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LSD tripper amputates and flushes testicles

Jesse sends us LSD horror stories from the edge of insanity:

On April 18, officers responded to a residence to assist the Arcata Mad River Ambulance with a 31-year-old male subject who had just castrated himself. Medical personnel and officers were unable to locate the subjectís testicles. He later told officers that he flushed them down the toilet as he feared they contained "monsters."
Posted By jamesk at 2010-05-13 15:19:33 permalink | comments
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Mike. : 2010-05-21 23:43:17
I hope this fuckin nut case is tied down somewhere safe from my grandkids . Just smoke kush .
judi. : 2010-05-18 16:34:33
i live 12 miles from arcata and am familiar with the shit that goes around here. there is a lot of question as to what was actually ingested, was it actually a bad lot of acid or something else altogether? whatever it is, there are plenty of problems caused by it. better to avoid chemicals and keep it natural...
Crawford Tillinghast. : 2010-05-16 00:38:19
"I've seen a lot of weird shit on drugs. I have never ever ever ever EVER, looked at a fucking egg and thought it was a brain."
-- William Melvin Hicks, 1961-1994
Joshua. : 2010-05-15 13:53:21
I thought it was mephedrone.


All sides of equation.... : 2010-05-14 18:09:07
Another problem with articles like this, is they fail to also address whether or not this particular individual had previous mental problems or was on any other substances at the time. This has been seen in the news before. There has been so much propaganda since the 60's, that news sources seem to focus on it for the wow / shock factor (and maybe even in hopes that it really is awful since some of these same publications were the original disseminators of such unbalanced info).
moo. : 2010-05-14 14:21:10
Just a moo. Consider the experiential number of hours in total that humans have undergone on LSD over the past 65 years. How many did such a thing to themselves? A negligible quantity. Even if this was LSD, doesn't that statistic show that there is no causal factor involved? Especially considering LSD is an unspecific amplifier, governed by set and setting, you have to wonder what the underlying argument amounts to... Just sayin'....
Josep Yao. : 2010-05-14 13:19:24
my first thought was as leonard's - maybe this guy's future kids could have been serial killers or rapists. :D

But as hungrygirl, jj, and 163 said, there are a whole lot of possibilities for what really caused this, and without a concrete answer, its just being used as a drug scare story.

i feel that down the road this will be told like - "i kno a guy who thought he wuz an orange, and never stopped tripping cuz it stayed in his spine and now hes crazy forever"

JJ. : 2010-05-14 00:27:37
I agree with dt. Did they know the subjects took LSD because the subjects said so? If so, what are the chances that they got a different drug, or research chem? Probably very likely. In any event, people need to quit blaming drugs for things. It's other issues in life that bring up these things during the "trips". One should always have a sitter to look out for them.
Hungrygirl. : 2010-05-13 22:16:45
Shame on his friends for dropping him off at home, alone, when he was having 'bad feelings'!

There's a safe way and an unsafe way to do drugs. This is what we should be teaching teenagers. Have a sitter. Don't mix methadone and alcohol. Know when its ok to re-dose and when to wait. Simple things, really, that kill teenagers and result in fear-mongering newspaper headlines every year.

Nicko. : 2010-05-13 18:03:00
People have been known to castrate themselves while not under the influence of anything.
163. : 2010-05-13 17:36:37
theres nothing in this report that makes it sound like any DOx, Let's face it, LSD+anxiety+mental illness makes people flip the fuck out all the time, It doesn't make lsd "bad", Just like you personally not flipping the fuck out doesn't make it "good".

There are people who dabbled in psychedelics that refuse to belive whatever their drug of choice is can be harmfull to someone in any way (as with everything when you are in love I suppose).

LSD can be great but let's be serious, It is not a toy, the key to incredible bliss for everyone or an incredible happy pill.

The newspaper article is horribly speculative though =D

guest : 2010-05-13 17:04:08
whatever chemical source is being ingested there (probably not LSD) will be shut down quick. There is a mad supply there... I hope it is LSD for the mad supply, but I highly doubt it based on the descriptions of people. LSD doesn't do that.

Another thing, if you are going to consume drugs... please please take the time to EDUCATE yourself. That way you'll know what you are getting into... and will avoid "bad" stuff (Crack, Heroin)

aeolious. : 2010-05-13 16:47:24
In my opinion, this sounds a lot more like DOB (or other amphetamine-based psychedelic) being sold as LSD. Anyone else tend to agree? Other Speculations?
Leonard Ritter. : 2010-05-13 16:05:37
Perhaps the guy was a pedophile and recognized he'd do the world some good. ;)
dt. : 2010-05-13 15:40:48
Who knows if this stuff really is LSD? Stick to shrooms - much less chance of getting something other than what you're paying for.

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