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On Meth: All you 19-year-old experts on nothing oughta STFU and learn how to stop sounding like retarded ebonics class dropouts

[EDITOR'S NOTE: This article was submitted anonymously and edited for clarity and decency. We are assuming it is a response to the hilarious and heart-wrenching comments thread on the post New meth recipe makes cooking easy, which seems to be one of our more popular hits on Google.]

Is everybody that posts here between 15-20? Sure sounds that way. Maybe you bunch of wannabes should move out of Mommy and Daddy's house and see what living like how you're trying to sound like you live is really all about. I'll tell you right now, I'm 34 years old and have been a moderate to heavy meth user since around the time lots of you were born (1992). I grew up in southern Oregon, ten miles from the California border. Meth has been the drug of choice around here for almost 30 years. The mainstream media focuses on negative aspects of meth addiction that aren't applicable to all meth users. I am very well educated and actually about 50 pounds overweight, which is not that uncommon among long time meth users. My teeth are also excellent despite smoking around .5 gram daily. They have no black or other signs of meth mouth. That's because I brush them twice a day. What I have never heard anyone tell about meth addiction is that in the beginning, it is very difficult to make the right decisions in your life concerning education, relationships, and how you will progress into a productive, happy adult.

I had the world by the balls when I graduated high school (I snorted meth every day during my junior and senior year). My SAT and AZVAB (the test the military administered to high schoolers to find the next Oppenheimer) scores were among the top 99.5% in the nation. I scoffed at the Navy recruiter even though I was offered the opportunity to enlist straight into the nuclear sub program, which only 1 in every 40,000 enlistees is offered. Instead I chose to take a scholarship at one of the West Coast's top three technical colleges. I majored in Vascular Imagery and was poised for great things. Between graduation and the fall term of my freshman year, I started smoking crank instead of snorting it. The high was very nice and the addiction was extreme. Anyway, my addiction path led me to drop out of college after only 2 terms. I worked in my family's businesses and sold drugs steadily for the next four years. The longer you use meth, the more accustomed you become to its high. In other words, you still stay up and endless energy, you just don't have the euphoria you once did. Life becomes very dull and unrewarding during abstinence periods.

Since I was 16yrs old (18 yrs ago) I haven't been off meth more than 6 months at a time, and maybe only three times have I quit for that long. Long time addicts are extremely dependent on meth to function. I honestly think the addiction is much stronger and the withdrawals last much longer than heroin. I would tell anyone considering meth to first ask yourself what your reasonable expectations from life are. If you are not too bright, or have little aspiration to accomplish goals which require you be mentally and physically at your peak on most days, I would say give it a try and see what you think. But if you have reason to expect or extreme determination to achieve more from your future than the majority of our population, then stay the fuck away from it! People make decisions early in life (16-17) that will effect the rest of their lives. And nobody that age is far enough along in their self control and discipline to fuck around with meth. Sadly to say, if your parents are addicts and you've been around it most of your life, you will be either very against it and do your all to stay away from it, or you will be an addict at an early age and probably end up in the joint. I was smart enough to learn after my second meth case (PCS and DCS of 35 grams) to be careful and be smart. Back then, in early '98, everyone wasn't hellbent on locking up every addict out there.

Anyway, after my son was born in late 1999, I decided to stop dealing the drug and to work on quitting. Well neither was as easy as I had anticipated, and I finally stopped selling in 2004 and have had a good understanding and reasonably good self control over my sickness since 2006. Meth is a deceptively unique drug in that even when you are in the midst of self-destructing, you have every confidence in the world that everything will be just fine. Take the drug away and many addicts begin to come to terms with just how shitty their lives have become because of meth. But given the chance to get high, every one of the thousands I have met will jump at the chance and be your best friend until tomorrow if you get them tweaked. As for the notion that meth is expensive, I have to disagree. No other drug I know of can compare to the longtime high and value for the dollar of crystal. I mean, lots of new users can stay fucked up for a couple days on $20 worth of quality product.

Like I said earlier, I go through roughly an eight-ball (3.5g) a week. That's $150. And if I were to sell just 1 gram in small increments (called pointing it out, or selling point for point), I would end up with 2.5g or more for $50. I could easily cut the stuff in half because I get top quality shards from vatos that don't fuck around. I am too paranoid to sell shit anymore because the meth game ain't like it was 15 years ago. Now everyone that gets popped with a half gram gets pinched into wearing a wire during a controlled buy. The more I discuss this shit, the more I long for the nineties...when everyone wasn't out to bust tweakers and dope cost $2500-$3000 a pound. Everyone in my circle had a pound of two or three different colors and flavors.

Well, there you have it. Take what you want out of it or don't. I'm out cuz my bubble is empty and I need to quit typing before I load another chunk.

Posted By ChunkDaddy at 2010-09-02 00:18:51 permalink | comments
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20 Year old know It All. : 2011-07-28 16:34:45
Me being the smart person i am have figured it out above every one here it goes theres two types of people i like to call em squares and circles squares are the cops, rich, fake people who need to stay away from the drug, circles the sex fens, hustler people who get by day to day need the drug the squares dont do it but then again every one on this post has done it if you dont know what catagory you fall into trust me your a square stay far away from the drug in your 20 car garges hiding your hapiness fake ass people : )
busymommie78 : 2011-04-06 04:54:19
man theres alot of dumbass things said on here about lifes a bitch and shit is so funny to see so many people have so many strong emotions about something they hear about on the news and other peoples post. Not everyones addition is the same.
busymommie78 : 2011-04-06 04:47:30
wow! so many people have so many diff things to say about this drug! i dont want to glorify the use of this drug but i have been using off and on for the last 12 years i was introduced by my husband,he was a cook. call me a addict if u like, i guess i am a functioning addict. i can see where some people would say that im a terrible person. fine call me whatever u like. but i own my house and both my suv's, my kids have everything they could ever ask for. i work three jobs to make all this happen. the cost for my drug is no out of pocket cash. i could do all these things sober.I have done it that way too. my teeth are perfect and not a single person is aware of my use. i have always said to do ur drug and dont let ur drug do u. just because some people have had a bad experience doesn't mean all "drug users" are insane or anti-God.not everything u hear about drugs are correct. i have tried several diff kinds and found tht this was my drug of choice. for some of us its just a lil kick to get us through the day, NO different than a red bull or a cup of coffe for me! i dont need it but for me its tht lil extra kick tht helps me through my already shitty life.
Amber From Dallas. : 2010-12-02 14:33:19
HI i been using meth since my freshman year in highschool. I snorted it everyday all day for a year then switched to smoking it. The incredible high got me addicted the first hit i took. Then a year and half after that i shot it up and now resorted to doing that and smoking. I have graduated from highschool, got a job and been taking great care of my kid. I have done good while being addicted to meth because no matter what i have been keeping ym priorities straight. But seriously this drug isnt anything people should get into.....i would take my addiction back if i could.
TJ. : 2010-10-30 15:27:25
Nylon. : 2010-10-03 05:48:26
This is actually a very accurate and common description of addiction. Meth is actually a schedule 2 drug and is prescribed by doctors as "Desoxyn."

Meth teeth and everything else in the ads mainly stems from people staying up without food for weeks on end while neglecting basic personal hygiene (no brushing.)

Amphetamine is very widely prescribed (as Adderall) and the majority of users handle it well. Some do abuse it and if you look at just this minority, this safe and useful drug will gain a bad rep as well.

ChunkDaddy. : 2010-09-14 01:55:31
Amber, not knowing anything about the charges you're facing, I would guess that since you're not incarcerated awaiting trial, you stand a decent chance of getting a short jail(not prison) sentence and probation. You're taking a huge chance by continuing to slam shit before you are tried or sentenced. The fact your parents have your kids and not the state is also encouraging. You need to lay off the dope until after the trial. If you fuck up and get in any more trouble b4, the state will put your kids in foster care and you'll likely go to the pen for a couple years. I know its tough, but if you can't quit to stay outa prison and keep your children outa foster homes, then you've already shown meth is your master. No matter what you do, until you break that hold, you will have nothing but problems in your life. Good luck and have a great life no matter what.
Pat. : 2010-09-13 09:07:22
Sounds like The Onion wrote the title
Amber. : 2010-09-12 18:41:09
Hi everyone, I am very interested in this post because i am a 21 year old function IV meth user. I started using meth when I was 17. The first time I did I shot up. And have since been shooting up. I have been down to the bottom with meth as far as loosing my kids my home numerous cars self esteeme respect and basically everything (EVERYTHING) I ever had in life. I have also ran with the biggest manufacturers and dealers in the east alabama area. I recently went to jail for some outrageous drug charges what i am awaiting trial for. I have moved back home with my parents and kids. Enrolled in college. Am in an honest steade relationship. But still I shoot up meth everyday. I feel comfortable with the way that I hold my composure on meth now. The point I am trying to make is this... No matter how I hold my composure now what has happened in the past is still going to affect me. Even though I have a relationship with my kids now and am in college that is all going to be taken from me when i go to trial. I was young and stupid and still am for using no matter wether I am functioning or not. I urge all teenagers to pay attention to what current and past meth users have to say. Even though you may think its harsh and not for you... Its life.
james. : 2010-09-12 07:06:49
i dont understand what the point of this is. what are you trying to say? that you're a better meth addict than everyone else? what are you complaining about? that other people are doing it wrong? sorry but im confused.
Me. : 2010-09-09 19:26:13
Hey chunkdaddy, I am also a poker on stars, cake , full tilt , and the cheating site UB.............what sites you play on . I mostly play on stars .
Me. : 2010-09-09 19:22:01
I was a everyday user for 4 years , who moved a pound a day. The worst years of my life. Out of the four of us that hung, sold , and used together, only two of us are here today, lost the other two to suicide. I have been sober for 4 years now with no rehab. Quit on my own. The memories of my detox and withdrawl are enough for me to never want to be near it again. I am a SURVIVOR. But I do deal with bouts of depression caused by thoughts of how much meth had ruined my life. I know I cant change the past, and can only build the future, but there are days when I feel like I would be better off dead.
strayan. : 2010-09-06 07:50:54
The first time I tried meth I was 7 years old. My mum thought it would help with my school performance. I think it did. Wasn't hard to quit either. You sound like a loser.

Of course, I got the FDA approved stuff: [link]

nick. : 2010-09-05 10:44:58
I think its great you turned down the military offer, meth does do some positive things!
slay : 2010-09-04 19:10:51
Hey mergatroyd. being egotistical does not mean you look down on people, its means you put your interests and action ahead of friends, family, and nearly everything. the mind of a drug addict is centered around their next fix. always. it's a selfish and harmful existence.
money prize. : 2010-09-04 05:32:00
I just stumbled this place and it is a good write up, a little on the long end of the read but more or less good one.
mergatroyd. : 2010-09-04 01:27:13
I did not find this article egotistical at all. He never said he was better than anyone, just that he was sick of all the crap meth brings. What is egotistical about that? Get better Chunk. Love ya!
TardNarc : 2010-09-03 13:59:36

> All I have to say is go fuck yourself, you self-righteous
> piece of shit.

back at ya :)

TardNarc : 2010-09-03 13:58:42

> I could care less

Just as a quick note, the correct phrase is "I could *not* care less," as if you *could* care less, that means that you care, which is not what I think you were trying to say.


slay : 2010-09-03 09:37:07
CD, I'm glad you have the mind to take these comments in seem like a decent person at heart, but as Astranger said, you have a family and a severe health problem (addiction to meth). This will seriously alter his growth and development whether or not he knows of your addiction, as your behavior is 100% drug-influenced.
JJ. : 2010-09-03 04:02:17
I could say many things about your post chunkdaddy. And no, I could care less of your arrogance, as it's EVERYWHERE in this world. You know what the most sad part of everything you've had to say is? It's not that you're an addict, not that you dropped out of school..and never contributed to the world the way you may have been able to.. the heart breaker of it all is this..
You have custody of your child, and you use meth, without him knowing. Wonderful! WONDERFUL! So you blatantly lie to your kid everyday. It's not always what you don't say, what you don't show. Sometimes it's what you hide. Your child feels they know who you are, and really he/she doesn't know Hyde quite yet.

By the way, I am in my mid 20's, and I .had. a "dad" who thought he hid it well too. Never underestimate the ability to understand and know what's going on, not even a child.
Cheers and I wish you well in life my brother. Hopefully sometime you can kick the habit and spend that money on family things.

Astranger. : 2010-09-02 18:12:14
Other than several typos you make a pretty cogent argument for your own use of meth. Being addicted to another drug myself I find I am endlessly having to justify my use to myself, my friends, and my family. So it sounds like you like you are doing pretty well despite gambling extremely dangerously with your own health-oh and this will come back to haunt you later in life like a bitch bro-however how long can this last? I don't mean to bring your family into this, but since you mentioned them already, would you want your son using meth after all you have been through and learned? I think you can still realize your full potential. Being addicted means using despite knowing the harm (or potential for harm). Good luck, I hope it works out for you.

p.s. don't believe me about the long term risks? you need to find a cleaner way to ingest if you don't want COPD or a deviated septum in ~15-20 years. otherwise, have fun with that...

ryan. : 2010-09-02 17:42:59
I'm not gonna read all that cause it's obviously complete bullshit. All I have to say is go fuck yourself, you self-righteous piece of shit.
The dude. : 2010-09-02 15:42:19
What an incredibly crazed out ego this dude have. Maybe what he writes is true, maybe it's not, but it doesn't matter. What matters is that he is a good example of exactly what is wrong with this world. That, kids, is reason enough for staying the hell away from meth.
ChunkDaddy. : 2010-09-02 14:32:03
I just wanted to clarify a few things I thought maybe I didn't express properly in my first post about methamphetamine. Number 1, Slay, you're correct that I am an arrogant drug addict. I make a handsome 6 figure income playing poker online, own my own home and have had sole custody of my son since 2008. He doesn't know about any addictions of mine and we have a great relationship and spend lots of time together because I work at home. All these things I accomplished while trying to get the legal system to loosen its grip on me following my arrests. But my arrogance is put in check by knowing I could have been so much more...Also, I have to live with the choices I made early in life which led to my being a 3 time convicted felon. Number 2, I was wrong for saying 'give it a try.' It fucks people up and I know it firsthand. Thanks for bringing that to my attention, and I hope everyone has a great, successful life.
smuffy. : 2010-09-02 13:49:37
ChunkDaddy your my hero.
slay : 2010-09-02 12:16:34
Regardless of whether he's "doing better," or has "goals" and aspirations, the article makes him come off as an arrogant drug addict that cares more about his ego than anything. I disagree with a lot of what he said, and much of it was downright stupid. "I would say give it a try and see what you think." Oh okay, thats not a bad idea, ive always wondered what the hype was about..Dude, im sorry to have vicariously lived the past few minutes of my life through that post. I sincerely hope your existence takes a turn for the..sober (lacking of a better word).
163. : 2010-09-02 06:00:44
Once In 2001 I snorted 2 grams of meth, I found it was more fun than amphetamine sulphate, but not a very impressive "drug" at all, Its slightly more psychedelic than normal amphetamines,But I figure the only reason why it`s popular is cause it`s strong, it`s cheap and easy to find pure(since a binobo with twenty dildos in his ass could probably synth it would a blindfold on),I`ve known lots of speedfreaks, mostly addicted to amphetamine sulphate, some to meth, some people handle it, some people don`t, just like not everyone that smokes crack is a fiending rapist
et cetera
life is subjective and shitwanks for all
X. : 2010-09-02 01:07:55
Wow. Yes, he's/you're certainly the exception. I saw it take down business men and thugs alike. As my token science fair experiment I decided to throw myself into the proverbial spiral to see if I could survive and overcome it. Ha. 4 months turned into 4 years of hell caused by the beyond ironic tragedy of the bad people associated with the drug. Never did get my 4 bedroom house replumbed an remodeled, as I lost the best years of my life to trying, and now am almost to having $33,000 of new teeth put in, after 2 years of regular dentists visits. I never had a cavity until my early 20's, and didn't try the meth experiment until I was 27 or so, and didn't see any real damage at the time, but I was also too poor (irony) to see a dentist, and on a mission from God to remodel my house with my bare hands and ability, so I really pushed myself too hard on it.

I blame the system for handling things the way it does, which is why I'm trying to find better ways to control it, but meth is no joke.

I'm 34 now too and haven't touched it in years as my first experiment was just a token self-destruction thing in the first place, and I feel sooo much better just to be normal and happy and cool without the drug...but the ugly tail on that monster is a bitch, so it's impressive that people can use it for such long periods of time, and although I'm lethargic by nature and it gave me the psychomotor effect motivativation to 'just do' - just being normal again until the world is fixed to a safer and more self-protective model feels like victory over that token rollercoaster experiment derailed by some shady characters. The irony of the system itself causing many of the problems and damage is tragic, but at least he is doing better than the vast majority...and this is just the internet too.

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