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FDA warns parents about Erowid

File under: Do your kids know more about drugs than you do?

Federal agents are sure young people know about these drug use web sites like this here. They want parents to check them out so they use the information to arm themselves to protect their children.

Type in the words drug use and experience on Google and one of the first web sites to pop up is Erowid.

It gives people information: on how to use drugs and reactions to different illegal substances, for example is it better to snort Ecstasy or use it orally. Needless to say the drug experience web sites are upsetting to parents.

Folks at the D.E.A. want parents concerned about their kids to check out these web sites.

And maybe you might learn something...

[Thanks Jake!]

Posted By jamesk at 2013-01-31 09:00:18 permalink | comments
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Karisa. : 2013-02-12 06:56:23
It's our first amendment right to go on these sites and to post them. At least they'll be able to know what they're taking and what it does as opposed to just taking it.
slyman. : 2013-02-08 02:25:01
ugh and of course they don't have a comment section. they must not want more information being spread.

the worst part though is that they vilify the site and others like it without realizing that the people using them are usually the ones who want to be smart about their drug use and use them responsibly. they also don't realize that people who are going to us drugs are going to use them regardless. it's funny too that that rep even says that if people want to use syringes (implying they had the want prior to using the site) that it would teach them how to clean them properly etc.. what's so bad about that???

and what a bunch of sheep in that video, i didn't think there were young people that were that unaware. it's interesting that the article's manipulation depends on people's ignorance and small mindedness to even work. someone who actually thinks about things might actually see the holes in their argument, but unfortunately with the ongoing dumbing down of the population there are many that won't.

o and of course they have a link to an article about "N-Bomb" ugh, just because you're hearing "N-Bomb" doesn't mean that's what people are saying. they're just pronouncing NBOMe, "N-Bomb" hasn't even necessarily crossed their minds!

alejo alberdi. : 2013-02-04 11:23:58
Several articles critical of Erowid present inherently anti-information viewpoints, decrying the ease of availability of information to the general public. Such articles often project political motivations onto our work and suggest that access to online information about psychoactives is dangerous. They imply that except for a few bad eggs, the world would be free of information about disapproved psychoactive drugs, the genies would return to their bottles, and problematic drug use would no longer occur. No hard data is ever presented to show that fewer people would come to harm without access to online information. Critics do not take into account that modern culture is not a tabula rasa, where no one knows anything about psychoactives; instead we are faced with a chaotic mix of entrenched errors, incomplete data, and misunderstandings.


Nick Wallis. : 2013-02-01 01:15:30
Well, that was predictably dipshitty. What a dumbshit piece of 'journalism'. Who was the guy making out like arming people with INFORMATION is a bad thing? .... coz hiding information has always made for a better world. Dipshits.
drpfenderson : 2013-01-31 12:08:22
What a confusing piece of "journalism", FOX. On one hand they say it's an excellent source of information, and on the other they try to imply that websites like this are harmful and should be banned. Huh?

Also, the idea that they present information with no regard for safety or health concerns goes directly against almost every section of the site. "Basics" has a health concerns section, as does "Effects" which also includes a Caution section, "Dosage" has a ton of disclaimers, and the "Experiences" section includes a whole section called Health Problems.

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