell, I know I'm wasting my time, so I may has well stop. The research showing this to be true would fill a small library, but that doesn't matter to those who have already bought into the efficacy of the "war on drugs."

So I'll take a more direct approach: your attitudes towards drugs are, to a great degree, what created the problem in the first place. You're killing your daughter.

Guest. : 2011-07-25 10:02:05
I am going to make it a point to try and get this stuff banned. Thought my daughter was going to stop breathing after smoking killa zombie. Bad news..
zk . : 2011-07-22 11:25:15
A bowl. Of. Reg n a hit of zombei killa
Babygirlj. : 2011-07-21 18:32:45
I smoked it a few times and really like it..... Its better than weed and doesn't make you tired.... Its pretty intense and I think it affects everyone differently because I have never hallucinated on it..... Its pretty good though
Upset Parent. : 2011-07-18 00:17:06
FYI: I just left the ER. I had to take my son and another young to the Hospital for smoking Zombie Killer. This stuff is not for Human Consumption...Period! My son was shaking looking daze and acting lethargy. Thank God I came back to my neighborhood to ask the others guys, what exactly they had been smoking. The one young man could barely walk or speak. I made him get in my car and I took him and my son to the ER. This stuff is quit deadly! Please, Please don't try to smoke this so called legal herb. When I called the Starship to see if they had it, the sales person sound very enthused to confirmed the product. I ask what were the side affects, I got silence. Then I informed them that I was on my way to the ER, they anxiously told me that the package states no human consumption. People are believing what there so called friends are telling them and are risking there lives. These young men didn't read or even see the package. All they were told was it's legal and it's ok to smoke. Don't believe the Hype! Please use good judgement and stay safe!
the zombie killa. : 2011-07-17 22:06:18
ok so this spice stuff is pretty good.....i started out with a 2g bag of k2 gold smoked that with my dad and we both got a pretty good high for about 3 hours for the first time trying it. the second time i smoked it my high only lasted maybe an hour at the most, so my friend told me about dr. spitz zombie killa. and that stuff my friends is the real deal, after countless time of smoking this stuff it never lets me down. great trips, only bad time that i had was i felt that i was going to vomit but i told my self stop it and breathe that seemed to do the trick. try not to smoke this on a full stomach if u can. the best way to smoke this stuff is in a pipe in my opinion...4 hits usually gets me going...but its all up to personal preference so light up and enjoy your zombie killa + rave/dubstep party = amazing trip
kevin.shack.. : 2011-07-17 14:03:29
Hey man you say if i have smoked pot more than 20 times its ok? wrong boi. I have gone through ozs of cannabis for fun on days and smoke every hour of everyday and love it. But then I tried this legal spice and i TOOK ONE BONG RIP AND BOOM!! Right then I knew I wanted it all gone I was dying right there in my house by myself. Heart was pounding and hallucinations. lasted for hours. worst thing ever done. I love jah and praise to be alive.
J. : 2011-07-16 00:08:22
I use to be a big pothead I quit smoking after getting married and having my son, I would only do it on special occasions of course then I found out about this smoke I found out I really like funky monkey it works and I can get it discreetly but now w/ hard times I need to get a job, I have bad motion sickness so on so forth so I like to have it on hand in the morning and at night because that's when it hits and I can calm it, I need to know can I pass a drug test or do I need to flush my system? which is no problem. If anyone has any answers that would be awesome! Thanks :)
guest. : 2011-07-05 17:51:33
i'll stick with the green!
Zombie killa666. : 2011-07-01 07:29:43
I think its pretty cool if its all u can smoke you know
Earl. : 2011-06-27 00:04:52
has anyone ever died from smoking these incense?
cxddlxs : 2011-06-07 12:49:59
I have smoked several kinds of legal herb, along with real marijuana... and I must say that Zombie Killa has caused me to quit everything! I am terrified that what happened when I used zombie will happen again. I only took about 4 hits off of a joint, and I began to feel very high (which is great!)... about 2 minutes later, I started breathing in and out way more quickly than I should need to. I was tapping my foot along with the beat, and it was fast. My husband asked me if I was okay, and at that moment I began feeling even worse. I was pacing back and forth, still panting, got really dizzy, started seeing a black dot in front of me, and my surroundings were beginning to fade away. I knew that I was going to faint, or at least I thought I was. My husband, knowing that I have a small case of asthma, ran and got my inhaler. After using the inhaler, things didn't get better. Next, I started to vomit uncontrollably. I really thought I was going to die. I kept telling myself inside my head that I would be okay, but I really did not believe it. Once I was able to quit puking my guts up, I ran bath water and attempted to take a bath, when all of a sudden, I got extremely hot and sweaty and began vomiting again. I decided to try to lie down and just fall asleep, but when I did, the entire room felt like it was spinning. I honestly do not know how I made it through the night. I didn't want to go to the hospital mainly because my husband was also using it, and it would be impossible for either of us to really function enough to let the doctors know what the problem was. The next morning when I awoke, I felt like I had a horrible hangover and it hurt to even breathe (I believe from vomitting so much). I do not reccommend Zombie Killa to anyone, ever, for any reason... although my husband did try it again (dumbass!!) and nothing happened to him.
guest : 2011-05-31 20:47:33
dammm i had a freaking fun trip on space i felt like i was in outer space tripping and the sun looked like it was killing me it was crazy k2 will messs u up :P lol
Working Adult #3. : 2011-05-01 11:40:12
Dan I had the exact came problem and I have been using ZK for about 4 months straight without issues. I completely removed myself from weed, and bought in bulk. For the last 4 months it wad been fairly dreamy. I could get high, not worry about all the legality issues with pot and I thought I had found a permanent replacement.

All of a sudden, I can't get any kind of good sleep, woke up with diarreah and vomitting and it feels like i havent sleep in 3 days (like an old high school post-acid trip hangover).

The one thing I can say is that 24 -48 hours without it and you will be back to yourself.

I truly think there is a tipping point and you have to be very careful. A great light high can go into a "Im going to be sick". Pretty easily.

Since I "re-upped". I have had 4 hangover days in 2 months. Usually Mondays for some reason. Though the only effect there is you feel like you "just woke up" all day.

I am sticking with the product for now in lighter doses. It was the perfect replacement for a 20 year pot smoker who had a professional career. I still think it does what it is supposed to do, however I may just have built up a tolerance to the point where my tolerance level and the "I'm going to be sick" line are just so close together than I cross over it to often.

I had never had a hangover on this until they banned K2 and JWH so it could be they changed up chemicals.

SpiceLover. : 2011-04-29 08:50:24
AND anything that says not for human consumption but is sold with a name like XXX funky monkey is made to be smoked but as long as it is sold as an incense which is not for human consumption, it does not have to be FDA approved. Testing on these products has not been thorough enough for anyone to really know all the side effects. All spice that I has seen has said not for human consumption on it, except one that said "Does not contain SPICE, Do Not Smoke" and you know what i did with it....and i loved dont trip
SpiceLover. : 2011-04-29 08:46:57
Spice is the best. Every kind is a different high. Don't read this shit and trip out over it. If you have smoked weed more than 20 times, spice will be no problem. Every person is different and enjoys a different type of high so try out different spices. Most sites will send you samples packets if you ask them to with your order if you tell them you are tryin to find one you like. And this page isnt about weed so I wish people would just stick to the spice convo. DONT TRY SOMETHIGN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A SITUATION THAT IS UNCOMFORTABLE FOR YOU!! duh, same as with any drug or mid altering substance... and have all been good to me and ive enjoyed almost all of their products
Dan. : 2011-04-24 19:32:35
For anybody who cares, I have smoked lots and lots and lots of weed, i make it my job to know as much as i can about everything i do and i do a LOT. I'm no novice when it comes to getting high on both sides of the law so i've smoked probably a dozen different "herbal incense blends" sold at 4 different locations over the course of 3 years but the batch of "Zombie Killa" I got/smoked yesterday was different from the rest.

First of all the bag the Zombie Killa came in was black instead of the silver-ish bag I had always gotten before. It smoked fine and got my high last night but this morning for NO reason I woke up and started having the worst $hitty piss water that burned like acid while my bowels convulsed and i emptied my stomach through my arse. Then on the way to church for Easter sunday (today) I randomly get the WORST car sickness ever and before we make it 2 miles down the road, Im throwing up. i continue to throw up some yellow slimy substance generated by my sinuses for the next 2 hours while dry heaving as my entire body siezed and made sure there was nothing between my mouth and my arse, often going without breathing (due to dry heaving) for as much as 45-60 sec. I have no allergies, ate no strange food (all I had was a glass of water) so the only thing it could have been was the Zombie Killa! Think about it...

guest : 2011-04-23 18:15:39
Will it show up in a drug test?
Paul Hefner. : 2011-04-01 09:36:52
Ok so someone asked this but no one answered him. Product Caleld ZOMBIE or ZOMBIE KILLA. Says NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION but i know plenty of people who have smoked it. but not too much.... Can you Smoke it? With 0 Side effects? The Main Ingredient is Damiana which is a mild form of like salvia, almost same effect as Marijuanan but for sure i felt twice as tired as when i smoke weed, and my eyes get extremely heavy, slowness of breathing and i litterally feel like a zombie didnt wanna do anything lol. But again the Question is

Can You Smoke a product Called Zombie, Even though it says Not For Human Consumption?

Regarding Disinforrmation. : 2011-03-21 20:03:01
Sounds about right actually.
BlahBlahBlah. : 2011-03-14 18:21:01
Dude ive smoked a lot of "fake weed" and i smoke like a bowl at a time or multiple bowls. All the people that have crazy bad reactions like not breathing and shit either A. have never done drugs before and dont know what to expect and they freak out which causes the symptoms they have like heart rate and shit. B. are allergic to whatevers in it. C. can't handle psychedelics. Ive hallucinated all kinds of shit. I smoked that shit K4 Max and rolled backwards and looked around and saw space and felt weightless and tripped like shit. Then I had more and me n my friend saw lightning coming out of our hands and shit and had like lightning fights haha. And then i had like 3 bowls of this shit called Zombie and saw like an alien running around in my basement wearing a cloaking shield and i chased him around pretending i had a shotgun and making gun sounds and laughing like an idiot. Its great shit you just have to be able to handle it just like any other mind altering substance like alcohol and weed. Or even like normal medicine, the government acts like side effects from "drugs" are some crazy shit. When ANYONE can have ALL SORTS of bad side effects like heart rate increase and breathing issues, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, and numerous numerous other things from taking day to day meds. Look on any medicine commercial at the tiny print on the screen describing the side effects. And they happen to people all the time. You know why you never hear of people going to the hospital and stuff cause of bad reactions to them? Cause they dont get you "high" so the conservative majority doesnt care and considers it normal adverse reactions. If conservative pushy people would stop giving a shit whether or not some ones "high" then no one would care. Someone can let alcohol destroy their lives and minds legally but i cant have a few tokes and get a few cheap laughs for an hour or two and then get on with life? Thats fucked up. You can go screw up your liver legally, and i cant even walk down the street smoking a ganja pipe listening to my ipod and just having a chill afternoon? Legalize and stop being hypocritical fucks. You can get drunk and be a douche and get alcohol poisoning, and i cant roll some reefer and have a chill, safe, jovial evening? Cmon...theres a reason Amsterdam and have lower crime rates and shit, as Bob Marley once said, "Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction."
working adult. : 2011-03-06 21:34:00
I've been smoking marajuana for 20years. Recently had to stop do to random drug testing at work. After about 6 months of trying diff products i've found monkey funky and blue sky both to be much more potent than k2 spice and a longer lasting buzz than good old bud provied me. Hell i used to chief abougt a quarter ounce a week, but with monkey funky a 4gram container lasts me a whole week. Again this is comming from a 20 year pot smoker, the monkey funky stuff works VERY WELL, you will get VERY HIGH! My only concern are the long term effects.
ash2dust. : 2011-02-15 10:57:54
I have Tramatic Brain Injury, also CHRRISTian. I get my blood tested yet enjoy Funky Monkey it keeps me up & aware instead of putting me down to nap. Its bennificial!
Frankenstein. : 2011-02-08 11:30:19
So fuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkknnnn highhhhhhhhh dogggggggggggg
bw. : 2011-02-03 10:10:56
i love zombie killa
Ashley. : 2010-11-29 21:47:27
A ban on these products is beyond hypocritical. The FDA approves toxic substances for human consumption all of the time and no one bats an eye, but when it comes to legal highs, watch out! What is the point of prohibition anyway? These guys have k2 incense products that are legal in every single state [link] so you see, it's a never-ending cycle.
hmm. : 2010-10-19 06:11:08
well we have done it for 2 or 3 yrs legal weed, since we have randoms and have passed drug test, but recently in the past few months have got a hold of a few bad batches.i have halliucated and so has my hubby his was so bad his heart rate got to 152 and bp 224/124.. he needless to say had to go to er i waited mine out. Legal weed has nothing to do with thc its herbal but the spray ppl are putting in them now is very dangerous!! we are up in age so its not just teenagers. honestly can say WE QUIT!!!!! looking down at your body isnt fun!!
Juan.. : 2010-10-08 04:31:37
P-NUT. : 2010-10-08 04:30:30
iiM HiiGH as Fuck!!
Ryan. : 2010-09-09 22:23:43
first off weed is NOT dangerous its the bees knees, second i have been using this "fake weed" for a while and have not experienced anything other than an regular high simular to marijuana, finally if you want to stop these kids from having a bad experiance on something a guy makes in his basement (simular to meth isn't it) the legalize the thing that grows naturally after all its a big profit being that thier is no compatition. Think about it
Anonymous. : 2010-09-08 15:36:58
The pure alkaloids are so cheap (last time I checked, JWH-018 could
be sourced for something like $85/gram, and a gram has hundreds of dose units, so it works out to something like twenty cents a dose), people who are really interested in this should consider making their own. That way you know what's in it, and it's a lot less expensive.
Allie. : 2010-09-08 14:18:53
I wish people would be more careful. My friends were telling me about some sort of blueberry k2 incense and I googled it and found out it is counterfeit. Apparently there are only a few authentic blends. The list of fakes is scary long and they don't quite know what is in those, [link] It's worth checking out if you buy this or know someone who does. Stay safe.....
Zombie Killa. : 2010-09-02 14:20:43
Is Strawberry Mamba Incense & Strawberry Funky Monkey XXX Incense Smokable Why Does It Say Not Intended For Human Consumption CAN YOU SMOKE IT
GUEST. : 2010-08-27 17:26:09
guest : 2010-08-15 23:03:07
I dont smoke weed, but I rather have weed legal than this k2 crap. I've never heard of anyone dying on weed itself, but here in texas just recently a kid smoked k2 and stopped breathing, Emt's had to be called to take him to the er, now it's about to be made illegal here. Seems like every day I hear from someone or the news some dumb kid smoking it and almost dying or something. Why not just boil it and breathe in the vapor? I mean it's incense sprayed with a thc like chemical called Jwh-018, heck it's probably not even the chemical making ppl sick but burning and smoking strange herbs and incense plants.
bloomblam. : 2010-07-16 13:58:54
Why aren't you idiots trying to make tea out of it??? Most likely, burning this random crap and inhaling it is NOT GOOD for you. Plus, I bet you could trip harder if -by boiling instead of burning- more of the potent psychotropic stays intact and flows into your brain.
guest : 2010-05-11 22:30:50
Shit ive already smoked 4 grams of spice now it dident make me do nothing of what there saying it juat makes me high
jessica. : 2010-05-03 20:23:38
weed sucks! get over it lazy fucks! :) grow up.
guest : 2010-03-23 11:12:22
lame lame lamelame just legalize pot everywhere and you wont have to go thru all this bull
Anonymous. : 2010-03-08 15:48:59
"Why why why smoke fake weed??"

I think the post immediately below yours kind of addressed that. And I'd add: some people actually prefer not to commit felonies if they have options not to. Strange, but true!

Mike. : 2010-03-08 13:24:58
Why why why smoke fake weed?? I find natural cannabis very visual. Smoke it then put on a sleep mask in the dark and meditate. Amazing. Forget this artificial crap.
guest : 2010-03-07 12:50:29
every time "fake weed" comes up on the web-somebody says"why don't you just smoke weed?"-I can't believe that people don't understand working a job that randomly drug tests or people on probation don't have that option-sheesh -
slay. : 2010-03-05 19:59:58
are you kidding me? how retarded do you have to be not to figure this out? trying to synthesize a plant is going to do just that..make your brain do stupid shit. just smoke weed. if you cant smoke weed, eat it. if you cant have weed in your system, adopt a new lifestyle. simple as that.
guest : 2010-03-05 16:32:28
Sounds like disinformation to me. The same idiots would probably show up in the ER if it was real cannabis.
Anonymous. : 2010-03-05 13:24:09
Vomiting, agitation, and dangerous effects suck. But as for hallucinations, isn't that kind of the point? I've always found cannabis to be somewhat psychedelic, so I just assumed the weed substitutes should be the same.

I've tried the imitation weeds a few times. I liked the effects, but never felt it wise to indulge often (there is little safety data on them, after all, and ingesting a "not for human consumption" product out of some sketchy lab, probably in China... well, it has "not wise" pretty much written all over it).

But yea, I thought hallucinations were kind of the point.

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