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Will Bath Salts make you schizophrenic?

According to the US Navy, yes, bath salts will make you schizophrenic. As you watch this video, please remember that it was paid for by US tax dollars. There was a meeting held somewhere deep within the Navy's administration and someone deemed bath salts a very serious threat to national security. Then someone was commissioned to write a script, and then the script was approved, and then they hired a film crew and some "actors" and "special effects" people and made this amazing turd of institutional anti-drug propaganda. Probably tens of thousands of dollars spent producing a video worth less than a few snarky LOLs.

You may think it is a crazy waste of money, but if it keeps just one person from losing their mind on bath salts, totally worth it!

{Thanks Scotto!]

Posted By jamesk at 2013-01-18 09:28:44 permalink | comments
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Wisdom. : 2013-01-25 07:49:15
Basically it's big load of crap.

Bath salts isn't even a defined drug they keep giving it that name that makes absolutely no sense because bath salts is what you put into your bath. I don't know why the word cathinone-derivates (this is what bath salts really are most of the time) is so difficult that it can't be pronounced by ANYONE in the media coverage.

Cathinones have a short duration of action this leads to a lot of redosing and therefore looong binges that can go on for days or even weeks. The sleep deprivation and fucked up brain chemistry ultimately leads to stim psychosis which is what causes the paranoia and hallucinations.

I've heard from a guy who asked how he should reduce his daily dose because he is seeing SWAT and Army forces outside his house and the "visuals" are really creeping him out. So not only do these drugs fuck you up, you don't even realize what is happening so this is a real psychosis.

However: This can NOT happen by taking one dose. Even the nastiest cathinones don't fuck up your brain after you snorted one line, that is total and utter bullshit.

missourimedic. : 2013-01-22 13:28:26
Look, I'm not anti-drug per se... but I've been a paramedic for twenty years and I can truthfully say that I've worked more bath salt-related emergency calls in the past 18 months, than I have EVERY OTHER DRUG combined, in the last 19 years. This is not propaganda! Just because some of you may have personally tolerated bath salts without having these kind of effects, doesn't mean that this video isn't spot-on with regard to the possible effects. In the last six months alone, I've worked four or five naked patients who'd been tased after trying to violently break into random homes. These guys were completely psychotic, and violent. It's no propaganda. Incidentally I work in a city in which methamphetamine use is rampant... yet we've never seen anything like this. This stuff is like meth + PCP + LSD, combined... with very unpredictable, often violent results. Call this video a joke if you want, but I've treated dozens of patients who were psychotic and enraged, while under the influence of bath salts.
sudon't. : 2013-01-22 10:51:14
You may think it is a crazy waste of money, but if it keeps just one person from believing anti-drug propaganda - totally worth it!
letsdobathsalts. : 2013-01-22 08:14:30
looks like fun
anonymous. : 2013-01-22 03:58:25
Make a sufficient menu of known to be (relatively) safe mind-altering substances legally available and the market for new legal highs with unknown side effects should shrink drastically.
Wendy. : 2013-01-21 15:06:11
"Reefer Madness" all over again..
Serena. : 2013-01-21 13:21:32
OK - yes! Utter waste of taxpayer dollars...but 'tens of thousands'? I doubt it! They used active duty personnel and obviously shot it on base. Which only made it even more pathetic, and more like 'Reefer Madness'. And you DO have to wonder about a dork who orders random chemicals by mail and lays down fat, fat lines like that without testing the stuff first?

Meanwhile, the FDA entertains petitions to limit opiod use to 90 days for anyone who doesn't have cancer (including those with chronic, debilitating pain from other illnesses and conditions) and holds big expensive conferences over it. And the DEA last year killed most of the adderall production in the US because Congress foolishly gave them that power, leaving legit patients to resort to 'pharmacy crawls' to fill prescriptions. The DEA as well holds legal authority over physicians who the DEA, in its 'medical' opinion feels are drug mills when they prescribe more pills than some secret limit set by...the DEA?? That is, when they weren't busy raiding state-legal medical marijuana facilities - because, you really wouldn't want patients to have access to any other pain medications, either, right? I mean, it's a gateway drug. To bath salts...or something or other the FDA and DEA aren't already trying to remove from medical use, right?

This one was sheer incompetence, as opposed to the DEA's drug nazis. Wanna guess which one is more dangerous to hundreds of thousands of innocent patients?

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