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Oxi: Brazil's deadly crack cocaine

From Al Jazeera. According to the video, Oxi is cocaine mixed with gasoline and limestone powder to make a rock like crack cocaine, but more potent and lethal.

A new and deadly drug, called Oxi, has hit Brazil's Amazon region.

Highly addictive, its use is now spreading to other parts of the country, causing alarm among officials.

Gabriel Elizondo reports from the northwestern Barazilian state of Acre, which has the highest number of Oxi users per capita.

[Thanks Luke!]

Posted By jamesk at 2011-05-17 10:00:00 permalink | comments
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diane. : 2013-11-10 13:19:45
I would like to try some.
Frankeloid Reich. : 2011-06-25 23:39:48
Here's a good article on the subject , it'll be fun tracking it's progress into our cities ( along with krokodil ) .
alam. : 2011-06-17 01:43:28
It seems that media people are ever seraching for more 'devastating' drugs to show in sensationalistic terms...Oxi is surely a damaging drug but I think that the main (and 'devasting') problem of these people is poverty...
tom. : 2011-05-31 10:37:46
Gasoline is used when making cocaine. This story sounds like a hoax.
pinche. : 2011-05-31 09:54:55
lime is used to make cocaine active, you cancel it out to make crack, fuel is a medium for more consistent batch since it'll evap. without changing drug characteristics. one of the only ways to turn crack back to cocaine for injecting is with lemon juice, but why do that? this is all just a cheaper way to process the drug, not anything new people, just big chem/pharma making some $ for the processing ingredients. go for the gold!!
anon. : 2011-05-30 16:38:59
Oxi it is much more addictive than crack. Period. In six months you already look like shit, lose your job, quit school and start sell all your possessions in order to buy more Oxi, You'll steal from your family, hit your mom, maybe prostitute yourself in the
streets, get a gun and rob citizens, murder innocent people
and finally when you have no money to pay your drug dealer,
they will KILL a member of your family and finally they will
kill the oxi addict. Drug traffic in Brazil is a whole different situation than USA and Europe... Crime simply went sky high in Brazil due crack popularity and now with oxi we can't go outside without being robbed, junkies everywhere with knives or shotguns steal your mobilephone just so they can trade for oxi, now this drug is more expensive than crack. One rock of oxi is almost 4dollars right now. It's war... this is no cocaine, ecstasy or marijuana, this oxi drug is lethal. The only thing i've seen that kills faster than oxi is probably injecting Coaxil intravenously like some russian kids are doing now... that's nasty stuff, they get their legs or arms amputated due necrosis. Oxi doesn't rot your limbs, but you lose our teeth, looks and sanity, you kill and steal... sorry for the rant but this is not party drug like cocaine, OXI KILLS society. I could care less if it killed the addict, but before that happen the user will ruin others lives. People in Amazonas could use ayahuasca legally but oxi is so addictive that native indigenous tribes rather use oxi , move to big cities, steal and murder. Sugarcane workers are addicted to crack so they can work more cutting cane in the fields... i hope they don't go for oxi instead... come to Brazil and you will see that it is not like Netherlands or Sweden, drug in Brazil means crime, rape, robbery, kidnapping, child prostitution, they get teenagers to smugle drugs, it is just horrid... Rio de Janeiro is a mess exactly because of the drug market, so before anyone come to Brazil and buy weed, cocaine, crack or oxi, please think twice, when you buy drugs in Brazil it means you support crime, child labor, prostitution, rape, guns and all that. Sorry again for the rant, take care
anon. : 2011-05-30 05:05:07
They mix to the cocaine paste: gasoline, kerosene or diesel fuel and calcium oxide (lime) or Potassium permanganate, whatever is available. I'm no expert but I've seen how much this drug destroy, it is serious... I'm not against drugs, if kids want to get high, dirt, emaciated, begging for money, toothless, living in the streets... well whatever, i say, go for it, be a loser. Problem is that it won't affect only the oxi user. My concern is that unfortunately crack and oxi addicts destroy people around them. Oxiheads, crackheads are really mean individuals, we can't go out and walk in peace, we have no safety, oxiusers and dealers commit serious crime, they don't steal only your wallet and mobile phone, some of those junkies get so paranoid and evil that they break into houses to rob in holidays, rape children, elderly, beat up and murder innocent people. Really, parents are so hooked on crack and oxi that some of them beat up little babies, try to sell them, turn into a child prostitute so daddy can buy more oxi and get high.
brainsexual. : 2011-05-19 05:58:50
Anecdotal accounts about people who have been conditioned to associate narcotic administration with a physically and emotionally traumatic experience (surgery) not easily conceiving of narcotic addiction aside, the fact is that certain compounds produce a higher rate of addiction among users than others.

The cocaine sulfate that in SA is "coca paste" is likely more pure as a result of passing under fewer feet than the soft powdered cocaine used in NA to produce crack and thus oxi rock would contain more cocaine freebase than crack.

Jamie. : 2011-05-18 09:52:43
This article seems to be another mainstream media's rant on drugs.
Gasoline is pobably used for syhtesizing (it will dissolve in air) and "more addictive than ..(fill the blanks, heroin, cocaine)..has been closed-minded conservative slogan against most of the drugs for decades when waging another war against drugs. There is litle truth in drugs being addictive per se, rather there is addiction to lifestyle. Fo example my mother's been injected morphine several times when operated but she cant even conceive the idea being addicted to it.
guest : 2011-05-17 23:20:45
Some kinda Deemster Coke concoction. Leave it to human's to know how to fuck up a good thing
Myiad Jang. : 2011-05-17 15:27:35
This is nothing but stick of death
Joshua. : 2011-05-17 12:14:52
Any idea why the gasoline? I have read the basic steps to turn crack into cocaine, and it doesn't require a solvent. I'm a little unclear why this isn't just regular old crack cocaine.
omgoleus : 2011-05-17 12:06:10
Uhh, that would be "more crack cocaine". Never a good trip I'm sure but not any worse for being made with lime (presumably lime, not limestone) rather than baking soda.
163. : 2011-05-17 11:51:32
"paco" reincarnated?

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