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No time to relax

You know, whenever I get even moderately complacent, the Drug Policy Alliance is always there to remind me that we're so thoroughly screwed right now that it's kind of hard to believe:

It's the day after Christmas in 2001. You're 21 years old. After finally putting your 18-month-old daughter to sleep, you're relaxing in your favorite recliner, nodding off in the flickering light of the television show you're only half-watching and the string of Christmas lights around your front window. When you hear the sounds of someone trying to kick in your door, you run to your daughter's bedroom; when someone does break in and kick down her bedroom door, you shoot. It turns out the man you shot is the (white) police chief's son, and as he dies of internal bleeding en route to the hospital you (a black man) are arrested, beaten so badly your bleed from your ear for a week, and are put on death row for five years (until a judge overturns what was a wrongful sentencing). The drugs the cops were looking for (using a warrant that named no one in your household) were never found. This is the case of Mississippian Corey Maye, who is still locked up.

Or: you are 57 years old, getting ready for work in mid-May 2003. It's shortly after six in the morning. A battering ram breaks down your door, and in gets tossed a flash grenade. You can't breathe, you're coughing, and the police don't believe you - they're looking for a stash of drugs and guns they'll never find. Taking no notice of your worsening condition, they handcuff you, and in little more than an hour, though you're finally on the way to the hospital, the heart attack caused by this traumatic violation takes your life. This was Alberta Spruill, a church volunteer and city worker in Harlem.

Or it's November 2006. You're a fierce 92-year-old woman, frightened by the sounds of someone prying off the burglar bars that cover your front door, but determined to protect your home: when your door is broken down you fire one shot at the intruders, before being shot 39 times, handcuffed and left to die while the police (who are the intruders, and as it turns out, have broken down the wrong door) realize their mistake and plant drugs in your basement. This was Kathryn Johnston of northwest Atlanta; two of the cops responsible for her death pled guilty to manslaughter last year, and a third was recently convicted of lying in the cover-up.

Yep, the hits just keep on coming.

Posted By Scotto at 2008-08-21 03:34:41 permalink | comments
Tags: war on drugs drug policy alliance
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baby. : 2009-02-21 18:01:23
you wanna know what happened to your six kids.
one of thems right here.

where the hell are you.
oh, wait. i think i already know.

get a job beaner.

ric. : 2008-11-11 03:24:35
Last March I was approached by another inmate and ask if I knew anyone that would kill his wife, I thought about it and we came to an agreement on how and when and where it would happen, I went to local authority's we set this man up and he was arrested. that took 3 months to do to get the right evidence we needed to send him to prison. Now he's in jail on a million bail and I have all these meetings with the prosecutor's and his attorney's and can't go back to work because of the involvement in this case. Three months go by and I am at the local Fred Meyer's store and on my way out of the store I see the same lady that just helped me yell at someone who was shoplifting and he pushed his way by her. When i seen what had just happen I followed the thief to a waiting car and as he got into this Chevy blazer the driver jumped into his side put the key into the ignition as the thief told him "get the hell out of here" I was hit by this blazer and thrown 30ft into the air. With five witness's in whom i did not know telling the police what had happen they caught this man and took him to the same hospital I was sent to. I stayed two days and was released. The driver was taken to the hospital and released. In the newspaper and on the local tv station's they said he was caught and charged with 3 felonys, hit and run felony vehicular assault and robbery. He was never charged. When i found out about this I question everyone including the prosecutors office who I was at the time their key witness in a "murder for hire trial". They said there was nothing they could do case close. He was never charged and no-one would tell me why. I emailed everyone in the city council here in Vancouver Wa and finally I got the city attorney to file charges on this man. He was charge with assault four a misdemeanor but enough to get crime's victim involved. Now just about a year to the day when this man ask me if I knew someone who would kill his wife he goes on trial and because of my testimony he was found guilty and sentence to 53 years in prison. Great i am thinking this part is over and now i need to figure out why this other guy was not charged with a crime. I am getting no help from anyone the welfare denied me help crimes victim/witness denied me help and I am sleeping couch to couch. With pains in my stomach and bad thoughts running through my head i am beginning to think I am going crazy. I go to the hospital for my pains and end up having a surgeon coming into my room and telling me he wanted to take out my gallbladder, he did and after that he came out and told my friends that my gallbladder was good and that he was sorry and did not know exactly what the problem was. I spent seven days in the hospital with worse pains then before I went there. I go back to a friends couch and recover from this uncalled surgery and go online to Washington's courts and put this guy name in and find out he has NINE new driving offense's and is still driving. Now I am not thinking right and put myself into a mental hospital. there I was diagnosed with PTSD, Major Depression Disorder, Recurrent because of what I was going through. I sent the Crime's/Witness Program what I pulled up on the internet and they approved my claim. Now they approve my medical bills and because I did not work 3 month's consecutively (I worked nine weeks) they say they do not owe me any compensation for me as a victim. In the year and a half of all this going on I was responsible for me getting back in forth to the first case and getting them a conviction but yet they turn their head on helping me. I worked with the detectives for three months to get a convictions and then the prosecutors for another nine months do you think they would help me out? No they would not even give me any money for the three times I was subpoena. What can i do to get these crimes victim/witness program to compensate me?

Let me get you up to date on where I am at with this. First of all I have just completed the ADAPT program after spending 4 out of 6 weeks in the Station Two Mental Hospital. There I was diagnosed with PTSD, Major Depression Recurrent Disorder and then put on eight different meds. I still see a therapist once a week and she does not see me getting better any time soon. For the last year and a half I have not had a penny to my name. I have had friends that let me stay with them but that would ware out, so I would sleep in the woods having thoughts of hanging myself from one of the tree's, then I think about my six children who's mother's haven't let me see them in 18 years, just because the mother's said NO you can't visit them. Anyway I would not like them to think I was so weak I would commit suicide. No I want my kids to know me by not what their mothers tell them but by who I really am. I get upset because it seems like no-one is listening to me kind of like the movie "I am Sam" I feel like I am a retard somewhat why would God let this happen? I cry in front of people I don't even know just as I am now having to explain this again, I am so tired not being able to have a day I can say "hey today is the day we are all going to the beach"
I can't because I have no money to do so. I watch others as they get ready to go and knowing the situation I sneak out and find myself lost in a place i thought was America but begin to think I am in a communist country. I see all these people from the Dino Constance "Murder for hire" case get paid all this money and why did they get that money, Me, Ricci Castellanos gave them that everyone who worked on his case and the people who will oversee him for the rest of his life. Then there's the guy who hit me in Fred Meyer's parking lot all the party's involved from the ambulance company who has taken me to the hospital at least 6 times at 848.00 each time, the surgeon who took my gallbladder,the mental hospital i stayed for a month at 3000.00 a day,the ADAPT program for its outpatient program at 2000.00 a day, my meds,emergency room visits anyway its getting close to the 150.000 dollar allotted from crimes victim when all they had to do was pay for my hospital stay when i was hit by Andrew A. Bartholomew the driver of the Chevy blazer because I was working making 42.77 an hour as a job site superintendent. I am seeing over a million dollars paid out and still being paid out and it was all because I chose to save a woman's life and then again try and help another lady who was pushed by a shoplifter. If I was to get some kind of payment I would be able to get my own place with a calendar and mark those events I want to go to. i would be able to hopefully get off these meds and feel like a normal person. I feel so lost and I shake all the time because I am scared that someone wants to hurt me. Since the arrest of Dino I have been beat up three different times for being a RAT, and those were from people i did not know. If someone gave me 53 years I would have nothing to lose, I would make sure who gave it to me dies. I would make sure he is taken away from his loved ones as he did to me. I am scared of the police here because I am making an issue of them not letting me know I had rights as a witness to be protected from harm and threats. They did nothing but set me out there to be victimize by both sides. I guess i rambled long enough, i am sorry. I don't go anywhere and I am sad because I don't have anyone anymore but people getting paid for me to ride my bike to all the appointments (hoops) and it makes for along bike ride. The bike I have is one I put together and it is not even a adult bike my 1200.00 bike was stolen from Fred Meyer's the night I was taken to the hospital after being hit and no-one wants to help me there either, but you know what I have never missed a appointment (hoop) because I have to do this all by myself I live and breath this damn mess and I am so tired i don't want this in my head no more I want to be loved by a real woman I want to have feelings like I use to, I want to be touched not hit by people who care. Please I am begging you as a humane being to not let this go unjust.
Thanks so very much for even giving me the hope that someone like yourselves can and will see that the right decisions are made. I lived by the law of the land, what gives others the right not to do so even when they are the ones who wrote these laws?
Ricci D. Castellanos
I forgotten to inform you the Clark County Prosecutors Office when I was their Key witness that they as prosecutors never did inform me that I had rights as a witness. That I was to be protected from harm and threat to be informed of all court proceedings involving Dino Constance. That i ws to be protected from having to talk to investigators but I was tricked by investigator to talk to him about another case i was involved in back in 1995 the Happy face killer Kieth Jesperson. He was my cell mate and I was the first one he told about the 8 murders he had done. I was the one who went to the Multnomah County Sheriffs and Told them about Tanya Bennent. I was the one who got the two people that were in prison for 5 years for her Murder. Yes I see a good chance for Dino to win his appeal and what would it look like that this ric castellanos has lost his mind? Yea they sure did protect me as you can see.
I don't know what I am going to do it seems like everyone has their own agenda and I guess when it comes to me am not part of it. I want so much to be happy but I am very alone. I met with the two ladies from Clark County VA and they met with me at the hospital where I was a patient at Station Two. It was nice of them to bring me a 50.00 Winco card, I used it to buy bathroom and other house cleaners. I am a compulsive cleaner inside and out and I believe I get that from growing up in foster homes and groups homes when I was younger. I am 49 years old and I have always wanted nothing but for someone to be proud of me. Do you know what it is like to grow up in 5 or 6 or even 7 homes a year? I bet not. Let me tell you a little about growing up in a home that is not yours. First of all when the women from the State Welfare Office pulls up and you recognize them you know that they are there to take you away and for no reason as a kid you don't say nothing to anybody, you gather your things and get into the back of their waiting car. What is a kid to say? None of the other boys had to leave, what have I done, I never could figure that out. No tears to shed just these two women telling me I was going to like my new home and that I would have to change schools. Yes I was going to the other side of town to be money in someone else's pocket. (kinda of like all the pockets I fill now) I had to bring my two paper bags with me always because that is all I ever owned (that is two more bags then I own now) and my life was in those bags. I would come into these home and try my damn est to be wanted. I never stole from any of them but back then there was not to many Mexican children around and I would get blamed for a lot of things that came up missing. When I would go to bed, I would have to the closet and get out the foster kid bed. Kids that had been there awhile would have their beds, kinda like jail when you go there you start out on the floor and wait for someone to get released. But again I was so use to that it was pattern. I would lay there wondering where my parents were and why didn't they want me and where's my brother how come I couldn't go where he went? I would here them in the other room, they thought we boys were all asleep I could here them talking about me. Saying things like the money they were getting for me wasn't going to enough for them to take the vacation they had been wanting to go on. I would get up in the morning while the other boys were already getting to the breakfast table, I was folding my bed and putting it away only to be in trouble because we didn't come down as a group. I did the same as I do now and say I.m sorry I will try not to be late. Those mornings would be my last mornings in homes like that because I did not like getting yelled at in front of strangers I did not like being mad fun of in front of people I did not know. I would eat, do my chores and get ready to go with either one of the parents to go sign up for school, taking as much as I could without them knowing I was not coming back. School's out and I am on the other side of town. I don't know anyone but a couple of the boys from the home and I tell them "I am not going back" and runaway. I would go a couple days walking around town and find my way back to the detention hall here in Vancouver and they knew I would be coming back as they always kept the cell next to the kitchen there for me. About three years of that here in Vancouver two years in Portland and six years in Stockton CA
I grew up with seeing and feeling hurt and pain from the inside out and here I am at 49 years old and I still have people making money on me being who I am. Still dragging out that cot from the closet because it beats sleeping on just a floor or under some tree, still having people talk about me and laughing but in a way that I don't understand. You see when I was young I did learn something, I learn that I have only me and that the hurt the pain I went through well, it hurts it hurts really bad and I would never want someone young or old, child or adult, good or bad to go through what I did then or what I am having to go through now. You'll go home tonight, think about this email, and when you do think about it please think from your heart, like I did when I try to stop a woman from getting killed, another from getting pushed by a shoplifter, or a man and woman in prison for five years for something they did not do. I did not know these people but did what I thought was right. Do you think they think about me and wonder what I am doing now.

Timothy "Proudfoot". : 2008-11-01 13:38:59
When are all u blind, dumb idiots gonna realize the two partys are the same, (dem & rep). We AMERICANS think we are voting for someone we beleive in, when really we only vote for one or the other that has been already decided long before the voting booth... long before november. If you had been watching events and legislation u would realize that slowly your freedom and your rights and the CONSTITUTION has been altered and changed to slowly bring us all into corporate slavery, reality we have been slaves from birth, your social security number is your mark, cops behave the way they do because they are programming them for marshal law against this nation, my prediction is that the november election will be suspended and marshal declared and bushy boy jr. will remain supreme leader look back in history the NAZIS, because what happened in that era is exactly what is happening here in AMERICA right now!!!!! Neo-cons, Nazis, stormtroopers, here now!!!!! Your government loves you right, they only send your sons to fight a bullsh@t war, take away medical and jobs, take away your retirement, social security, underpay school programs, high cost of living, the list goes on and on, BUT THEY LOVE YOU!! :)
Jesse. : 2008-10-22 04:04:27
In response to bill, who is so confident that all of this is insignificant and we just need to "grow up", you're completely wrong. I live in Atlanta, and I witnessed the Kathryn Johnston saga through its entirety. This was not a "side of a story," it was a sickening example of blatant police corruption. They broke down an old woman's door, because a crackhead "informant" tipped them off to the wrong address. They eventually realized their mistake, and PLANTED DRUGS IN HER HOUSE to make everything smooth over. That woman had every right to defend her property with deadly force. Here in Georgia, we have laws that are supposed to protect those actions. In fact, because of this incident, the supervisor of the APD Narcotics Unit resigned, and the whole unit was reconstructed from scratch.

So, let's make sure to gain a little perspective before we start writing off things as excusable police actions.

David. : 2008-10-02 23:55:17
Don't try to persuade this audience by suggesting that it's a "BLACK THANG" Because it is not , it happens to ALL AMERICANS every day in this country. It happened to my innocent white ass in Oklahoma City ,Feb. 2nd 2007 6:10 am After all was said and done They said " Yep... You got lucky guy ....this was a INNOCENT case of mistaken identity......./// YEAH ....YOU PEOPLE KEEP BLOGGING.... I'm sure that's what all the good PATRIOTS do when change is LOOOOOOOOONG OOOOOVER DUE. ! ! !STAND UP . ! ! FIGHT . ! ANARCHY NOW. !.! ! ! your all a bunch of sheep. shut up and get back to your meaningless blogs
bill. : 2008-09-28 09:58:12
I'm not quite sure why these are being portrayed as unthinkable examples of a crazed police chief. Is it such a suprise that a man who shot and killed another is put on death row? Or that a person who fired a gun at the police was then fired back upon? Or that a standard shock-and-subdue method resulted in a very unfortunate fatality in one of the thousands of times that it was used?

Grow up and stop complaining. Obviously these things should not have happened, but there are two sides to every story too. If you wrote about the events from a police bias then it would show a very different picture.

Zed. : 2008-09-20 17:14:46
I just want people to note that the of the 3 events posted, one is 7 years old, one is 2 years old and one with no date.
If this was a big problem I would think that they would have a lot more to tell you about, don't be a sucker and fall for BS.

In this age anything in a newspaper or on the news can be looked up, PLEASE check the truth for your self before you set it in stone!

Matt. : 2008-09-20 09:45:32
(honor works)
"Shut up and get to work. Be Honorable!"

That says it all, you fucking facist.

JP. : 2008-09-19 19:37:17
This kind of crap isn't all that uncommon in the US. I know a man who wrongfully had his house raided on what turned out to be false drug charges. The cops took everything of value in his house, including firearms (yes they were all legal and licensed), computers, and money (some of which belonged to his church, he is an elder there). They also took some chemicals he had (once again, perfectly legal, and worth hundreds of dollars) and burned them. They trashed his house and business and wouldn't let anybody in for days. They never officially charged him with anything, as there was nothing to charge him with. It took several months, but he got his computers all back. They had to be reformatted, as whatever the feds used to search them screwed the files up bad. After a couple years, he got his guns back, rusted and in poor condition. It's been almost five years, and none of the money has been returned.
God bless America. May she rot in Hell.
al. : 2008-09-18 17:18:30
Linda, praying won't do anybody no good. get out there and do something.
Linda. : 2008-09-14 22:45:41
That is incredibly insane. I only pray that this stops. they need to start checking things before they start breaking down doors. that is so horrible and I pray fro the families that lost their loved ones.
Sun. : 2008-09-13 21:57:16
Ain't life on Earth grand?
South Irish Canadian. : 2008-09-13 14:04:53
That Country is called Canada, the UK, France, Spain, Portugal - want some more? The U.S. is fucked, you're Rome - goodbye!
Sherri. : 2008-09-12 21:16:49
Sad and depressing.
RomoOno. : 2008-09-12 19:56:56
Yeah, let's all move to that other country where this stuff never happens. The one where, just in case something does happen, they allow you to complain about it and at some point give you some recourse to address the injustice, even if it may be slight or fall on deaf ears. That country where the government asks for no money (and doesn't take it by force in the absence of asking for it). That country where everyone gets a free box of unicorn giggles the day you move in and the natives treat you with kindness and respect your differences. What's the name of that country again?
Rene. : 2008-09-11 23:10:36
As a matter of fact I might be one of the first Americans to flee America for these type of reasons. I have not had this type of experience myself but, how can I in good conscience stay here and donate my dollars to a government that would do such a thing. I already have plans to become an "expatriate" in Italy. Goodbye to the "good old" U. S. Of A.
Charles. : 2008-09-11 08:41:58
I hate when people say, "if you don't like America, then leave!" If you want to fucking pay for my passport and plane ticket, I'll get the fuck out today.
Mr. Righteous. : 2008-09-10 22:32:06
Let's face it..if they were black..they were probably guilty of something.
guest : 2008-09-10 21:25:27
We have to face it. The drug war has failed. What's next?
honor works. : 2008-09-10 16:22:48
You idiots are too ignorant to realize that the policies of the Democrats you so adore are the ones that would keep you down and dependent on them. They crave power and if they getting it by allowing you to be a victim so be it. The only thing that will ever change things is personal responsibility from the men. Women put up with the man womanizer who impregnates many, deserts them leaving single mothers to struggle with working and raising kids on their own. These stories though tragic and criminal are examples of what this culture of playing victims has brought. Stand up, be honorable and you will get the respect when you earn it. This country will never be the Utopia you libs dream of. Don't like the US get the f-ck out. Many have shed their blood so you can bitch and complain. Shut up and get to work. Be Honorable!!!
tagarashi. : 2008-09-10 15:42:04
transient: Me! where can I claim refuge from the USA?
Kurokuma. : 2008-09-10 14:47:34
In the Reason article his name was spelled Cory Maye. There is a follow up in the October 2008 issue of Reason stating that they finally removed the death penalty but resentenced him to life.
BallsInHand. : 2008-09-09 22:32:27
magicianshat - i think you posted on the wrong article. This article has nothing to do with race, it's about innocent victims of the drug war, kind of like collateral damage in oil wars.
BurnPigsBurn. : 2008-09-09 15:51:12
this shit is ridiculous it makes me want to kill every pig i can although i know that wouldnt do any good. but if i were to figure out which of the pigs think that they are god-like, living above the law kings it would be worth while to stake out there homes and blow their fucking brains out with a .50 caliber sniper rifle while there eating dinner with their family
transient. : 2008-09-09 15:39:37
i wonder when the first american will seek asylum abroad
Stephen. : 2008-09-09 14:55:22
These are all clear cut cases of the government abusing their power and infringing on people's civil liberties, and actions like these must not stand.

If you want to retain your civil liberties and gain back what you have already lost "but may not know you lost them", then voting for McCain or Obama will do nothing to help you, as both will slowly chip away at your civil liberties. Bob Barr will protect and ensure all of your civil liberties among the many other good things he will do for this country. I never ask people to vote for Bob, I simply ask them to do their own research and decide for themselves.

milligence. : 2008-09-09 11:08:44
This isn't a tragedy. This is reality. It is not racist to choose to promote this case. The real tragedy is this belief that we must first equalize our reaction. Thank you captain obvious. We must first observe. Then we must be prepared to respond to the most likely case. That case is racism.

Trying to be fair and perfect at all times simply paralyzes you to the point you end up helping no one.

I don't care how well you understand. I care that you do something.

Philosophy is a crutch which produces inaction.

Dogbreath. : 2008-09-09 07:30:09
In response to:gallant_juan. : 2008-09-08 14:28:39
Vote Democrate to restore our civil liberties and bill o rights! Obama Votes against 2nd and 4th amendments. He inhaled, but does he support: HR 5843? If not, wouldn't this make him a hypocrite? Vote for Bob Barr LBT party
magicianshat. : 2008-09-09 00:51:08
The story alone, is tragic...
Innocent people are innocent people.

Yet, my comment isn't about innocent people who get hurt, it's about racism. This article is biased because the writer is a person who is racist....
Regardless is a white man brakes into a black mans home, regardless if a black man murders a white man...
A man will complain that he's being discriminated against by another man...
What difference does it make if he's black or white?
The "Negro" community had best recognize they are racist too!
And the "White" community had best recognize they should be tolerant!

This story is a tragedy, YES...
But it's more tragic that anyones death here, is being used to promote racism.

Libertys Bell. : 2008-09-08 22:23:46
@gallant-juan: The Democrats and the Republicans are just two sides of the same coin. Neither party supports freedom. The only difference between the two is whether we should completely regulate businesses or whether we should nationalize businesses. Other than for that, they are identical in their beliefs.

Vote for a third party candidate that supports Liberty for All!

Libertys Bell. : 2008-09-08 22:19:31
The tactics were perfected in poor neighborhoods in inner cities. It appeared to target blacks and other minorities because that was mostly who lived in these neighborhoods. Now that they have the tactics perfected, they are applying them all across the nation in every neighborhood from middle class down and even in rural areas. The "they" that I'm referring to are the command and control elitists that have strong influence over police forces and sheriff departments nation wide. It even recently happened to a white mayor in a fairly affluent town in a Maryland suburb of D.C.
guest : 2008-09-08 19:44:08
Folks, focus, Cancer is more dangerous than all our wars, car accidents and police brutality combined. If you are in the fightin' mood attack that which is the most evil. Once we conquer cancer we can mop up the easier villians.
Max Greinleib. : 2008-09-08 17:45:52
gallant_juan. : 2008-09-08 14:28:39
Vote Democrate to restore our civil liberties and bill o rights! the Republicans don't believe non-whites have these rights. the new vp said, 'read them their rights?', as if the suspect was already tried and convictes.
Vote Democrate
CL. : 2008-09-08 12:18:20
That is horrible. It makes me sad to read those things. how many more were covered up successfully and we never heard about it ? Why was the police chief's son breaking into the guy's house anyway? I don't care if the guy DID have drugs, if someone breaks into his house and doesn't identify themselves as police, that is an intruder and he had every right to shoot.
Wooki. : 2008-09-07 21:45:42
No matter your race, religion, or politics, you will be targeted-bagged-and left for dead. Welcome to the world of the Elite. Its nothing new and still over hundreds of years the common man continues to let this happen. So contuinue to QQ like thats actually changing something. Get off your asses and make it change for the love of humanity!!!!
Outraged in CA. : 2008-09-07 19:41:17
More examples of prohibition succeeding with flying colors.
I hope we wise up fast and stop hunting down victimless criminals. What's the point?
Mister Sensitive. : 2008-09-07 17:00:09
This very real police state is out of control. I have yet to meet a cop that doesn't think that his opinion is the only correct one on just about any subject. Their holier-than-thou attitudes reflect the callousness of a legal justice system gone mad. No longer are you innocent until proven guilty. Forget about your rights... you don't have any.

So, the question is... are you still thinking it can't happen to you or are you finally getting angry enough to get off your ass and do something about it?

oneoldman. : 2008-09-07 14:02:55
I have served in law enforcement and the system is so badly broken it can not be fixed. If all the corrupt officials were removed the nation would collapse.
Bob. : 2008-09-06 00:49:02
As long as the Police continue to make a huge profit off of drugs, drug possession will remain illegal. The system has become so corrupt with access to these millions of dollars worth of stolen funds and property from law abiding citizens that the L.E.O.'s are really no better than the organized crime syndicates, they simply have a badge and the backing of the courts to bolster their crimes instead of hitmen. There really is no difference between the two and as long as we allow this travesty of justice it will never stop.
hehehe. : 2008-09-05 21:27:50
love it. keep it comin!
meg. : 2008-09-05 20:50:30
totlay horrific.
you think if you lead a quiet life then you're safe.... : 2008-08-23 14:39:14
Tim - that's because drugs are illegal, and the type of people that make them illegal also infiltrate the cops or any other organisation, and use it to continue their rampage of fear-promotion and lies. As long as liars are allowed to get away with spreading their misery, any organisation that holds any kind of power is susceptible to being used by them.
Lies about the aether, lies about medicine, lies about what life is for, lies damned lies. Frickin' crazyheads and their lies.
And because of their lies, at some points in your life you also have to tell some kind of lies, just to protect yourself from them!
'no I don't use drugs' - you have to say that sometimes, and it is slightly fear-based - because you don't want the even more miserable consequences of what might happen if you are honest. That has to be stopped; it's important to the mental health and well being of the whole world that lies about drugs have to stop. And lies about all those other things too.
tim. : 2008-08-22 19:00:54
The police have more in common with criminals and outlaws than with average law abiding citizen.
EROCx1. : 2008-08-22 09:14:53
Or this case: In December of 2006 police [link] target="_blank">burn down the home of a 73-year-old man with Alzheimer's in Arizona. They launched a diversionary grenade through a bedroom window that started a fire that destroyed the entire house and all the families possessions. According to the search warrant they were looking for $7,000 in cash, electronics, weapons, a pit bull and rims from a Cadillac Escalade because a vehicle they believed to have been used in a robbery had this poor families address on its registration.

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