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DoseNation 37: Casey William Hardison

Hell yes! Casey William Hardison is a free man and joins Jake Kettle and James Kent to discuss his life, his pursuit of psychedelic chemistry, being a clandestine chemist, his bust in the UK, his unique Cognitive Liberty defense, fighting the prison system from the inside, the retrurn of the bison, and more.

Read "On Cognitive Liberty" or visit for more information.

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Posted By jamesk at 2013-11-20 16:05:31 permalink | comments
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Trim Tab Jim. : 2014-05-02 09:10:40
Hi Casey

I've been trying to get a contact for you… I a song about you when you were in prison, I sent you a demo and you wrote back… Anyway it has since turned into something of an 8 minute prog rock epic type thing which I now perform with my band, which is quite weird now that you're out (yay for that by the way). Anyway I'd like to send you a video if you'd like to see it - email me at trim tab jim at gmail dot com and I'll send it over.

Cheers dude!

guest : 2013-12-01 15:53:09
Hi Casey,

Prior to learning of your release from the bondage of this sceptred isle I'd been working on a project promoting the use of psychedelics that would also have served to promote your predicament. It's still early days, built around the notion of a safe space from within which people can heal, research can be conducted and a further source of information can be gathered aiding the dissolution of counterproductive ideology, policy, legislation and enforcement.

Did the possibility of arrest in England – re: the legislation of the land re: substances ever occur to you? If it did did you consider how such a possibility could come to be of use in challenging the status quo that seeks to further deny self determination? If you had considered such things did you hope to have the chance to persuade the policers of the craziness of their position and in doing so facilitate a change in the policers understanding?

How has your experience of legislation enforcement contributed to your understanding of where things are at? How are you applying this information to current and planned endeavours?

Which of the tools that were available whilst seeking release were most useful?

Do you have any recommendations for how others can make use of their time if they ever find themselves detained even if only for an hour or two?

Is being imprisoned the best, or at least a helpful option, so as to learn as much as one can about the incarceration of society as a whole?

What does the arbitrarily defined application and random imposition of substance legislation on certain people(s) make that which is not (actively) controlled or does not feature on a schedule? Where does this uneveness leave the notion of living in a ‘free society’?

Am looking forward to future discussions here and elsewhere, to paraphrase a song Donny Hathaway sung: "Someday we'll all realise we're already free".


davey. : 2013-11-24 21:53:43
I guess I need to seek out the background on leonard pickard et al... I must have retained only part of the story in that vice video. Maybe their story was skewed, but the inhumane treatment Krystal Cole proportedly received at the silo left me assuming all involved were low life sleaze bags. Casey's obvious regard for leonard indicates I had things all (or partly) wrong.
Would love to hear more of Casey's story, as he sounds like he's up for that. Would also love to hear how a conversation tetwixt you guys and robin carhart-(blanking on 2nd part of last name) might go. I'm curious about points of agreement and areas of difference between his models and James's. I do keep in mind re- carhart-(?)'s ideas: another way to think of entropy is as a measure of information density...
Anywho: thanks for great show. I'm gonna steal your guests excellent sign out: "fait lux"

Casey William Hardison. : 2013-11-21 16:44:58
Hello All!

I really enjoyed this interview; and, there is so much more to discuss: from the chemistry of the psychedelic experience to the psychedelic chemical experience of falling in love and getting married in prison.

And, thus it should be heard that I am extremely grateful for all the emotional, mental and physical support of those people who kept me in mind and served me: those who sent me books, legal documents, stamps, clothing, trinkets and firewater, etc. Without their support, I may have shriveled!

-fiat lux!


Daniel. : 2013-11-21 16:26:24
Awesome this happened, having recently come into contact with the 'blunt end of the state' myself it would be great if you could follow this up with another one or two with Casey at some point exploring how his own attempts to unreason with the reasonable differed/s from Leonard Pickard's, what the continued imposition of control forces and the subsequent attempts by those imposed on to free ourselves from those high on power adds to the contributions of people such as John Stuart Mill, how such things as the medicinal cannabis movement in the US, Uruguay's weed project and Portugal's approach to substance policy may lead to further changes in the substance control legislation and enforcement around the world and of course delving deeper into cognitive liberty - so much to discuss with someone who has so much to offer on these and other topics.

Thanks again

Chris. : 2013-11-21 06:28:43
Well played sirs :)

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