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UK 2CB drugs alert

Another notice in the recent spike of reports related to 2C compounds. Someone on the internet must be busy.

Three men have been arrested after six people needed hospital treatment for taking an illegal hallucinogenic drug.

One man remains in a critical condition after the group, aged 19 - 22, fell ill when they took the substance 2CB...

A force spokesman said: "Inquiries to establish exactly what happened continue, with officers warning people about the dangers of taking any illegal drugs, especially those bought over the internet."

The drug, related to ecstasy, often comes in purple capsules and is also known as Bromo, Nexus, CB, Performax, Spectrum, Venus, Erox and Cloud Nine.

[Thanks James!]

Posted By jamesk at 2013-01-15 10:03:02 permalink | comments
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orange fairy. : 2013-02-02 14:23:08
the week before this incident i did a line of 100mg of 2cb and had a pleasent and melloow trip, have been on eroiwd prevpislu with similar acidental od's

he only rcplanation of this is that nbonme etc has been poorply analyse (if at all, probbal;y jus dip testeted by th eplod, nice to see the suna nd te mail wait for the toxicology before killer death drug article comes out)

2cb is the safest drug with the highest ld50 i have ever EVER seen in my time as a drugs worker and abuser

hi james. : 2013-01-31 23:21:35
if you were to take a mass spec of 2C-B-NBOMe, the o-methoxybenzyl group might fragment off easily (or the benzyl plus nitrogen), leaving a scattering of ion peaks that could closely resemble the pattern for 2C-B. the parent M+1 ion may not feature very prominently for this reason (depending on the ionization source). however you ought to see a prominent peak for the ortho-methoxybenzylic cation at 121 that ought not to be present in the spectrum for 2C-B. in addition the retention time on HPLC ought to differ markedly for the two compounds. i do not know specifically what criteria are necessary in a forensic chemistry setting for a sample analysis to constitute a match with a known compound, or how up-to-date the databases are with new chemicals, but conceivably the ion fragmentation patterns for the NBOMe series of compounds could look quite similar to those for the parent phenethylamines. the difference in retention time and presence of the 121 peak ought to be two diagnostic markers for the NBOMes. FWIW.
alejo alberdi. : 2013-01-29 10:53:04
This article is utterly hilarious. They even give 2C-B a new street moniker. Street tablets usually contain no more than 15 mg.

"But The Sun was able to buy a super-strength tablet on the web for just 40 half the price of a gram of coke from a UK dealer and have it delivered in the post."

Read more: [link]

jamesk : 2013-01-29 08:48:26
I had a feeling it was actually 2C-I. There seems to be a lot of it floating around right now, and articles confuse it for other 2C compounds. I've seen it referred to as "smiles", although that could mean anything...
alejo alberdi. : 2013-01-29 08:37:44
According to this article (bag photo included), the substance would be 2C-I

Three arrested after new drug leaves six in hospital -

Bunkerlabs. : 2013-01-25 09:25:11
If it's 2C-B-NBOMe I believe the active dose is measured in micrograms so a 2C-B sized dose would be massive
DadeMurphy. : 2013-01-21 11:55:49
I wonder are they really getting 2C-B or are they maybe actually ingesting -NBOMe or -Fly compounds? That would seem more likely to me, that its just a case of misreporting or a mislabelled product leading to overdoses since 2C-B isn't generally known for toxicity.
Anon. : 2013-01-17 12:11:21
Wow, how high are these people dosing if they have to go to the hospital from 2C-B...

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