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Dutch pot smokers get higher on tobacco ban

CANNABIS users could be “more stoned than ever” because of Holland’s new tobacco ban, health campaigners said last night.

As it became illegal to light up in bars and restaurants, pot users were told they can still smoke joints in Amsterdam’s cannabis cafes – as long as they don’t contain tobacco.

Anti-drugs spokesman Gus Van Tiel said: “They’ll be smoking neat cannabis. When we’re trying to reduce the potency of drugs, it is insane.”

Inspectors will patrol the country’s 750 pot coffee shops to ensure people are smoking only pure marijuana.

A government spokesman said: “The law is to protect non-smokers from the effects of tobacco smoke.

“Inspectors can tell if a joint is pure or mixed with tobacco.”

I am officially opening up a subject for debate with my UK/Dutch and Western European readers who smoke spliffs mixed with tobacco. Is pot (or hash) rolled with tobacco more potent? Does mixing cannabis with tobacco get you higher? Or is tobacco just a convenient means of "stretching" a lump of hash or a finger of weed out into a full-blown spliff. There must be someone who can officially answer this for me.

I tend to think pot mixed with tobacco is faster acting and more disorienting, but I am not a regular tobacco smoker. Spliffs rolled with tobacco also tend to make me sick (nauseated) if I have been drinking alcohol. Anyone out there report similar reactions? What's the deal here?

Thanks to Wouldpkr for pointing this out to me.

Posted By jamesk at 2008-09-09 21:51:28 permalink | comments
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Chuckling Joe. : 2011-05-18 20:42:48
Rasta man say smoke what be natural well marijuana be as natural as tobacco use good qauality they both be plants they both have tar so - only thing is most commercial tobacco have bad things in their production so if you have a good quality source of tobacco leaves and good quality source of sensi then everyman can do as he please do what you want. If you smoking right why be concerned about what you want to allow others to do because if you smoking right then everything gonna be alright so why worry just be happy innit! If you smoking right then every man he do as he wants and be ok in this Worlde everyone smoke with or without tobacco if it work for you who the government or anyone to say it wrong for anyone because God made the plants and God made man but every man's choice to smoke what he want or not smoke. We all going to die somehow so stop insisting a right way or a wrong way if your smoking right then everyone do what be right for you and if your smoking right you know what is good and what is bad so be good!
Man. : 2011-03-29 00:39:34
Vape Hash. Stop being douches. -Man
Anonymous. : 2010-10-22 12:19:49
"Reading your comments is the best ever reason not to smoke Marijuana."

You don't smoke marijuana so that you can read the comments here? You mean to say that one is not allowed (or otherwise unable) to read DoseNation comments if one is a cannabis user? I wonder if James Kent knows this?

"You all sound sub-normal."

"You" is still considered a valid plural pronoun. "You all" is vernacular and considered best avoided in written speech.

"No grammar, no punctuation, no sense, just dribble."

No subject, no verb, no object, just sentence fragment.

Really, given the clarity and lucidity engendered by your clean life-style, I would have thought that you would have learned that playing grammar-Nazi on the Internet is a fool's game.

I guess I would have been wrong.

guest : 2010-10-22 04:03:28
Reading your comments is the best ever reason not to smoke Marijuana. You all sound sub-normal. No grammar, no punctuation, no sense, just dribble.
Josh. : 2010-07-06 15:02:46
When I smoke tobacco with grass, it usually just makes me more dizzy at first. I almost always smoke blunts tho. I mix tobacco with grass on J's if I have lil grass left. When I do so, the high usually (to me) comes on like the on set of smoking a better strain of weed. But soon after goes away, and then its just normal buzz. It has made me sick to the stomach before tho, when to much tobacco was added.
i trust blunts o ya. : 2009-05-31 18:31:02
blunts go first joints go second
i dont use bongs an pipes i dont enjoy them cuz u have to have alot of weed with bongs an pipes. blunts are purfect nothin but weed strickly. joints r the best cuz i luv the taste period!!! and i add tobacco so my spliff is slower to smoke an idont add 50 percent of tobacco i add around 20 to 25 percent so my weed gets tottaly smoked by me and i dont waist my weed and money at the end of the day , wen weed gets legalized i wont smoke tobacco for the rest of my life.
spliffs r good wen u add tobacco it goes slow to smomke an u dont need alot of fuckin tobacco period
hydro. : 2009-05-06 13:07:37
almost everyweek i buy an eighth or 2 eighths or either Beasters, which i think is pretty good, G-13 it was soo pure tasting or recently i had Organic OG Kush which was a little to organic and some times i smoke out of a metal bowl that will fuck up the taste after several hits or ill roll joints which i perfer and i just use raw bud. but recenlty i was told by some kid that prolly doesnt even know what hes talking about he said smoke a cigg after you get done smoking maryjane.he said it gets you higher???im not sure but i know obviously mixing tobbacco wit the bud make it burn slower but will it get you more buzzed???
Dopeman. : 2009-01-02 02:34:51
Fuck spliffs, in Canada , the greatest potsmoking drunken cheesburger party country in the world, we smoke straight weed in every type of smokeable device. i personnaly own 4 pipes, 6 bongs, 1 Triple gravity bubbler, 1vaporizer, 2 vaporizer pipes, 2 hookas (one with 24 hoses),
15 different blunt flavours, and a 2500pack of 25 different flavours of papers. Fuck Greasy americans, and french people, Canada rules!
usa. : 2008-11-10 02:57:15
I like to smoke huge bong hits of weed mixed with tabacco all chopped up. It rules
kaylene. : 2008-09-22 16:28:04
i am so hot right now i dont ever want to smoke it may damage my sexyness! = (
katie. : 2008-09-22 16:26:45
GreenMan. : 2008-09-13 19:58:44
I'm totally for tobacco ban world wide!!!! pure green is so much cleaner and never given me bad moments unlike mixed crap, its the purest and most pleasing smoke you can ever have. The only time i do smoke mixed is with friends, ill otherwise smoke clean!!
And i bet the inspectors love it that they get payed to smoke/test joints for free!
Adam L. : 2008-09-13 08:57:30
Do you think the native americans would have mixed this foalfoot you speak of with tobacco regularly? I always looked to them as an example of how tobacco doesn't always kill you, but perhaps they were onto its anti-bronchitis and anti-cough properties and we never picked it up.
Adam L. : 2008-09-13 08:54:13
@Joe90 That's pretty much where I went with it, I started with bowls of tobacco out of my pipe and now I rarely smoke weed without it, but I smoke tobacco without weed. That's a very clear line and I have crossed it.
I do however know that Cannabinoids like THC have anti-cancer properties which only extend to carcinogens present in the same smoke, so mixing them is supposed to be less cancerous than alternating between Cannabis and Tobacco. This Dutch law is pro-cancer! :o
what a bunch of twats there are in charge. : 2008-09-12 09:14:27
If you roll only with weed then most of it burns away and you don't even smoke it! Weed-only is fine for pipes and bongs etc, otherwise if you're having a joint it's pointless only using weed - unless it was legal and therefore as cheap as tobacco.

I find weed-only joints makes me cough constantly, they are extremely tickly. If it's dirtweed it is probably ok though, ie - the kind like before people started using only seedless buds. Seedy weed, I don't remember that making me cough.

And fuck Holland anyway for joining in with the rest of the Eurotrash and Yankee trash and banning tobacco smoking in various places.

freebreathe. : 2008-09-10 20:57:17
just use damiana and foalfoot(also called horsefoot coltsfoot [Tussilago farfara]) in fifty fity mixture or like u try out ur taste,
for the spliff its legal no nikotin burns good is cheap
and even has a positive effect against cough and bronchitis .as well as used in the holy pipe of native american tribes (its said) .and because its not adstringent its more easy to enjoy for a non smoker than that tobaco-bloodpressure circulation rush
Chris Thomson. : 2008-09-10 01:37:53
I find that joints with tobacco and alcohol do not mix at all. After a certain amount of each, where I would normally be OK, I am dizzy and nauseous. I much prefer a bong, so I'll have to get over to Amsterdam soon!
Joe90. : 2008-09-10 00:30:31
I've been thinking about this one a lot lately, having moved from Europe to New Zealand. My mates would buy the same quantity of weed as me but since I'm mixing it with tobacco my gear seems to last much longer so it definitly gets the thumbs up from me in terms of value for money.

I kinda feel like it burns better with the tobacco in it and doesn't get me coughing. That said I do get occasionally get the spins during a smoke after hounding a few drinks but I really shouldn't be smoking in that state.

One of the main dangers with smoking with tobacco that I've seen is people become cigarette smokers because they've gotten to like the nicotine.

icemonkey. : 2008-09-10 00:05:04
This will help the industry
themadbalmer. : 2008-09-09 23:27:09
I smoke spliffs but I’m not writing from Europe, so this isn’t official...
I pretty much always use hashish in my rolled joints, sometimes I will include a small amount of tobacco. The marijuana burns at a much faster rate than the smoldering hash, I find that tobacco burns somewhere in the middle. The joint with tobacco burns more evenly and slowly letting the hash turn to ash and letting me get its full effects :)
The spliff with tobacco does seem stronger but I’m not sure if it actually the tobacco or just that the hash is being used more effectively. With the tobacco my head sometimes feels a fuzzy, dull sensation that I don’t always care for, so I don’t always roll spliffs. I can say though that it seems like I roll more joints with tobacco when there isn’t much marijuana around or if it is of lesser quality and the best thing to smoke is hashish.
It seems very unnatural to not let the Dutch smoke spliffs, isn’t that part of the cultural identity of many Europeans?
I wonder what exactly these “inspectors” job consists of, it could possibly be incredibly awesome...

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